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InmatesGirl 01-23-2004 09:38 AM

Cystic Acne?
What is Custic Acne? Im not sure what I have, but I posted a thread a few days ago about my problem. I have these hard bumps under my skin, usually on the side of my face, closer to my ears, and right above my neck......Lately I have had one that is growing right under the corner of my ear...(by the bottom, by the earring hole) It is right in the crevace, behind my ear.....It is huge.....They mostly hurt....but you can not pop them. They dont have a head on them. What is wrong with me? I have never had acne in my whole entire lifetime, and suddenly I am getting it worse then ever. One day I will have on, and it will finally go away, then the next day I get another one. I need some advice, PLEASE!!!

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