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Xxsophie11 10-28-2015 01:38 PM

Acne went at age 21 but back at 25?
Any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated.

My skin has slowly been getting worse over the past year from small whiteheads/blackheads to more of them and bigger lumpier ones which are coming back over and over again. And taking longer to heal. I had mild/moderate acne between ages 18-21 but the Yasmin pill seemed to clear it up. I'm on Gederel now (Yasmin) and it's been fine until recently. I can't think it's the problem but I don't know what else it could be as my diet hasn't changed, I'm not particularly stressed and I have a good facial routine etc etc. Why would acne come back now? I'm beginning to feel low about it all I just want them to go away...

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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