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canadianchick723 03-15-2003 05:46 PM

I heard that making a paste from tylenol and water would help the healing of blemishes. Would acetominophen work in the same way since it is also an anti-inflamitory? Please relpy if you know anything.

KittyKat24 03-15-2003 07:58 PM

Sorry to say, but Tylenol (a brand of acetaminophen) is not an's just a plain old anti-pyretic (brings down fever) and analgesic (painkiller). Aspirin (ASA) and Motrin/Advil (ibuprofen) are both anti-inflammatories, but I don't know if a paste of either would work...if I were going to try it, ASA would be my choice, as it's acetylsalicylic acid, which is what the salicylic acid that's used in many acne remedies is derived from...but I really don't know if it would work.

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