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MountainReader 11-29-2012 01:38 PM

Repeated pH testing?
My GI doc told me today he wants me to do another 24 hr pH test.

It has been a couple years since my last one. I've had two full 24 hr pH tests with the lower probe and one Restech 24 hr pH test with the upper probe over the last 6 years. This will be my fourth test. Each has had their purpose. The first established I was indeed refluxing acid pretty badly. The second one 2 years later confirmed I had extremely severe reflux. and led to my decision to have surgery. The upper one 2 years ago showed I had gaseous acid hitting my throat. The GI doc today said it had been a couple years and he recommended another test to confirm if I had acid reflux coming up still.

I just thought it odd that [COLOR="Red"]this will be my 4th pH test.[/COLOR] I seem to be cycling through them and upper Endoscopies about every 2 years. [COLOR="Red"][B] Has anyone else out there had repeated pH testing? [/B][/COLOR]

It makes me wonder how beneficial they are at this point. The reason I've agreed now is because my acid reflux symptom of a cough is also the primary symptom for a couple other health issues. When the coughing becomes chronic I struggle to find the primary trigger and end up treating all 3 health issues just to get the cough under control since I just don't always know. I'm 13 weeks into a cough right now, but it has significantly lessened in frequency. I've been on a lot of high dose meds though and I really want to get myself off of the ones I don't really need to be on.

MountainReader 12-07-2012 06:08 PM

Re: Repeated pH testing?
Hi all,

I had my 24 hour impedance/pH reflux monitoring test yesterday. As I said before, this was my forth one.

The first 2 tests by my GI doc were traditional pH monitoring tests.

The 3rd test by my ENT was an upper pH probe by ResTech that measured gaseous acid coming up into my throat. That was 2 years ago.

This time, my GI doc had a new pH test. This one was called ZepHr. It actually measures both acid and non-acid reflux events. I researched it and it looks like it is more effective for identifying problems in people who have continued reflux symptoms despite acid suppression therapy.

I get the results in a couple weeks. I think it will be interesting to see how the results come out.

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