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scouselad1974 03-15-2003 08:12 AM

Tanning Session Number 4
Well im off to the tanning bed now and today im going to increase my time on it from 4 minutes to 6 minutes,ill let you know how it goes next week.
Ive had a bad time of it over the past couple of months just constantly thinking about acne and hardly anything else,so ive decided to go away for a few days and try and relax and enjoy myself like i used to do before i had this horrible problem.
I suggest if you can you should give it a go too or if you are staying home because you cant face the world,try doing something that will take your mind off the acne for a while,give yourself a break,believe me we all bloody deserve one.
Have a nice weekend and ill be back next week hopefully refreshed and relaxed lol.

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