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caseyjoe 11-26-2012 02:14 PM

Hello LPR sufferers
I'm new to this board.
My symptoms started 3 months ago. They were terrible at first. I was afraid to eat because the lump in my throat felt so big. Lost 30 pounds. Was given 40mg Nexium once daily. Took 6 weeks to see a GI doc. Did endoscopy was normal, however I had already been on Nexium 6 weeks. Was sent to ENT. Scoped my throat, severe inflammation on vocal cords. I think he was a good doc, he explained everything in detail to me.
Vocal cord swelling causes lump in throat feeling.
All the nexium does is keeps the acid down so the vocal cords can heal.
PPI's don't treat the inflammation.
I was told I probally didn't even need the PPI, just lifestyle changes but he kept me on Nexium for 3 more months.
The mucus in the throat is our body trying to protect itself, that's why there is so much our body senses this danger and secretes this mucus. Of course there is nerve damage. Even a sunburn causes nerve damage. So a chemical burn to the throat will cause nerve damage. Its so hard for vocal cords to heal, I mean we use them for everything, caughing breathing,talking, all of this irritates already irritated vocal cords.
So when my doc said it could take 4 to 6 months I understand now.
Try to be patient everyone.
This disease is miserable, but treatable

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