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  • Please, I need a cure NOW

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    Old 06-20-2014, 08:10 AM   #1
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    Please, I need a cure NOW

    I can't do this, and I don't know how anyone else does. I spent a single day eating bad foods on my birthday just a month ago. Ever since I've had so many problems that I'm beginning to think I'm a hopeless case. Between cures making me worse and symptoms dying down on test days, how am I supposed to carry on living with my quality of life down the drain?

    My symptoms begin as soon as I wake and stand up. They occur regardless of where I am or what I do. They're:

    - Thick mucus and saliva in throat making it impossible to take full deep breaths
    - Food getting stuck
    - Extremely tight throat and tense tongue
    - Excessive swallowing
    - Ear pain
    - Dizziness
    - Occasional burning feeling in throat
    - Gas gurgling up throat, not normal burps
    - Utter depression


    - The symptoms fade if I don't swallow, and while I lie down in the morning.
    - Sometimes Alkaline Water/Gaviscon Advance (etc) helps, often it makes things worse.
    - If I have a super-tight throat/extra swallowing, I don't get short of breath on mucus and vice versa.
    - Swallowing anything thick, including saliva and G.Advance will make me short of breath again within 3 seconds.
    - When short of breath, I gasp for air, get palpitations and arm pain occurs. My ears also hurt when I swallow the mucus.

    Tests taken with clear results:

    - Endoscopy
    - Barium
    - Peptest rapid spit test (23 samples)
    - ENT check
    - Restech pH probe (inconclusive)
    - Manometry (awaiting)

    Treatments tried:

    - 5 different PPIs/H2 Blockers including the strongest dosage possible of Nexium.
    - 3 different antidepressants
    - Vitamin d3 at 10,000 IU a day (a total hoax this one)
    - 3 different diets
    - Daily alkaline water (ph 8.2 - 9.5) with all meals
    - Gaviscon Advance 2 - 5 times daily.

    There may be things I've forgotten to add here, that's how much I've been trying for the last 2 years.

    I. CAN'T. TAKE. ANYMORE. If the Manometry fails to find anything, or if it does and surgery fails me, I plan to travel abroad for **********. This pain is unbearable, and the thought of it worsening as I age (I'm 23) petrifies me as I'm already a hypochondriac. It's on my mind 24/7, it's taken jobs and relationships from me, it's incurable. I wouldn't wish it on the worst person alive. I want itto be stress - that way it is curable - but I know deep down it never will be, especially when it worsens with bad foods

    PLEASE HELP ME. The tests say it's not reflux, but what else could it possibly be. I want to eat, drink and exercise like everyone else. I'm too young to suffer like this day in day out.

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    Old 06-20-2014, 10:05 AM   #2
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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    Only advice I can give you is how to use the alkaline water.

    Please read my post on how I got my relief.

    I have a alkaline water me all day long. I want to point out again it doesn't help having the alkaline water in your stomach all at once. Some of the problem is not in your stomach but in your throat. Swallow it slowly. You want to maximize the contact time with your throat. I have continuous improvement, albeit slow but improvement none the less.

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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    Unfortunately, if it is acid reflux, there really is no cure. We work to get the symptoms under control.

    What kind of doctor are you seeing? A Gastroenterologist? An ENT? Your primary care?

    You will know more when you have your Manometry results. It is a good thing when the test results are normal. It is frustrating when you can't find answers. I can very much relate from my own medical issues.

    Have you been assessed for allergies or post nasal drip? Both could impact the throat.

    Something else you may want to explore is TMJD. TMJD is a dysfunction of the TMJ jaw joint. It can present in many ways other than just jaw pain. There is a sticky at the top of the TMJ board that has information on some TMJ diagnostic symptoms. Some of the ones you list align with ones on that list. Of course, those same symptoms can be many things. Sometimes, we have to pursue multiple avenues. I have 3 conditions that all cause the 1 same symptom and I developed them all around the same time. It took me lots of searching to find my answers. I hope you continue searching until you find your answers. The best thing you can do is continue to advocate for yourself until you have answers.

    Items from the Kinnie-Funt Visual Index of Head, Neck and Facial Pain and TMJ Dysfuction that seem to align with your issues.

    Ear Pain, Ear Problems, and Postural Imbalances:
    - hissing, buzzing, ringing, or roaring sounds
    - diminished hearing
    - ear pain - without infection- clogged, stuffy, "itchy" ears, feeling of fullness
    - balance problems, "vertigo", dizziness, or disequilibrium

    Throat Problems:
    - swallowing difficulties
    - tightness of throat- sore throat without infection
    - voice fluctuations
    - laryngitis
    - frequent coughing or constant clearing of throat
    - feeling of foreign object in throat
    - tongue pain
    - salivation (intense)
    - pain of the hard palate in the mouth
    Asthma, Allergies, Dry Eye, severe LPR/GERD, TMJD, Hearing Loss, Ulnar Impaction Syndrome, Shoulder Impingement, Ankle ligament repair, arthritis, Joint Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder

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    ple890 HB User
    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
    Have you been assessed for allergies or post nasal drip? Both could impact the throat.
    OTC antihistamines have greatly improved the post-nasal drip component of my LRP. I don't know if I have actual allergies, but it works.

    Old 06-21-2014, 03:51 PM   #5
    howard 1
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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    I have serious gerd too, and I have found a remedy that you won't believe. Please try this. Simply take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime, and do this for four days and your gerd, believe it or not, will be gone.

    Old 06-21-2014, 04:32 PM   #6
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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    Yes Thank you Howard. Found that on another website last week and I tried and I'm cured=)

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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    You may have a nasal infection causing the mucus in the throat. Possibly tonsil stones. Push on tonsils with the rubber end of a pencil and see if white stones pop out. Also, you may have a dysfunctional esophagus. Maybe you can train it by drinking water while lying down, then eventually at an angle with head lower than stomach. Maybe it will need surgery. Keep looking, I finally found a cure for my GERD symptoms and it changed my life.

    Old 06-21-2014, 08:10 PM   #8
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    Re: Please, I need a cure NOW

    The Vinegar cure works on only a small percentage of people. Most have multiple causes and the simple vinegar just makes them bun more.
    But, finally I have relief. I no longer burn after I eat. I no longer bloat up after eating. I can eat anything I want, no restrictions, even have coffee. I no longer burn while I sleep only to wake up with a sore "stomach". I had a bunch of bottles of pills that I would take but got no relief. Now I will tell you what I did. First, I took a parasite remover. Ivermectin. Apparently I had liver flukes in my liver ducts. They can block the liver from producing enzymes nesseccary for digetion. The bloating stopped within a day or two. Also, after looking at my CT scan from the hospital, I noticed that I was obviously constipated. But no doctor noticed it. They wanted to remove part of my small intestine, but I said "No". So now, before bed, I add 3 tbsp of psillium to 8 oz of fruit juice and a capful of Miralax or generic. Every night. Also before bed I take 20mg of Nexium. I pour the capsule contents into my hand and swallow the tiny time pills with water. Doing this prevents the Nexium from burning a spot in your stomach, causing nausia when eating the next day. The reason I take it at night is because "if your esauphaugus gets burned while you sleep you will burn all day." That's what I tell people now. So, the idea is to stop acid production while you sleep, but you will produce some acid with your meals during the day. That is critical because acid blockers can lead to major nutritional deficiencies causing addition issues. Try this regimine for 30 days, I think it can change your life too.

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