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babii piink 01-25-2004 08:28 PM

hello ;] let me share my story. its worth the reading. first of all..i cant stress enough how much yasmin birth control has helped me!! i am 16, have been battling acne since 10. that is 6 years mind you and a young teen shouldn't have to go through *the best years of their life* going through this horrid disease. my acne was at its worst september/october of this past year and it got so bad i actually quit school. i said to myself i need time to deal with this and get it fixed. so i said enough, im going to clear my face. i went to my doctor demanded birth control, because i have heard wonderful successful stories about yasmin in particular, the doctor perscribed me it, i've been on it now for about 4 months and let me tell you..i am flawless. I CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM!! I had 0 lack of confidence before, even though I was socialable at school I was still self concious and it hurt. My skin was really oily by the end of the day and with all the bumps it just made me feel ugly. i tried my damnest to get thru the days but i even sometimes went to the nurse to go home early, because i felt my makeup looked ****** and just crappy. i have tried everything under the sun, i dont even know where to begin!! from CVS to PROACTIVE to perscribed pills to topical creams, NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK! i cried i think the most in my life during the fall season just because i felt so self concious i didnt even want to face my parents without makeup on! it was the most depressing thing ever! i dont even want to rehash the past of this acne i have delt with for so long. but i thankgod every night for whoever invented birthcontrol lol because i tell has litterally changed my life. i am now going back to school in a couple weeks with a totally new aura and confidence, i cant wait to show off my new look. i do infact have so much more confidence, and for you women out there battling acne, im not saying it will work for you, BUT GIVE YASMIN a try!! from a girl who has battled horrid acne and had success with yasmin, im telling you..just give it a shot! U HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE!! good luck, and all keep your head up high, your better days will rise..mine have & so can yours ;]

Ash16 01-25-2004 08:49 PM

Re: Unbelivable
I too was on BC... but i was on ortho cyclen. it did miracles for my skin and confidence! but i do have to say that BC definatly is NOT for every1. I unfortunately didn't kno that i had a blood condition that makes me more prone to clots then other ppl.. so within 3 months of treatment... i developed a blood clot! It wasn't a small one either.. It was from my hip to my knee. So i encourage ppl to get blood work done first. But, BC can also be bad for one other thing. If you do decide u want to have children later on in life... there is a chance you wont be able to. My cousin Roni was on BC for 2 years... she hasn't had a period since she stopped it in 2001. They said that she will not be able to have a baby. The BC did something to her that i can't remember right now, but she was very upset! I know i would be too. Most people do not have any probs with BC, but BE CAREFUL WITH IT! i wish you and ne1 else on BC the best of luck and nothing but hope that it continues working good for you!

istar837 01-26-2004 12:21 AM

Re: Unbelivable
how long were u taking yasmin for before u noticed any results?

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