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laur 03-12-2003 12:32 PM

PLEASE for those of you who are on this could you tell me how long it took for the breast tenderness to subside?? For me it's been steady for about 9 weeks. I've increased my cup size considerably and they are tender, sometimes more so that other times, but none the less they have remained tender.

If that means an increase in estrogen in the body (which I'm assuming)......and if the spiro and the yasmin BOTH block the male hormones....and IF estrogen is good for the skin and also the LACK of the male hormone...........then WHY IN THE @#@# is my skin still breaking out????!!!!!!!

The tenderness doesn't bother me but I am trying to find a correlation between the two. I thought the extra estrogen was good for the skin and I am apparantly too stupid to understand why my breasts are huge and tender and Yet I still have these @#@# breakouts????
And my derm is a troll that I have never gotten a straight answer from . The pharmacists say the side effects should be gone in a month or two..........I am starting my 10th week of ONLY the active pills and what goes??? Why can't I have the breast increase and the nice skin>>????

My friend was on the bc pill for 18 off problems. My other friend....pregnant....never a pimple before or after. Even my husband has grown out of this.......I'm 38, and I'm tired of trying things but I'm also afraid to give up. Why isn't this working........???
I sound like a basket case, I know, but I have enough health garbage to deal with, why can't I just solve this one thing. Even if my body aches and I'm sick on the least I'd look like "myself" on the outside again. At 17, I'm sure glad I couldn't see the future!

elephantwmn 03-12-2003 12:39 PM

do you mind if I ask what your skin regime is?

dancingSonali 03-12-2003 01:08 PM

i am having the same problem, week 3 of yasmin, but i do here it takes sometimes 3 months or more to really see differences. Your body needs time to adjust to the hormone changes.

laur 03-12-2003 02:13 PM

My skin routine:

Wash with only water in the am and then apply jojoba oil.

Wash with md forte glycolic cleanser #1 in the pm and them apply jojoba oil.

Pretty simple really, not much there that I would think could do any harm. I have been using the glycolic facial wash for about 3 years, and the jojoba oil for about 2 months. For the ones under the skin it is taking forever for them to "surface".!!

Thanks for replying!
L :)

heartsicle 03-12-2003 04:40 PM

Honestly, your questions are so complex! Maybe your problem lies in the fact that your dermatologist is a flake. You might want to consult a second source; I would recommend an ob/gyn or an endocrinologist. I think they'd know more about hormones/cycles than a derm would.

Calisia 03-12-2003 06:16 PM

Hi Laur,
I am sorry to see you frustrated like this. I am not a doctor but from the things you're telling me, it seems like you are over-reacting to estrogen which is understandable in your case. Estrogen is good for skin only indirectly, however if you have an androgen imbalance, spiro's affect is direct on your skin. I would say, wait for another month, then you can try Cyclessa if you want to stick to BCPs (Cyclessa is a lower dose estrogen and has less androgenic progestin).
Maybe your acne isn't hormonal after all. Very few people have hormonal imbalances, if you suspect you do, then go see an endo. but I think a long-term use of a topical like Tazorac along with a low estrogen BCP will be good for you. Unless of course, you have polycystic ovaries or a thyroid condition, or something similar to that effect.
Take care and let me know how you feel.


heartsicle 03-12-2003 06:29 PM


Have you thought that your break-outs are being caused by Tazorac? I was on it for a while, too, and in the beginning, it caused me breakouts. My doctor said it could do that for up to 12 weeks.

laur 03-12-2003 09:01 PM

Heart - you are right! My questions are usually pretty complex and always long-winded !LOL But I have spent the past few years reseaching a lot for lupus and trying to find out the stuff the dr won't tell you, you know how it is. I guess it has become habit more than anything to ask a lot of questions and the pick the answers apart at every angle. I hope I haven't driven you or anyone else "crazy" with my ranting. ..

I will try to be patient and wait this out. I guess I have a poor understanding of hormones, even at my age! LOL I want to go to see a different dr about them but My husband is changing jobs and the insurance will be somewhere in the middle for a little bit, so I hesitate to run up any bills as my medical bills from the lupus are already quite enough. Also the other thing is I just don't know how many more dr's I can take.....I have a general dr, and a rheumatologist for lupus and my "troll" for acne , etc......It's like starting over again.
But I will try this.

I have only used the tazorac for 2 days, (and yesterdays was the "expired" tube!!!) so no results one way or the other yet. I am only going to use on one side at first to see how I tolerate it.
I will keep you posted.

By the way heart, How did you get so good at this hormone stuff?? I would seriously be thrilled if you could research menopause and all the junk that comes with those hormones???!!!!

L :)

heartsicle 03-13-2003 12:01 AM

Heheh. I got "good" at this hormonal stuff because it's sort of in the family. Got my period just after my 9th birthday + a mother who is getting fybroid cysts during menopause introduced me early on to the ways and works of a woman. My mom is actually considering getting a hysterectomy so she's in a really rough spot. That's probably where all my knowledge comes in; I have sort of a compulsive disorder to research medical stuff just for the sake of knowing. If I ever find out anything during my searches, I will be sure to bring it to your attention! <3

SweetJade1 03-13-2003 12:12 AM

You may want to do a search on progersterone. Someone reminded me that this was good for women who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), irreguar-no periods, fibroids, hirsutism, menopause, etc

Basically what you are describing sounds like "estrogen dominance". According to Dr. Lee (wrote some books on menopause and premenpause and natural progesterone), he said that when supplementing with NPC (nat. prog. cream) you will experience this for several weeks - months. However, you may be able to reduce this by taking in more fiber (fruits, veggies, fibers supps).

Yet, personally aren't you rather lucky. I wish that the 3 years I was on BC and the 4 plus years I've been on Spiro my breast would have grown more. Sigh, I started out with such potential, very similar to Heartsicle and what do I have to show for it...sniff sniff..LOL.

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SweetJade1 03-13-2003 12:29 AM

Like I just mentioned, my history is similar to yours. I started my cycle 1 month before my 11 birthday, so that would make me 10, but I've had some form of acne since I was 6. I've always had regular but VERY painful periods, mild hirutism, and problems maintaining the hair growth on my head. My mother, grandmother, and sisters had a combination of breast fibroids and/or uterine fibroids, and some, including my mom finally had a hysterectomy.

For 2 years now, I've known about progesterone, I myself had a fibroid removed nearly 5 years ago (none since, BC and Spiro maybe) at the age of 17. Now, based on what I'm learning about progesterone, I wonder if I should've taken this. I talked to my doctor (endocrinologist) yesterday and he says that since I'm ovulating there's no lack of progesterone. Nor do I have high prolactin levels. Basically my problem is just too much anderogens plain and simple.

Although, I was told that saliva tests provide more accurate results so I purchased Body Balance's Female Check, an at home test kit ($40), that tests for Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone. It's done be Great Smokies Labs. and they are very reliable, in fact my hospital uses them for certain tests =) I'll be doing that just as soon as I've reached a certain time in my cycle. If those results match my blood work, than I won't be trying any NPC. Yet, I do know that if I start to develop fibroids in the future I will be using NPC to help dissovlve them.

Have you researched this yet? Women that were planning on getting hysterectomies no longer needed to after this. Same goes for removing any fibroids in the breast....apparently they dissolve. Some women with acne or menstrual disorders have had success with Vitex supplements too. Although usually in terms of natural progesterone, it's advised to get it in cream from since it's not actually "active" through Wild Yam and Vitex supplements.

Currently, the only thing I do to control my hormones is take 150mg of Spiro and eat an Insulin/Androgen Cotnrolling diet ie. Gluten Free, AKA Low Carbing. I've been on this diet for the past 8 months and right now I'm 98% clear and my menstrual pains are now GONE!!! Yup, eventually I want to get off of the spiro, so I do hope that NPC or Saw Palmetto will let me do that.

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BlueSprite555 03-13-2003 08:42 AM

Hi all...this topic is very interesting to me. I am especially interested in finding out about the adrogen/insulin reducing diet. Do you know where or how I can get more info. on that? I have had acne since I was 15, and now at 28 it's pretty much under control by my not eating sugar, but I did have a huge fibroid removed at the age of 20 and lost an ovary to it. I also tried ortho-tri for my acne but I noticed on teh 3rd week of pills I would get so depressed and panicky and I think that was due to the increase in progesterone that you get ion the third week...although I'm not sure. So I am just curious about all this and any info. would be great! :)

laur 03-13-2003 09:23 AM

I did do a "little" research on progesterone cream to balance things out, but on the message boards the women were saying that their acne had worsened since being on it. I do agree that I have estrogen dominance right now since I am taking the yasmin and it is blocking the male hormones....(well that is what it is SUPPOSED to be doing) I have no doubt that I have an estrogen surplus in my body right now, but if the progesterone cream will make my acne worse, I will forget it and just put up with the breast tenderness. I am confused because the way I understand it, progesterone is at its highest level right before your period........that is why most women have breakouts. Did I read that correctly?? So in my case, I am blocking the testosterone, and adding the there anywhere in there trying to Produce progesterone?? Or is that strictly produced in the ovaries...which I no longer have.??? This is so confusing. I wish I never had that hysterectomy....I would have rather suffered with the female problems than this garbage!!

And as far as the insulin reducing diet, do you just eliminate sugar or what because the only sugar I eat during a day is 1 rice krispie treat and maybe 1/2 a poptart. I don't eat much bread and I don't drink milk. I eat about 1 oz of cheese every week at the most.....try to eat only rice or pasta 1 or 2 times per week. ...I feel like a prisoner in my own body!LOL

L :)

SweetJade1 03-14-2003 01:48 AM

Ok, have you ever heard how the say that it takes 90 days for a zit to form? Or that it takes only 24 hours? Well, the way I see it, it just depends on what's aggrevating your skin. For those that are allergic to certain things, they will have a more immediate reaction. For those that are have clogged pores or using the wrong skincare, it may be more delayed. Therefore, that's why with most treaments a person is on, it's always suggested that you will see results after 3 months, because all the breakouts you had "stored" up should have been gone by then ;-)

I've heard more postives about NPC than negatives. Yet I've heard that if you're taking synthetic progesterone, like what's in Yasmin, it can cause more of the negatives. Plus most women may not be using it properly or are using too much. So to be on the safe side, that's why it's best that you get your levels checked by your doctor and then to double check, get a saliva test done since it's more sensitive. Yet I will say that the postives I heard were coming from women who clearly lacked enough progesterone as they had irregulr to no menstruation. Therefore, any of you with that problem, would probably benifit greatly from this form of supplementation.

I just got through reading conflicting results on the whole PMS progesterone thing. What I found is they say that the lack of progesterone and excess estrogen is what could cause it. Or the Lack of Calcium. Or certain Hormones in the brain. Basically the still don't know 100% yet! ;-) I've haven't run across the role that testosterone plays here, but if estrogen is high/low and progesterone is low and your testosterone is still high/normal, that COULD be why. Testosterone seems to override estrogen, so this may be the reason for PMS breakouts. Progesterone is what keeps the two in check and can be converted to other hormones IF your body needs them.

Oh yeah, an Insuln/Androgen controlling diet is basically a LOW CARB diet. That's all, however there are a variety of different types out there and some work better than others. It's late for me, so I'll talk more about this tomorrow.


Beth Ann 03-14-2003 09:52 PM

Hi, Laur. I'm 35, and have been going through the same hormonal crap that you have. It really sucks, doesn't it? I've had problems with cystic acne since my early 20s, and started having night sweats at 29. I've been to endos, gyns, dermatologists, you name it. None have really helped. My gyn put me on Yasmin towards the end of 2001. My face broke out really, really bad. I mean, I was a hermit in my house for a week. I didn't want anyone at all to see me. I'm lucky that I was on vacation from work, so I didn't have to face anyone there. But, some vacation, huh? Anyway, I read on these boards that yasmin makes your skin worse before it will get better, and I believe that. After about 2 or 3 months, my skin got a lot better. I am off of Yasmin right now. I want to be off the pill completely. You might want to read the book that was mentioned by John R. Lee, M.D,. It's called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Perimenopause. (Or maybe it's premenopause. Not sure which word he used. He also has on about menopause.) He says great things about progesterone cream, and I started using it. My night sweats have pretty much stopped (until recently, have been sweating a little - but nothing like before), and my skin has been staying clear. I was stupid a few months ago, and decided to go without the cream for a while, just to see what would happen. NEVER AGAIN will I do that! My face broke out like it did that December, and my night sweats came back in full force. I think that's why I've been sweating just a little bit here lately, because my body is having to readjust. I feel like I'm rambling, and writing a book here, but I just had to tell you a little of my story. Men don't know how lucky they have it, because they don't have to deal with all this hormonal crap. But they do have to deal with us, which is just as bad. (At least that's what my hubby says! :) ) Hope everything gets better for you. Just remember, you are not alone. Beth Ann

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