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NeuroticOne 03-08-2003 11:11 PM

At Home Moisturizer
Anyone have any experience with mixing products to make your own moisturizer? I read on another board a while back that a certain person figured that the Proactiv lotion was simply a mixture of low concentration BP (2.5% or lower) with a gentle moisturizer. So I decided to purchase Neutrogena's Spot Treatment lotion (2.5% BP) and mix it with an oil-free, organic moisturizer I found. Anyone else try something like this ever??

hemics 03-09-2003 05:48 AM


I use a moisturizer that is home amde and is natural. Mix equal quantities of Glycerin, rose water and lemom juice and store it in Air tight container and refrigerate..You can use just a few drops everyday to moisturize your face and with few more drops, even hands or all over the body.

This is a very good one...


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