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Has acne affected your career?

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Old 12-09-2003, 01:42 AM   #1
Join Date: Dec 2003
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despair HB User
Question Has acne affected your career?

I'm new here, and thought I'd post a ? seeing that there are a lot of neat people who frequent this board. Here it goes:

I've noticed that there's volumes of posts here on how acne has affected people's PERSONAL lives, but what I'd like to know is how it has affected everyone's PROFESSIONAL lives?

Maybe I'm just feeling rotten, but it seems like the longer I live, the more I'm convinced that success is predicated on good looks and the willingness to sell-out one's morals and integrity. Hint: I work in the corporate world. Lots of people would argue that "Oooo, it's all about attitude and work ethic." Personally, I think that's a load of *@#!.

Honestly though, how many VPs, senior VPs, executive VPs, or members of the board can you think of that have severe acne? Yeeeeaaaah, let's see, in my huge company?---0.0000!

Anyway, I think I've made it clear how acne has affected MY professional life, and would love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks for reading



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Old 12-09-2003, 04:54 AM   #2
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euro18 HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?


I think people have a tendency to blame everything on acne - it is easy. The reason why big bosses in firms dont' have acne is cos statistically people in their 30s 40s don't get much acne. It is still relatively low. There is much higher proportion of people not being offered jobs due to their ethnicity than having acne.
It can affect your job if you are a make-up artist or possibly in a heavy customer service-orientated role, but personally, most people don't care as long as you are competent. Think about it: if some had burn marks all over their face or had one leg, but I needed help with a product in a shop - I can honestly say I wouldn't care because I just need someone who knows what they r doing.
IF you feel so awful about your acne that you take days off work that maybe another way it may stunt your career growth.


Old 12-09-2003, 06:49 AM   #3
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ErimusValidus HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

Recently acne has affected my burgeoning career insomuch that I haven't bothered applying to anyone. I'm a final year student studying Computer Science and there are loads of people around me on my course applying for high-paid, interesting and exciting jobs and I don't have the confidence to. Moreoever, I don't really feel the impetus. I don't care about having a decent job right now - all I want is acne free skin. Unfortunately I'm the sort of person who concentrates on one thing at a time and right now that's my skin. Nothing else matters. I'm sure people will tell me I should sort out my career and not let the acne get to me but they don't know me and how I feel.

Old 12-11-2003, 06:01 AM   #4
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jenguard82 HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

I would have to say living with acne has affected me in every way, because I am the type of girl who always wants to look my best. I know that when I have a bad breakout I feel like crap and I don't want to do anything or have anyone see me. I wear make-up to cover up my skin which helps me forget about it a little, but having the acne on my face still makes me feel very self-conscious. A few years ago I was in college and I had to stop going for a while because I couldn't concentrate because my acne was affecting my life so much. I also quit my job. It isn't really like that anymore because I am working full time and I am going to finish up my college education but I have to say a few years ago I hit a very low point in my life. I didn't even want to continue living. My boyfriend dumped me because I was depressed all the time, and it just wasn't a good situation at all. I am still dealing with acne, I just have learned to put it into perspective a little bit better. But I have my days, where I sit in front of the mirror and just cry. I have to admit that I won't go out with anyone because of my acne and I am waiting for it to go away before I let myself date again. I know it's stupid but I just can't see myself with anyone when I look like crap and they have clear skin.

Old 12-11-2003, 07:37 AM   #5
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chicane HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

i had a lot of trouble at school cause i couldnt focus and concentrate because i had very severe acne, i went on accutane and it worked but the acne came back and i felt depressed again. i had to skip a lot of days cause i couldnt deal with it, eventually i droped out...any way i had a couple of crappy jobs but nothing that i would call a career oriented job, its really not looking bright for me

Old 12-11-2003, 08:49 AM   #6
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honeybearkitty HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

Acne has also affected me in all areas of my life. Other than my mild/moderate acne, I'd say I am a good looking person. I've been told numerous times that I should try modeling (before acne). Even though I spend about 30 minutes applying my makeup to cover up the redness, the bumps are still noticeable, therefore, I feel like a mess underneth all the makeup. I used to cry every day. I've gotten past that point. But I still won't go to parties I'm invited to, and I try to avoid social situations. My husband gets tired of it, I think. He loves me, and is understanding (he met me when I had perfect skin, and married me when I didn't).

I just graduated from college in August, and I have not applied for one job because of low confidence. (I don't think acne is the only reason for this, however.) I am just ready to get rid of this acne so I can get on with my life!!!

Old 12-13-2003, 10:38 PM   #7
Senior Member
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accu HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

Yes, acne has surely affected my personal and professional life. But looking back now, I think I was the one who put myself in that situation, because it wasn't like my friends didn't want to hang out with me anymore. It was ME who didn't want to hang out with them, because I can't get over the fact that my face look like a warzone. I quit my job because my acne became so bad, but my boss actually tried to convince me to stay. So, I see that I've put myself in those bad personal and professional situation.

Yet, I still blame acne for everything, because if not for it, I'd have a fabulous social and professional life.

Right now, I dont' have zits...Thanks to accutane, triaz, and klaron. =)

So, I'm taking steps to rebuild my professional, personal, and romantic life. Time to go out and bag a boyfriend. haha. =)

Last edited by accu; 12-13-2003 at 10:39 PM.

Old 12-14-2003, 04:32 PM   #8
Senior Veteran
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joeh HB User
Re: Has acne affected your career?

jen you should give spironlatone a try.i dont think it has a lot of side effects for biggest mistake was i never took this when i was 14 before my skin ever broke out.but i dont even think it was out back then.the main thing is when your skin is clear you will feel great about yourself.its not a cure because you will have to take it most everyday but it does high school i concentrated on my face not my didnt make things any better that both my parents had 8 kids they never wanted.each said they thought the other one wanted us.i had to get a job in a factory 25 years ago and im still there because i never had the confidence in thinking i could do anything any girl in american can look as good as britney spears or paris hilton if they have the money.plastic surgery can make almost anyone beautiful not saying your not beautiful now but being beautiful is easy now days.acne has screwed up my life so much that even after my face is clear and my scars are almost gone i still feel anti-social.but i think i look as good as johnny depp and he got voted sexist guy in the country.oh yea i girl at work told me a few years back she would take me over tommy lee.i dont know if i should feel good about that or not.see ya!

Old 12-16-2003, 07:36 AM   #9
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MelloVball HB User
Smile Re: Has acne affected your career?

I have to agree with euro on this one. I think we actually take acne and make it into a bigger problem. If you are a good person, you do your work, people don't care if you have it. Its more like in our eyes.

People were saying that they dropped out of school and quit work and stuff. I know that acne can really make you feel depressed and stuff, but there's really so much more out there. Now, so many people have acne, it makes me feel like they are judging me less, and I have become more comfortable with myself in general.

So instead of blaming everything, just go deeper inside. If a person judges you for what's on the outside (acne) do you want to work there or date them anyways???

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