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Lynn37 07-27-2004 06:14 PM

Has anyone tried ortho evra?
I was just at a website that showed comparisons of contraceptives and their respective androgenic activity and the Ortho Evra patch looks like it might be a good one to try. Yasmin seems like the best possibilty if your main issues are acne and weight gain, while Ortho Evra supposedly would be good for acne, weight gain AND depression/moodiness. Anyway, I'm supposed to start Ortho Tricyclen, but I've been hesitant due to the myriad of negative experiences people on this board have had with it. SO, what about the patch? Anyone? (To find this site yourself: do a google search and type in "which oral contraceptive is best for acne." This site should come up first.)

Lynn37 07-27-2004 06:23 PM

Re: Has anyone tried ortho evra?
Well, I just did a search on this board re: ortho evra (should have done it before posting, sorry). Feedback seems to be mixed. Yasmin seems to be the bext choice, except for helping depression/irritibility. I think I'll ask my OB to change my Rx to Yasmin.

KarynLR 07-27-2004 07:11 PM

Re: Has anyone tried ortho evra?
I used the patch for a few months, and I would have continued using it, but I suffered from breakthrough bleeding that my gyn thought would be better controlled with Yasmin. The difference between OTC and OE is that OTC is a triphasic pill; OE is monophasic. Triphasic means that there are 3 different types of active pills, and these pills more closely mimic your natural hormonal cycle. Monophasic means that you are getting the same dose throughout the 3 weeks of active pills. You are exposed to more hormones this way, but OE is a relatively low hormone birth control, and if you do have side effects like breakthrough bleeding, you may need more hormone, or the same dose every day, which can be found in a monophasic pill like Yasmin, which I'm currently taking.

A lot depends on how well you are following the user instructions on the patch. Studies show that in women over 198 pounds, OE is slightly less effective. If there is a wrinkle in the patch, or a peeled corner, you may not get all the benefits. You also can't absorb more than the amount of drug in the patch, but depending, your body can absorb the hormones at different levels. Does the patch stick for 7 days? Yes, but it does have a bit of wear. I liked not having to take a pill every day, but it's not an inconvenience. I've been happy with OTC and OE, and I do like Yasmin. I'm still trying to find the perfect one, and I'm sure we'll discuss that at my yearly in August...

Also, I'm not a big believer that birth control is an acne miracle. It only helps 50% of cases. Pick a birth control that is best for you gynecologically, not dermatologically.


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