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matteqveen 06-06-2018 10:51 PM

Please help!
Let's start this off with the fact that I am a germaphobe and a hypochondriac. We all known it's summer time and the bugs have now all come out. Well, tonight I just so happened to find a dead fly lying on top of my Caboodle makeup case, the silver one with a lock. It was all closed up with my makeup and face wash, etc on the inside, but I am still freaked out. Immediately I took some tissue and rubbing alcohol and cleaned the whole thing. What would you fellow makeup lovers do in my situation? It seems to be that the worst stuff happens to me and I have no clue why. Would you have done what I did? A part of me wants to toss everything and start over. What should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated.

quincy 06-07-2018 11:13 AM

Re: Please help!
This is where logical cognitive thinking comes into play. Extreme is to dump out everything that's inside where no dead fly has been.. Logical is to wipe the exterior to ease your comfort level.

How does that seem to you?


MSNik 06-07-2018 01:30 PM

Re: Please help!
You did the right thing by washing off the outside where the fly died...the inside is totally protected and there is no reason to throw anything out.

Try to think this through. The fly did not come into contact with anything inside the case...everything inside is safe.

Last1called 07-13-2018 10:33 AM

Re: Please help!
I would also have cleaned the outside of my caboodle with alcohol. You did the right thing. Flies are nasty lil boogers but it wasn't on the inside so there's no need to toss everything out. Being a germaphobe ain't always a bad thing. It will keep you from getting sick and spreading unnecessary germs. Good luck and stay beautiful!! ♥️

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