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OhMyFace 02-05-2004 09:08 AM

Acupuncture...I have my first session in 2 weeks.
I am very excited and hopeful. I found this article on it earlier today that made me feel even more confident that Acupuncture might help in my case...thought it might help some of you guys too.

Acne Research
Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Acupuncture & Acne

Of all the alternative therapies, acupuncture has been shown in controlled scientific studies to be most effective in helping to treat hormonal disturbances. Acupuncture has, of course, traditionally been successfully employed in China to treat most illnesses but in recent years, there have been several interesting controlled scientific studies demonstrating the clinical value of acupuncture for acne sufferers.
For instance, one study concluded that auricular acupuncture (treatment through the ear) offered a valuable alternative therapy for hormone disorders and was more effective than hormone therapy with no side effects(1) .
Traditional acupuncturists treat the whole person rather than a disease and therefore attempt to get to the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms and, like other holistic practitioners, will consider all lifestyle and environmental factors before commencing treatment.
In another study, it was demonstrated that Electro-Acupuncture treatment (EAT) successfully helped regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary function and led to normal secretion of hormones in women with polycystitic ovaries and alleviation of their accompanying acne (2).

22Girl 02-06-2004 12:50 AM

Re: Acupuncture...I have my first session in 2 weeks.
Keep us posted after you get it done.

Acupuncture scares me a bit.. but I've been told it doesn't hurt. Good luck!!

prometheus 02-06-2004 08:13 AM

Re: Acupuncture...I have my first session in 2 weeks.
I've heard a lot of good things about accupuncture treatment. Definitely keep us updated.

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