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Clark 03-25-2004 08:49 PM

Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
There was some chatter a while back about the use of topical Spiro. I was able to find one post where it was officially given the thumbs-down. Are there any other reports out there from peolpe who have tried this?

Also, are there any males other than Joeh that are using Spiro internally? I have read all of Joeh's posts, and would like to see if anyone can add anything regarding the potential side-effects for men.

Clark 03-28-2004 06:51 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
No other males out there that have tried spiro?

No one tried the topical spiro?

euro18 03-28-2004 07:24 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage

YEs I am a male trying oral spiro. I think it's working. However, today I've actually got quite a sore chest! I have been reading about the side effects of this drug on men on the internet and it seems that they are relatively rare. I haven't read anywhere yet that it can cause sterility in men. Altho I ahve read it can cause impotence. I think you would have to take it for a really long time to suffer this sort of side effect.

Clark 03-30-2004 04:48 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
Euro - What dosage are you taking and how long have you been on it?

Grimey 04-03-2004 10:02 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
I'm also a male who is on spironolactone (100mg/day). I have only been on it for 4 days, so it's way to early to say anything. But so far I haven't notice a difference, im still breaking out really bad. My face hasn't looked this bad in years! I'll post a progress update in 7 days.........

[B]joeh[/B], if your out there; how long were you on spiro before you were 100% clear and what side effects if any did you experience on the first 14 days or so using spiro? Thanks.

joeh 04-03-2004 11:48 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
4 days isnt very long.remember this is really a last resort treatment even after accutane because of the chance of being steril for life.but then you have to remember is acne and the possible acne scars going to cause permanent damage.if you start losing interest in sex and woman no longer get you hot and you cant have sexual intercourse then its working and your face should start clearing up.thats the only thing that i found was bad about it but i think i would have had a social life over can still love girls and kiss ect but you wont be thinking of sex all the time.thats why guys think of sex a lot more than most woman because we have more testosterone.thats whats is causing your acne.....androgens aka testosterone effecting your sebasious glands to produce more have to take this most everyday to.if your steril then your acne will be gone.its been over 18 months for me and still no breakouts.other than accutane nothing ever worked this good in drying my face and clearing my skin.accutane worked the first time for about 10 months to a year and the second time i had it,my skin didnt clear at all.i would give it at least a month.check the oil on your nose everyday and if you notice less and less oil it will be seeing a doctor and getting blood test every 3 months.remember you have to take it everyday for it to also has a calming effect...makes you thirsty a probably will never go bald because baldness is caused by dhts from male hormone and your hair will be great.the only regret i have is that i didnt take it before my face ever broke out.i had very severe acne for years.this drug is not for mild to moderate acne but for severe acne only unless you wanna be steril.if you just have mild acne spiro might dry your skin wayyy too much. i resorted to taking this because acne was driving me nuts and i just didnt want to live with this the rest of my life.

Clark 04-04-2004 01:37 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
Grimey - Please do keep us informed as to how everything goes. How did you decide upon 100 mgs? Was this recommended by your endo or derm?

Joeh - It sounds like you are saying that the ONLY way spiro can be effective for acne is if it in fact has an adverse impact on your sex drive. Is this your general perception or did this notion come from your Doc? I'm hoping to be able to take a dose that's low enough to not have any undesirable anti-male side-effects, but high enough to be effective against acne. Do you think this is impossible?

joeh 04-04-2004 05:21 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
yes i think its impossible to clear your skin totally and still have sexual intercourse.androgens are causing your face to breakout and your surpressing your androgens(male sex hormone).also if your under 20 this will stunt your bone growth and keep you boyish can try 25 to 50 mgs while it probably wont clear your skin it will be more managable and controllable with topicals so you can prevent more or less are choosing sex or clear kinda sucks cause spiro works so might want to get your skin under control then follow up with the smoothbeam laser.

Grimey 04-04-2004 07:55 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
I ordered spiro off of the web w/o a prescription as I heard it would have been difficult to get a derm to rx spiro to a male. After reading many posts about spiro, I decided my best bet would be to start out on 100mg then lower my dose if I was seeing good results.

So far the only beneficial thing I've notice while taking spiro is that my nose
is alot less oily. I'm still breaking out, but I'm only on my 5th day, hopefully my skin will clear up a little in a few days. I'll keep you posted.....

joeh 04-04-2004 10:32 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
thats how it starts out then your blemishes will then dry up and go away and your skin will be normal.well i started oct 5 of 2002 and by thanksgiving my skin was looking really good because my sister asked how i got my skin looking so good.check out transexual sites.....not the porn sites.....on the effect of spiro on male to female transexuals.a lot of transexuals are on between 150 mgs to 500 mgs of spiro daily and 7 mgs of premerin a day.if your under 20 ,100mgs of spiro wont turn you into a girl but might keep you boy over 40 and no amount of hormones and anti-androgens will change my bone might make you steril and in little as 6 months but i think if i went off i think i still could produce depends on the person so thats why you might want to clear your skin and save up 1200 dollars and get a smoothbeam laser treatments.i think on avg. they charge 300 dollars per treatment.well if your steril then you will be cured of might be great if you want to be a priest in the catholic church.i have had no bad side effects but you lose interest in sex and can't have sexual intercourse....thats it.thats why if you were under 20 and i was a doc i wouldnt prescribe it until i had a paper from your psyciatrist stating acne was causing great mental distress.if it wasnt for the impotant/steril thing it would be great for guys but it is suppressing the thing that is making you male....androgens aka male sex hormone aka testosterone.and unfortunately thats whats causing you acne.

Clark 04-07-2004 05:00 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
I did one session of the Smoothbeam, which I know is not enough to make a determination as to efficacy, but it hurt like crazy, and I didn't see ANY improvement. I decided there were less painful ways to waste cash trying to fix this problem. It would be great to only need it for the purpose of healing scars!

I would be happy with any incremental benefit from a low dosage spiro regimen. Remind me Joeh, what is your dosage?

joeh 04-07-2004 10:39 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
im taking 100 mgs a day.also im seeing a doctor for treatment.remember this is surpressing your male hormone and thats whats is causing your skin to not endorsing any guy to take spiro,but it does has a really good chance of making you sterile for life,it will stunt your growth if your under 20.i guess once your sterile your skin will no longer breakout.if your to the point thats its making your life a living hell then i would say go ahead and take have to take it everyday at least for awhile.check your nose and face will get less oily as time goes by but at the same time you will loss interest in sex and wont be able to have sex.then you know the drug is probably will never go bald because you wont be producing a dhts that cause male might be able to clear your skin with 100 mgs then go down to 50 or 25 mgs a day while it wont clear your skin with that low dosage your skin will still be less oily and you could control it with least you might not get sterile that way.dont expect to take 500 mgs at once and wake up with clear skin it just doesnt work that way.after a month and 20 days at 100 mgs a day on spiro my skin was completely clear and no longer oily.

SweetJade1 04-07-2004 10:50 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
LOL, OK Gentlemen, let's clear up a few misconceptions.

First of all, yes Spironolactone or any anti-androgen or DHT Inhibitor is going to effect your sex drive (male or female). This of course will vary depending on how much you are taking. If it's 50mg, probably won't notice a difference. If it's 100mg or more, you probably will. I was taking 150 - 200mg for almost 6 years and when I stopped, I noticed I had more of a desire, but it wasn't too big of a change.

Now some may get results faster than others. However it typically takes 3 months to truly see results when using anything (topical or oral) and up to 1 year to get the full benefits. Also, some of you are mixing up a few key terms:

[B]Anti-Androgen[/B] - An anti-androgen is anything that will [U]decrease your overall androgen production[/U] or will [U]decrease the amount of unbound androgens in your blood[/U]. Thus, Estrogen or a Hormonal Balancing Diet will act as anti-androgens. If you are doing this the dietary route, you won't experience a loss in sex drive. However, if you are relying on certain medications, like Estrogen, this can definately alter a man's sex drive because you aren't producing as much testosterone overall [U]plus[/U] there will be more estrogens in your system than usual, and estrogen is not the sex-drive hormone. ;-)

[B]DHT-Inhibitor[/B] - Now DHT is the super potent form of Testosterone. This is the Big guy and it's what's involved in androgenic alopecia (topical hair loss), hirsutism (excess body & facial hair), and of course acne. It has some positive things too, but if you are producing too much of this, especially in men, you are already on the road to Prostate Problems (men please don't fear this, handle it early on). This must be converted from Testosterone and requires a Type I or Type II enzyme to do this. The goal of a DHT inhibitor is to either [u]BLOCK DHT's effects [/u] on your sebaceous glands or to [U]STOP the conversion of DHT[/U] by inhibiting the neccessary enzyme(s). So a DHT inhibitor will be Spironolactone, Flutamide, Avodart, etc. These do not seriously castrate you, these are not permanent. As soon as you stop, your body will take all of that DHT or Testosterone that you've been [U]continuously [/U] producing and allow it to do it's job!!! So males that are past puberty, early 20s seems like a good period, should be able to safely take DHT-Inhibitors without any worry of stunting your growth.

Here's another little FYI about DHT-Inhibitors. Wether they are prescriptions or herbal supplements, they have a built in mechanism for balancing out your hormones. It seems that even though they are preventing your body's ability to utilize or produce DHT, they are also preventing your body from producing too much estrogen. DHT Inhibitors, prevent your body from naturally aromatizing (converting) Testosterone into Estrogen. So while you are blocking the bad effects of DHT, you are still producing Testosterone and should still have a naturally higher ratio of male hormones vs. female hormones. This is actually a good thing especially if you are prone to cancer, since estrogen feeds the growth of some forms!

If interested in Herbal* DHT Inhibitors the top ones are:
[B]Beta Sitosterol[/B] - Active ingredient in the below herbs. It's 3,000x more potent than Saw Palmetto (stronger than Avodart?)

[B]Saw Palmetto[/B] (Permixon)- equally as effective as Proscar / Finesteride. Some find that it's a good alternative to Spironolactone as well.

[B]Stinging Nettle[/B]

[B]Pygeum Africanum[/B]

* These will also decrease cholesterol levels which is great because our bodies use cholesterol to make these sometimes highly pesky steriod hormones!

HTH =)

P.S. I absolutely don't condone taking things without a prescription. If you are going to do this PLEASE make sure you get a [B]CBC[/B], [B]CMP[/B] and at least a [B]Liver Panel [/B] done every 3 - 4 months. If you find yourself feeling tired, you are taking too much. Of course there's always the natural alternatives that usually have less side effects associated with them.

joeh 04-08-2004 11:59 PM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
right on sweet jade.....i couldnt have said it better myself.i gotta go get my blood test next week.its been 18 months and my face is still 100 % clear and im eating a ot of fruits and vegtables.i called this dr rullans office in chula vista about exoderm and they said i had to go out for a consultation then get a physical from my doctor and send it to them then fly back out and get treated over 9 days and i have to have someone present at all times whereever i go until i go home.they didnt make things this is kinda on hold for are you doing by the way....sweet jade did you get a boyfriend yet?are you running for president yet.i would vote for you before i voted for bush or kerry.anyways you always right on the money when it comes to explaining about this.i wish everyone would read your posts and maybe they would have clear skin.i kinda think if you go on the diet plan with the drugs then when you get used to sticking on the diet plan you can slowly taper off the drugs and your skin hopefully will stay clear.i slip now and then so i kinda wanna stick on the spiro for now.even though i dont have much of a desire for sex i still love girls.i have to work with a bunch of them and sometimes they get on my nerve but they are really pretty cool!see ya!

Grimey 04-11-2004 11:21 AM

Re: Topical Spiro/Male Spiro Usage
I'm on my 12th day using 100mg of spiro and I'm significantly clearing up everywhere except my chin & forehead. Im getting TONS (to many to count) of tiny whiteheads and tiny zits all over my forehead. I'm also getting the same types of pimples on my chin but to a lesser extent. I'll probably have to add a topical to help combat these breakouts.

Spiro has eliminated all those painful pimples on my neck and scalp. My back is also clearing up nicely. I really haven't had any new pimple anywhere in about 4 days except for the ones I mention on my forehead & chin.... My skin is no longer oily and feels soft and smooth. My hair feels almost like silk and isn't greasy anymore. I also no longer have dandruff.

As for side effects the only ones I notice so far is a decrease in sexual interest, thirst and a increase in passing urine. I plan to be on spiro for only 6 months, hopefully by then my face will be 100% clear, so I can have some type of laser scar treatment done. I'm not really worried about growing boobs as this is a long term (approx. 1 year) side effect and is also a reversible side effect. But if I notice any boob growth at all, I will quit spiro immediately and give accutane another shot.


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