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Joey smith 10-20-2012 12:04 PM

Burping 24/7 feeling ill - need advice :(
Hello, for a very long time now i have been burping constantly. it was not very much to begin with but now it is almost all the time and i get pains in my back and lower stomach if i dont burp.
It's hard to sleep at night and i'm struggling being confident at work now, it is getting so bad i dont know what to do.
i went to the doctors and she gave me 'Ranitidine (Ranitidine Hydrochloride)' And i have to take 2 a day, this helps me for a very short while and after it seems i am even worse, i'm supose to take these for a month and it seems like i cant wait that long.
Should i go back to the doctors? I'm very unsure what to do and could really do with some adivce :( please.

Leo255 10-20-2012 01:02 PM

Re: Burping 24/7 feeling ill - need advice :(
I've had the same exact problem - Don't get depressed, the burping thing will go away eventually!! I thought it never would and that I would have it for life, but it will go away.

You mentioned that you take the Ranitidine twice a day. Have you tried taking that, or Pepcid AC, when your burping symptoms were at their worse?

Joey smith 10-20-2012 02:35 PM

Re: Burping 24/7 feeling ill - need advice :(
The tablets help the pain go away, but the burping dose not stop, i get huge pains in my chest and back if i try to stop, is there anything i could do to help this? food or medication? or maybe go back to the doctor?
Thank you very much for replying. :)

Leo255 10-20-2012 08:24 PM

Re: Burping 24/7 feeling ill - need advice :(
I assume you were already tested for H. Plylori. It's tough...Sometimes just swallowing a pill would stop the burping for me; Sometimes eating a meal. I would try to get an apt. with a Gastroenterologist, but even they might not be able to help. You can try those anti-gas pills, and see if they help. Overall, just be patient with it and positive.

Joey smith 10-21-2012 04:19 AM

Re: Burping 24/7 feeling ill - need advice :(
I have not been tested for anything, the doctor assumes because i have asthma that my inhalers witch have steriods in are going into my stomach or something. She has giving me a tube to take my inhalers in but it dose not seem to make a diffrence.
I will have a look for these anti-gas pills and try stay posisitve, thank you

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