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sunnyskiesineye 12-26-2015 08:20 PM

Re-occuring Cystic Acne in same spot when I stop Antibiotics

I need advice. I am planning on booking a dermatology appointment but it will take at least a month before I can see one.

Here is my issue.

There is a spot on my face to the side of my chin that gets severe cystic acne. It swells up large, is very painful, gets swollen, puss, looks like a painful wound.

But when I start to take antibiotics (Cephalexin 500mg / twice a day) it goes away and my skin is clear. When I stop, in the exact same spot it starts to swell up and the cystic acne comes back just as bad or worse.

Before I just thought it was coincidence that it was in the same spot and, maybe even coincidence that the antibiotic cured it. But now I have noticed a pattern. This is the 4th time it has started to come back on my face and I am starting treatment again. I am starting to take the antibiotics right away this time because I know what awaits me.

Last time I kept waiting before taking it hoping my body would heal it, but after a month it was still getting worse and had no sign of healing.

When I was younger I had issues with acne and use to take ampicillin to fix it. I took it on and off for many years and then stopped few years back. My acne was mild for few years and recently started to become a major issue. I stopped using Ampicillin because I remember it was not effective when I stopped. My mom used Cephalexin for acne so I decided to try that. And it has been working so far. Whenever I start it, my skin clears up.

This problem spot on my skin started 2 years ago as mild problem area but has becoming more and more intense. And it now a major problem if I stop taking antibiotics. Like I said this is 4th major reoccurrence where I have had to start taking antibiotics to stop this outbreak.

I have no idea what to do. Something internal. Topicals do absolutely nothing to this area. And it does not heal by itself either, only goes away while using antibiotics.

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