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  • advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

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    Old 08-21-2004, 08:31 PM   #1
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    advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

    Since i'm trying to cut down on red meat, any advice on what to eat to get the protein i need

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    Old 08-21-2004, 08:59 PM   #2
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    Re: advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

    fish, chicken, beans, eggs, tofu, milk....the list goes on and on.

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    Re: advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

    Isn't milk suppose to be avoided though and a few of those other things on that list? other than that is there a certain type of beans i should try ?

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    Re: advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

    Let me just start off by saying that I've been vegan for almost 2 years now, vegetarian for about 5, and I've had no problem with obtaining the proper amount of protein (you don't even NEED a lot to begin with!) by consuming RAW vegetables, soy milk/soy products (such as meatless meats), fruit, seeds, etc.

    I'm going to quote a few things off a website (do a search for "Hallelujah Acres" on the internet and you'll find their hacres website).

    "The average American consumes over 100 grams of protein a day, three to five times as much as experts now say is necessary. We all know that protein is an essential nutrient, but what most of us have not been told is that excessive amounts of indigestible protein can be hazardous to our health...Cooked meat is not a good source of protein. The reason cooked meat is not a good source of protein for humans is both because it is cooked and because it is meat. Actually, cooked meat is not a good source of protein for any animal (as laboratory tests have shown).

    And meat in any form is not good for humans. As noted by the Diamonds in Living Health, we do not have a digestive system designed to assimilate protein from flesh: We do not have the teeth of a carnivore nor the saliva. Our alkaline saliva is designed to digest complex carbohydrates from plant food, whereas saliva of a carnivore is so acidic that it can actually dissolve bones. Humans do not have the ability to deal with the cholesterol or uric acid from meat. The digestive tracts of carnivores are short, about three times the length of their torso, allowing quick elimination of decomposing and putrefying flesh. All herbivores have long intestines, 8 to 12 times the length of their torso, to provide a long transit time to digest and extract the nutrients from plant foods.

    And all protein ultimately comes from plants. The question is whether we get this protein directly from plants, or whether we try to get it secondhand from animals who have gotten it from plants.

    ...Eating meat -- or protein in general -- does not give you strength, energy or stamina. One of the easiest ways to dispel the theory that meat is required for strength is to look at the animal kingdom. It is herbivores such as cattle, oxen, horses and elephants that have been known for strength and endurance. What carnivore has ever had the strength or endurance to be used as a beast of burden? The strongest animal on earth, for its size, is the silver-back gorilla, which is three times the size of man, but has 30 times our strength. These gorillas "eat nothing but fruit and bamboo leaves and can turn your car over if they want to," the Diamonds note in Living Health. It would be hard to argue anyone needs meat for strength.

    And protein does not give us energy. Protein is for building cells. Fuel for providing our cells with energy comes from the glucose and carbohydrates of fruits and vegetables.

    As pointed out by John Robbins in Diet for a New America, many studies have shown that protein consumption is no higher during hard work and exercise than during rest. Robbins writes, "True, we need protein to replace enzymes, rebuild blood cells, grow hair, produce antibodies, and to fulfill certain other specific tasks... (But) study after study has found that protein combustion is no higher during exercise than under resting conditions. This is why (vegetarian) Dave Scott can set world records for the triathlon without consuming lots of protein. And why Sixto Linares can swim 4.8 miles, cycle 185 miles, and run 52.4 miles in a single day without meat, dairy products, eggs, or any kind of protein supplement in his diet. The popular idea that we need extra protein if we are working hard turns out to be simply another part of the whole mythology of protein, the 'beef gives us strength' conditioning foisted upon us by those who profit from our meat habit." To demonstrate how well-founded this position is in current scientific knowledge, Robbins quotes the National Academy of Science as saying, "There is little evidence that muscular activity increases the need for protein."

    Protein requires more energy to digest than any other type of food. In our Health, Your Choice, Dr. Ted Morter, Jr. writes: "Protein is a negative energy food. Protein is credited with being an energy-producer. However, energy is used to digest it, and energy is needed to neutralize the excess acid ash it leaves. Protein uses more energy than it generates. It is a negative energy source."

    And from a different article, same site:

    "Often people will say: "Oh, I don't eat red meat any more... I only eat chicken and fish." Somehow the American public has the misconception that chicken and fish are healthy. NOT SO! Chicken has the same amount of cholesterol as beef and is loaded with growth hormones. A chicken that used to take 15 weeks to mature is now ready for market in just six weeks. Sixty percent of all chicken is contaminated with salmonella. Then there are the antibiotics and other drugs. And when we look at fish, we find that in terms of calories consumed, fish has twice the cholesterol of pork or beef; has no fiber (as is the case with all other animal products), which promotes problems connected with lack of fiber, ranging from constipation to colon cancer; not to mention the risks associated with eating contaminated fish from polluted waters. Studies consistently show that when a person switches from a red meat diet to a diet high in chicken and fish, there is no drop in serum cholesterol levels!

    Meat eating and the use of dairy products have not a single redeeming feature! There is no assimilable protein in meat or eggs, and no usable calcium in dairy! Why? Because the heating (cooking) of the protein deranges the molecular structure of the protein, making it unassimilable by the body. The pasteurizing of dairy products changes the organic calcium to an inorganic, unusable form. If we look to nature, there is not a single meat-eating animal in the wild that cooks the flesh it eats, nor is there an animal in the wild that pasteurizes the milk it feeds its young. Nor is there even an animal in the wild that drinks the milk of another animal, or drinks milk after the age of weaning."
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    Re: advice on alternative sources of protein that isn't red meat

    Take Brown Rice Protein by MLO you cam mix it with a juice. Its 15 grams with just 2 teaspoons.

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