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joeh 07-18-2004 05:34 PM

my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
its been almost 22 months since i started on 100 mgs of spironolatone and premerin 2.5 a skin is perfect but i still have scarring.i dont have any sex drive but again its better than suffering from severe acne....or trying to control severe acne with topicals.yea i have slight boobs but what the h*ll..most guys do anyways and woman are starting to notice i can probably get girls but cant have sex.its still better than suffering with acne.least i feel a lot better about the way i look. :D

Kikki 07-18-2004 09:42 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
I have read your posts and have followed with interest. I am so glad that you have found the solution to your acne. Spiro was actually recommended to me by my ENT (also a good friend) - apparently his wife and I had very similar histories and she had been on spiro for several weeks with good success. Well, I have been on it for 3-4 weeks (up to 200mg - doc said this was fine until I achieved the results I wanted and then we could back off to a lower dose) and have seen a decrease in my oiliness, a decrease in the acne on my face (though by all means, not perfect), and a slight decrease on the acne on my back. Hopefully with continued use I can too be clear! So your story and info has been very incouraging.

I don't know why I have gone in to all of this, but to the point now. I know that females do not experience near the sexual side effects as men do (or at least the wopping 3 women I know on it ~ fortunately for our boyfriends/hubbys) and was just curious about the exact arousal problems men on spiro experience. I can understand the decrease in general horiness, but what about being stimulated during foreplay? When you say you "can't have sex" do you mean you have absolutely no desire to (a pardox I just cannot fathom - Every guy I ever meet has ONE thing on his mind; it might be refreshing for a change :rolleyes: ) or you really "can't"? I know this is extremely personal, but I have been really interested in this. I ask because a male friend of mine was asking me about what I was on for my skin and I told him, including the male side effects, and he asked me, but I said I wasn't exactly sure.

Thanks in advance!

joeh 07-18-2004 11:07 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
well since spiro is an anti-androgen.....androgen aka testosterone aka human sex being surpressed i cant be sexually aroused even if say britney spears was a foot away from me in a sexy outfit.hey but i can still love a girl i just cant do sexual things.guys think of sex more than woman because they produce more woman their testosterone level rises before their period and thats when they feel sexiest.if they produce too much testosterone or their sebasious glands are sensative to testosterone they breakout.ok estrogen is why woman have better,softer skin than men because they produce a lot more of it.estrogen also can work as an anti-androgen but you would need a lot unless you use an anti-androgen with it.woman lose the ability to produce estrogen when they get older so they go on HRT to regain better looking skin ect.but the drawbacks of HRT is the possibiltity of getting blood clots,cancer ect.i dont drink or smoke or take illegal drugs so im am doing really good on this combination.i may not be super in the bed but least i have gained some measure of feeling good about myself.if i was a derm i would have reservations about prescribing this to any male under 30 unless i had papers from a psyciatrist saying this was causing the acne sufferer major mental damage.really under 20 would be real hard to prescribe to a male cause the body is still growing and spiro would stunt the body from maturing and hopefully outgrowing acne.the male patient with acne.....and i mean severe with everything else tried including accutane....must be well informed of all possible risks before going on could have actually benifited bill clinton lol.i cant see a better drug to give sex offenders that cant control their would be a good deturent to any one thinking of commiting a sex crime.its not cruel i cant see why our govt doesnt use it.back to the main subject is that spiro with or without estrogen can work wonders on both males and females but males will notice the drop in their sex drive more because they produce more testosterone and it also might take more to surpress their hormones.take care.

SweetJade1 07-18-2004 11:14 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
Let's not forget that Joeh is also taking estrogen, and that may cool your drive too. I've asked other men on this board and they haven't commented on lacking in that respect, but we must remember that they aren't taking estrogen nor doses of Spiro as high as Joeh is. Unfortunately we are all so different in how we respond to it. As a female maybe 300mg of Spiro would have cleared me, but 200mg plus other medication combos or dietary changes did not. However I've had the best luck with dietary changes and spiro for certain things. As for the drive it did affect me slightly too, but not to the point where I didn't have desire. I just wasn't a horny teenager anymore, LOL.

So Joeh, we need for you to do us all a big favor and hook up with some women for us. We need to know if you need some special herbs on the side or if all you need is that physical contact or emotional bond with a woman. Can ya do that for us? That way we can know if maybe it's all a matter of actually having a REASON for it or if you just "can't". Thanks ;-)

SweetJade1 07-18-2004 11:17 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
LOL, I missed that post. Wow I never thought of doing that to "offenders". I really wonder if it's the estrogen that has supressed you so much. Well try dating and see how you feel about it all. Or have you tried any of those herbs?

tweedy 07-19-2004 03:33 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
Do you know where Premarin comes from? If you don't, it comes from pregnant horses ([B]PRE[/B]gnant [B]MAR[/B]e ur[B]IN[/B]e) who spend most of thier lives pregnant and confined and on strict diets. The babies born from this life are most often slaughtered for meat in foriegn countries. It is a horrible way to make a drug and I personally don't understand why anyone would exploit a helpless animal for cosmetic reasons. I am sure that there are many other alternatives (herbal supplements) to this hormone treatment. I would recommend asking your doctor about alternatives. I am glad to hear that you have found a program that works for you, but hope that maybe you will consider an alternative to Premarin.

Kikki 07-19-2004 06:23 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
I do have to agree with Tweedy on this one... Premarin is derived from pregnant mare urine and the mares and their foals are treated poorly. I normally will not jump on a lot of these issues, especially if I do not have first hand experience, but I do have first hand experience with this. I worked with a rescue group who tried to save some of these mares. They go through horrible depression and mental stress when their foals are taken from them immediately. I have also worked with a group lobbying to get the horse declared as a companion animal so it can no longer be treated in such a mannor. Horses are quite intellegent and active herd animals that need to live in better conditions and have fulfilling lives. The horses actually go crazy under these conditions. Additionally, they are not sanitary! I don't like to berate someone taking premarin, but there are alternatives that I think should be investigated and the premarin a last resort. Sorry to get on my soapbox, but I could not pass this one up.

joeh 07-19-2004 10:16 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
well tweedy guess what?dont take it then.i know premerin is extracted from pregnant mare urine and if you go back on my posts i have mentioned where it comes from.guess what?provera is even worse.....but people still take that drug.well if you eat fruit and vegtables you are killing a living thing to eat do you know they cant feel pain when they are being picked.and chickens are slaughtered by the millions and fried up but not a lot of people complain about that.i think prem has a of of side effects but it works great for me.scientist use mice all the time in testing drugs and not a lot is said about that.

Karl2 07-20-2004 01:39 AM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
Joeh, thanks for the update - glad to hear things are going well for you, buddy. To all those who are interested: spiro does curb one's desires. I was on only 25 mgs (10 weeks), and noted a significant difference. You still look at an attractive girl when she walks past (conditioning/habit), but, as far as the actual act of sex itself - well, it's a matter of, I could take it, or leave it, if it presented itself. I imagine most men are not like that.

Karl2 07-20-2004 01:43 AM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
"well if you eat fruit and vegtables you are killing a living thing to eat do you know they cant feel pain when they are being picked."

Good point.

joeh 07-20-2004 10:10 AM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
thats how i feel too on spiro.....karl.i still like girls but the sexual attraction is not there.i guess its the price you pay to have clear skin.this is like the last resort even after accutane.i am eating much better but i just dont think that will do it alone.sweet jade i will try to hook up with a human resourse at work wants me to go to another psyciatrist when i told here how acne and the scarring has caused social phobia.i did drop a lot in the weight loss i went from 178 lbs to 142 lbs but i still look pretty good but a little on the skinny side.also i have mentioned in my prior post that premerin is a dangerous drug with plenty of side effects.and yes they could treat the horses better when extracting this from them.well gotta go!

mman 07-20-2004 06:42 PM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update

grape_of 08-05-2004 01:24 AM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
Spiro is the drug that transsexuals take, this can explain why you have no sex desire Howether i think it's reversable I don't believe also premarine is good to take either you're male or female, but everyone is different so..

joeh 08-05-2004 09:24 AM

Re: my 22 month on spiro and prem......update
yes no kidding spiro is a drug transexuals take so is premerin but in greater amounts than what im not recommending guys with acne to go out and getting rx's for these.but for me nothing has ever worked better for my skin.i suffered many years with severe acne and think my life just might have been better without testosterone.if i would have changed my sex early on then i would have not had these nightmares with my skin and my life at least would have been a little better than this.i have no interest in guys at all.i am researching hrt and the effects this has on young m to f transexuals and have been at meetings where all the younger ones in their teens seem to have perfect skin.and there is a great number of older ones that have scars from acne.spiro alone will not give you feminizing features...well maybe you might develope small breast.and yes this does destroy your sex drive and it makes me wonder why transexuals would change sex for sex!i have been on this for almost 2 years and no i dont look like a girl.if a guy feels like hes at the''im going to kill myself stage'' with acne and has tried everything else and has failed maybe spiro can be an option.i said i would rather have a social life than a sexual one.with acne i had neither.and yes premerin isnt the greatest form of estrogen but im sticking to it because my skin has been doing so good.and yes i have heard reports that it is extracted cruely from pregneat mare's.

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