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IndyGirl1 06-27-2018 08:19 AM

Dial Gold Bar Soap! It cleared my skin!
Hello All,

I usually stay on the tmjd board but I thought I would reach out and let you all know what ended my acne suffering. I had moderate to severe acne from middle school into college. There was a year where my skin cleared but that was due to a medication given by my dermatologist- eventually I was taken off of it. One day I decided to just stop all the harsh acne cleansers as they weren't working for me and just grabbed plain old Dial Gold Bar Soap and used that morning and night on my face with a good face lotion. My skin cleared in a week and with constant use I do not suffer with acne any longer. I sure hope that any acne sufferer out there will try this and see if it works for you. It can't hurt to try... it worked for me. Good luck to everyone.. I know how frustrating and damaging acne can be to your self esteem and happiness.


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