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Smodit 01-26-2013 04:37 AM

Do I have GERD? Feeling awful!
Hello everyone. I'm new to this. For the past month I have had bad nausea that comes and goes. Some days I feel great while others I feel terrible. I notice the nausea sometimes feels worse after eating and sometimes when I first wake up. It actually woke me today, and I feel miserable. I saw my doctor and she thought it could be GERD even though I have no heartburn at all. She prescribed Prilosec. Only been on it a couple days. I also feel a pain or knot almost at the top of my stomach. Sometimes I feel a little better when standing. Can anyone tell me anything? I feel so awful, and I have two small children and a husband. I hate missing out on things with them. Thank you.

FitRunner 01-27-2013 06:19 AM

Re: Do I have GERD? Feeling awful!
Diagnosing GERD is so different for everyone.

I was diagnosed a few years ago, but my symptoms felt like I was having heart problems. I had shortness of breath and what felt like a racing heart. I went through a lot of tests before they diagnosed GERD. So, it's really hard to say what your symptoms mean. I will tell you this... if it is GERD, it can take a few weeks for the Prilosec to work. I was put on Nexxium and it literally took about a month before I felt better.

The good news is that if it is GERD, it's totally controllable. Once I got mine under control, I was able to back off the medication totally and keep my symptoms in check by watching my diet.

Good luck!

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