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jamesinUK 10-06-2012 02:17 PM

Questions about LPR..
First a bit of background:

I basically started about 4 months ago with a constant burning feeling in my throat and roof of mouth, at the start I had the odd burst of bad pain in my chest area but have not had this since.

The burning on my throat / roof of mouth has stayed with me though but just become milder over the 4 months, 1 month ago I seen an ENT specialist and he looked down my throat and said its red and giving my symptoms said itís typical of LPR, so thatís what he diagnosed me with.

He told me to carry on with taking ppi's (my gp had previously told me to take these), although I doubt they are doing anything at all, the ENT surgeon also said to stay on them but in his opinion they won't be doing a great deal for LPR.

He also told me to start taking gaviscon advance after each meal and before i go to bed, i must say i feel the burning has gone down a lot since, but it will not go away fully

I often get a tingerly burning feeling around my tonsil area and the back of the roof of my mouth by the uvula.

Does this sound like I have been correctly diagnosed with LPR?

I have another appt with my ENT surgeon in 2 weeks, could anyone tell me if there are any tests I could ask for to determine if its definitely LPR I have, and can anyone tell me what them tests would involve?

Also once I tell him itís not gone yet what is the next thing he is likely to do / recommend?

Also I tend to drink a lot of tea / coffee, I have read caffine is not great for LPR sufferers, can anyone tell me do they find tea / coffee is really bad for their LPR?

Any other tips or comments would be good.



jamesinUK 10-08-2012 04:05 PM

Re: Questions about LPR..
anyone please?

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