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sun78 03-15-2003 05:31 AM

I've had backacne for over 10 years now. I'm 25 and it's still not going away. I've never had acne problems on my face, so I was just grateful that it was on my back n not my face and figured it would go away with time/age. But now, I'm sick of it. I feel self-conscious about wearing tops that show my back. I've tried stridex pads and some topical creams but they don't help, just dry out my skin. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of trying accutane. I wonder if there are any differences in treating backacne from facial acne.

Testament 03-15-2003 03:36 PM

Well, I also have back/chest/shoulder acne and I really hate it. I have been using tee tree oil for about a week and I have seen improvement. I've also been using a Cedar Oil facial peel product on my back and chest and it clears all the dead cells away very nicely. My skin feels much smoother after I use it.

Last summer I was in a normal beater shirt and my girlfriend's friend said something like "Wow John, you have a lot of mosquito bites on your back." Of course it was embarrassing but Im guessing she never knew you could get acne on your back. Im hoping this summer it'll be at a level where im comfortable going to the beack without my shirt on.

Best of luck... you are certainly not alone!

Im also using a tee Tree Oil Face wash now by Thursday plantation.

Also, people have said using head and shoulders shampoo as helped them clear their body acne.

Good luck!

lifehouse 03-15-2003 04:05 PM

A Benzoyl Peroxide wash (prescribed by derm) and Clinac (also BP) cream cleared mine. But it ruined my towels, clothes and sheets! Always shower right after working out, wear a clean shirt to bed etc. helps too.

camden 03-24-2003 08:06 PM

Neutrogena makes a kick ***, acne body wash. Cleared up all none facial acne in no time!

yfs 03-24-2003 09:07 PM

i used the natures cure thing. you have a pill and spray, for me it kind of worked. I still got occasional break outs. Right now i am on accutane, for moderate acne on face and back.

Brittany 03-24-2003 11:15 PM

Yeah I have the same thing. I just use Head & Shoulders and my acne is going away. I heard about H&S from many people that it helped.

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