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End Game 01-21-2004 08:50 AM

Food & Acne
I'm almost certain there is a link between them for me. I'm not talking about refined sugar, oil, etc either. My cystic acne was completely cleared over winter break (1month) because I wasn't eating the food that they serve in the dining hall at my college. My acne was almost completely CLEARED! Simply from not eating the college food, and I had developed moderate-severe breakouts during the first semester (I have had acne for 3 yrs, but in the past 4 months at college its gotten the worst I've ever had it and was 1 step away from accutane). I was eating sugar at home and oil and chocolate! The second day back at college I get my first cystic acne breakout in about 3 weeks. I dont know what this means but I can only think of one thing that changes between home and school and thats what I EAT. Agh. What are they putting in the food?! :confused:

prometheus 01-21-2004 10:59 AM

Re: Food & Acne
something your body doesn't agree with, that's for sure

coloradogirl1 01-21-2004 01:09 PM

Re: Food & Acne
Is it possible that you cleared up because you were on break and a lot less stressed out? I tend to think that stress (such as college or a stressful job)has a pretty big effect on hormone levels.

CourtneyIAM 01-21-2004 02:21 PM

Re: Food & Acne
You know, I broke out when I came to college as well. But I'm thinking it's not so much the food, as the stress, new environment, lack of sleep...

prometheus 01-21-2004 10:13 PM

Re: Food & Acne
test it then. Stop eating the dining hall food and eat like you do at home. Dining hall food at college or food in schools is often very very cheap food, and nutrient depleted.

and if you go out drinking in college, but not over break, then don't do that either. same with coffee habits, etc.

you'll figure out. The two people with severe acne in Dr. Walford's biosphere cleared "rapidly" on the optimal nutrition diet. This sounds like what happened with you when you went home. It may simply be a nutritional problem. Of course, everyone's body decides what nutrition it needs to function well. Maybe it is easier for you.

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