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    Question for all you GERD/Acid Reflux Peops

    Ok this may be long, but i want to be thorough!!about 2 years ago, i was getting tonsilitus virtually every month. I went to see an ENT who is well known & a family member gave me a recco. The first two times i saw him in a couple of months he was very professional & mentioned, "listen, normally the first time/ 2nd time i see a patient, i dont suggest getting your tonsils out(btw, I was 31 years old). By the 3rd/4th time he had seen me in about 4-5 months, he said, listen, the recovery is longer & it is painful for about 2-3 weeks, but i highly suggest we take these babies OUT!!

    I had a tonsilectumy in March of 2013. I also want to mention, i had excess bleeding & was in the hospital longer than most patients. I mean, gobs of blood. I fought through the recovery & i would say it sucked about 2-3 weeks. Once i got through that, i was golden. i didnt get a sore throat to my recollection the rest of 2013. SAME diet, go to the gym 4-5 days a week, guest speaking at High Schools(not every day) All of the sudden, my 2014 had been riddled with chronic sore throats. It started in early February 2014. Let me preface this by saying, NO, I dont mean, I had a sinuc infection, my snot was yellow, my throat hurt, my ears hurt, i was coughing up mucus. NO, I mean, my throat would just hurt almost like a knuckle punch sometimes & just pain other times. It would flare up maybe 1 time every month or every other month. I went to the Redi Med quick doctors & they simply gave me anibiotics(which never worked) and said, yeh, its probably just viral.Come April of this year, i was sick and tired of geting sore throats but NOT feeling sick. I can breathe fine, no yellow mucus, no fever, etc etc, JUST SORE THROAT. I went to a different ENT to let him know EVERYTHING i just typed above. After looking down my throat with the camera through my nostril, he said its 1 of 2 things. 1) Acid reflux or 2) Allergies. I said I have bad allergies every April-May like everyone does for years, but it NEVER affected my throat. It would simply be the runny nose, itchy eyes etc. I asked is it possible now that the tonsils are gone, my allergies are affecting me differently? he said its possible. I started taking Acid Relfux pills only to find IMO they dont do a thing for me cause i don't feel I have acid reflux. Ok, so here comes June. I go to a DIFFERENT ENT Doctor. Very nice, did the whole camera thing down my nostril & like the previous ENT, he said nothing is jumping out at him & all looks good! He mentioned voice therapy because I do guest speak a lot at High Schools so i thought that might be true. He prescribed me some steroids which would make the sore throat go away only to return 3-4 weeks later. I went back to the ENT saying the same thing. DUDE, i am in good health, blood pressure is fine, i go to the gym 4 days a week, i dont smoke, i take Vitamin C, Multi V & Zinc pills EVERY DAY. WHy does my throat continue to hurt every 4 weeks?He said, all i can think is possibly allergies. Here I am in October & went to an allergist. They gave me about 27 shots up & down my arms(i will live). Came back to me & said, you're allergic to nuts, cats, dogs, ragweed & mold. Tell me something i didnt already know! I know i am allergic to nuts so i dont eat them I never go near cats/dogs because with in 5 minutes, my eyes itch, runny nose, etc etc. Ragweed & mold I said is understandable in April - May & maybe September - October. i told her my allergies this past year have been just fine & i honestly have never felt better in terms of nose & eyes. All that is bothering me is my THROAT!!! She gives me a nose spray & tells me to get Allegra D.

    Here we are, 10/25/2014 & i feel fine. Nose clear, no trouble breathing, my taste buds fine, healthy, no itchy eyes, no yellow mucus, no headache, BUT MY THROAT HURTS. Not scratchy, HURTS! When i open my mouth to see, the back of my throat is red & the sides(where my tonsils used to be) are also red!!!!CAN ANYONE HELP ME?? I am so upset over this, it is affecting my daily life, my interactions with friends, family, loved ones & my job.

    So I went to ENT 1 last time today(different one) told him everything: He looks down my throat through my nostrils & says, there is a little mucus, nothing huge, its a little red, but ure vocal cords when doing the voice test were stressed & strained.

    He gave me a recco to see a voice therapist(which the other ENT did as well) and also gave me Prilosec & some other thing for Acid Reflux.

    I called my other ENT who was nice enough to give me steroids for my pain. I asked him in his honest professional opinion what was wrong with my throat, he said, "Truth Rob, I am happy to hear you are going to start voice therapy, cause I think its your vocal cords/voice.

    I understand Acid Reflux/GERD folks have all kinds of symptoms.

    DON'TS:My ears don't hurt(never do), I don't cough, I don't have trouble breathing unless its May or I'm in a room with a cat. I don't have heartburn(once in a while), I don't eat spicy foods, I don't eat red sauce(hardly ever, maybe once in a while). I don't smoke, I don't feel bloated, I don't eat chocolate, I don't drink soda, I don't have indigestion, I can swallow fine.

    DO's: I do drink(mostly light beer) & yes I drink coffee I do clear my throat(who doesn't?). I do speak at High Schools & when I do, I strain my voice, get excited & probably strain the **** out of my vocal cords. I do eat sometime right before bed(which I know is bad to do)

    Do I have acid reflux or GERD? or is it the voice muscles/vocal cords I mean, all you people that have it, how often do you have heart burn?

    thanks for the tips guys!!!

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    Re: Question for all you GERD/Acid Reflux Peops

    It sounds like acid reflux
    You can still suffer from it despite taking all the measures ie avoiding food triggers, raising the head of the bed, smaller meals, not eating late, no tight clothes and losing weight if appropriate...because sometimes it is caused by a lax LES sphincter that lets the acid upwards

    I personally do not suffer during the day (unless I bend down as in weeding the garden ect). It is always during the night in bed. It is very problematic as it can go into your lungs causing breathing problems. it also causes a cough as the throat is irritated

    You cannot ignore it as the oesophagus does not have the protective mucous lining the stomach has and repeated trauma to it can cause Barratts oesophagus which can in time lead to cancer

    So, sounds like you need a definite diagnosis

    Good luck

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