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amb0807 03-22-2017 07:35 AM

rash on my chin. perioral-dermatitis?, clindamycin, coconut oil, and clearasil?
So Ive been researching online about my issue with my a problem that just started on my chin .. so i came to this group site to try to get advice and help.. .I am 27yrs old female and i never had this kind of problem, i would get pimples but they would come and go but this has been this same way before for over 2months now and I cant seem to get the redness or this "acne rash" to go away .. About 2 months ago i got a rash on my chin, i believe how i got this rash is when i was gutting out a house with old drywall and i noticed after i cleaned up from taking a shower my face started to break out on my chin , its red and it has small bumps like pimples on it..This issue reminds me of perioral-dermatitis .. I didnt put anything on it and I left it go for awhile but I notice it wasn't going away so I went to the doctors. My doctor just said its a acne breakout and they prescribed me tretinoin gel 0.01% and clindamycin gel .1% .. I did those gels for awhile the clindamycin twice a day and the tretinoin at bedtime as directed by the doctor... I notice the tretinoin gel was making my chin very red and very sore so I stopped putting that on my face.. I then went back to the doctors to discus what was going on and they told me to keep using both gels and that it will get "worse" before it gets better and it might take up to 3 months to see any change.. Well I did those gels for a couple more days and I saw no change just hurting and making my face feeling sore.. Im trying to be patient but i go back to work very shortly and wanted to see some progress with clearing up this redness on my chin..
So i changed my routine by stopping both the gels and I started trying Organic Virgin Coconut oil and castor oil twice a day, in a bowl i mixed a little drop of coconut oil and a small drop of castor oil then I had a hot rag and draped over my face for about 2 mins then rubbed the oils on my chin and sometimes I would leave the oils stay on over night and washed in the morning and then i would skip a day with that and washed it off right away.. .. That was making my face very soft but I had mixed feelings about the oils and wondering if that would work for my problem. A friend told me to try Clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream 4hours maximum strength so I did but saw no results maybe its because i didnt use it long enough ..

So I was wondering if I make a daily routine of
Stop taking tretionin gel because it was making my face very sore and red ..

clindamycin twice a day one in the morning and one before dinner time..

then bed time do a coconut oil rise (since it helps with moisturizing my face) then apply clearasil or clearasil then coconut oil rise ?

will this help or make things worse ? help me figure this out I don't want to make my chin worse but Im unsure of what to use and what not to use anymore. The doctors aren't a very big help and the dermatologist is booked up for another 3months.. Im trying to be patient with seeing results but now im confused on what kind of routinize to have or what to use


Paleo Girl 12-04-2017 09:10 PM

Re: rash on my chin. perioral-dermatitis?, clindamycin, coconut oil, and clearasil?
What ever happened with that?

L M16 06-09-2018 08:42 AM

Re: rash on my chin. perioral-dermatitis?, clindamycin, coconut oil, and clearasil?
Check for biotin deficiency!!! I tried all of the remedies, before seeing another post that said exactly this, and I looked into it, and found that was exactly the case!! I Have been eating biotin for three days, and taking a b-complex, and my face is healing before my eyes!

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