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bunny23 07-18-2011 03:44 PM

How I got rid of my acne for good
I hope this helps someone.

So I always had bad skin, from age 15-25 nothing really worked for me. I would buy anything I saw on TV, and my aunt worked in the beauty industry so she would get me anything she found for acne. Nothing worked.
At age 25 I was still struggling with moderate acne that included cystic pimples all over my chin. I even started going to the dermatologist because I could not hold the phone by my chin- it hurt so bad!

I was always embarrassed, never took my make up off, hated sleeping over at a BF's.... hated pictures!

Then I got this glycolic acid product from my mom, I had no idea what it was but I started using it daily at night. I noticed about 3-5 days later that the smaller acne was gone, and the larger was slowly fading. Nothing new was developing.
I also stopped using everything harsh, so a no fragrance cleanser and lotion. You can get inexpensive ones at the drug store. My face was 100% clear in 2 weeks.

Please go see a professional though and have them give you the correct strength formula though... otherwise it will burn.

I have not had any acne problems in 7 years, I just use it every 2 days now, and during "hormonal" times daily 5 days before. No acne, ever.
Hope this helps someone :)

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