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scorpion990 10-30-2004 07:41 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
I personally don't agree. That's just my opinion, and I can't back it up. Some things just can't be.

SweetJade1 10-30-2004 09:41 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
[QUOTE=scorpion990]I personally don't agree. That's just my opinion, and I can't back it up. Some things just can't be.[/QUOTE]

What exactly don't you agree with? ;-)

SweetJade1 10-30-2004 09:44 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
[QUOTE=openseason]You said acne is caused by a genetic hormonal dysfunction affecting sebum production. So my question to you is can diet change your skin color, or the color of your hair ? No it cannot, because the body breaks every food down to simple sugars. Does the acid in Coca Cola, which will rot an iron nail rot your stomach ? No because the natural stomach tissue neutralizes the phosphoric acid of the Coke.[/QUOTE]

LOL, I'm sure you are absolutely brilliant, but for some reason you just don't "get" this. In case you've forgotten, I completely blew you away with my research on another thread, and you've yet to offer up a scientifically backed rebuttel. Once again, if you disagree so strongly PLEASE provide your evidence, clincal studies, etc to support your statements. Thank you.


P.S. Feel free to review exactly what happens to every nutrient once the body breaks it is not all simple sugars.

SweetJade1 10-30-2004 10:07 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
[QUOTE=Blazin mami]so right!!! so what do u do to combat acne?[/QUOTE]

If you are talking to me, and not being sarcastic, I did a lot of different things in hopes of combating acne. I notice that you are a newbie so I hope that means you are open-minded enough to listen to what others on this board say. After all, if you didn't have acne anymore, you probably wouldn't be here. I know that I was never an acne board visitor until a few years ago myself. If I had never visited I wouldn't have found some of the very answers that lead me to where I am today.

I've suffered with acne for 14 years and finally something as simple as certain dietary changes managed to get me 99% clear. People don't want to hear it, and I'm sorry, but I can't change what has worked for myself and others around here just because they don't "like it" or don't "understand". I've nearly exhausted myself trying to come up with simpler ways of breaking it down, but there's always someone that doesn't get it....or flat out refuses to. This is why people leave or probably end up getting banned...due to the intensity that these type of threads can bring to the board =(

People will say that they "won't do it", "don't believe it", or that "there's no connection," but diet threads are very popular threads. Wether people chose to respond or not, just look at how many views these threads get. People are curious...and maybe some of them are a bit hopeful that it could really be that simple. In a sense it really is that simple, after all, the one thing we must do in order to live is eat. We don't need to spend our money on topicals, on supplements, on medications, etc, but we DO need to spend on money on food. So, if food can be our medicine, why not let it be?

I'm not saying that it works 100% for everyone, but from the people that I've talked to, worked with, testimonies, and from the scientific studies, it works more often than not. Of course results vary depending on what people choose to avoid and I think that right there may be the problem. I tried eliminating chocolate candy & soda for 10 years and my skin never cleared. I tried drinking only organic milk for several months and then no milk and my skin never improved. It was only until I eliminated Gluten from my diet that I was able to see a dramatic improvement. After I did that, I was better able to ascertain what other foods affected me too. Candy/sugars somewhat, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Dairy, Trans Fats, etc they were only 4% of my problem, where as Gluten was 95% of my problem, so no wonder I couldn't see the connection sooner. ;-)

I don't know what you believe in, but have you ever noticed how HARD it is for people, the government, others in power, to do the "right" thing? Ever notice how innocent people or those trying to help are booed, shunned, attacked, laughed at, ignored? Yet in the end, how many times were they right? It takes A LOT of "fighting" to get the world to change and anything that has been worth something, end of slavery, women's suffrage, etc. there was a HUGE struggle to get there. People couldn't at first concieve of it and now, most people couldn't imagine it being any other way... this is the same thing.

Personally, I'm open to what ever will cure your acne. I don't have preference for people, although I would like for them to do it as safely & healthily as possible. How many courses of accutane must one go on before they give up? How many times must one go on antibiotics before they realize that antibiotices will never cure them? Yet aside from that, I'm open about so many methods and I offer up whatever knowledge and personal experiences I've had with them. Just because BP, RetinA, and Spironolactone didn't work (enough) for me doesn't mean I'm going to go and attack every poster that raves about how these things cleared them. That's silly, why would I go against something that's obviously working for people and that has scientific studies to back it up, yet that's what some members enjoy doing when it comes to the use of appropriate dietary changes. They completely ignore our doctors' advice, our education (nutritionists, biologists, medical students, etc), testimonies, explanations, recent scientific studies and continue to live in a "world" that I don't come close to understanding, and... I wish that they would just stop and [B]respect[/B] what has worked for us, just as I respect what is working for others.

OutToLunch 01-26-2006 09:22 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
[QUOTE=Andrew29]There has been a lot of posts lately regarding food and acne. And the majority of the people here DO believe that there is some connection between food and acne. However, there are a few people here who still want to believe the dermatologist's word that food does not cause acne. This is my thought..

The medical industry is a business. We are not a dermatologist's patients. We are the derm's consumers. They make money by seeing patients and prescribing medications. If derm's were to tell their acne patients to avoid all the foods that we discuss here on this forum, they would lose potential consumers. Some people's acne would improve because of their new diet while others would remain the same. Those whose acne has improved may improve to the point that they no longer see a dermatolgist anymore which = LOST $ for the derm. So why would they tell us? The majority of people believe anything a doctor would say because they are simply a doctor. By not telling us the real connection between food & acne, we continue to eat all this crap, believing there is no effect when there is. And this is how they keep their consumers.

Why do you think there is no cure for acne? Because they just haven't come up with it. Hm..possible, but my guess is because they don't want to. Acne is purely cosmetic; it's not life-threatening. And besides, acne products are a huge market for $. If there was a cure, what do you think would happen to that market?

Now some of you may disagree with me. That's perfectly fine, but this post is merely an attempt to open the eyes of those people who want to believe dermatologists.... the same dermatologists who have yet to really help a lot us.

P.S. - Also, to those who say, food doesn't cause acne because "my friend eats nothing but crap and has perfect skin". The reason for that is because he is not PRONE to get acne. Think of this example. Two people (1 with light skin and 1 with dark skin) sit out in the sun for a while. Which one will most likely burn first? It's the same principle. People who are PRONE to get acne, or to burn, or to gain weight (slow metabolism), or to have heart problems (family history) will react differently to those who aren't prone. It's common sense, and I still can't believe people can't see this fact.[/QUOTE]

I agree 100%. I have a relative who's a doctor and he tells me that if people just ate right, exercised, didn't smoke, didn't drink too much, and got plenty of rest, people like him would be out of a job. And I firmly believe this to be true. Medicine is big business and when you're a doctor and you have powerful drug companies courting you and paying you to push their products onto your patients, it's pretty hard to resist. The amount of money that can be made is ridiculous. And as for acne, everyone knows that acne is the product of the western diet. Go to the other parts of the world where people don't get acne and ask why that is. Could it be because they eat better than we do?

missyou009 01-27-2006 10:10 AM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
I don't believe the food/acne connection.

I am VERY prone to acne,and I have struggled with it since I was 10 (5 years).I certainly eat a lot of chocolate,greasy things,and other things high in fat...And it doesn't affect my face one bit!

Baby_hands 01-27-2006 07:51 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
:bouncing: You are so right.

I am living proof that it is right!

Thats how I fixed my acne.

Instead of visiting the dermo...visit the Nautropath. They look IN your body. They can tell you if your not getting enough vitamins etc etc etc.

I have posted my diet on here, and I am gonna keep pushin it! lol

The man who made the diet suffered from...horrific acne. And now he has no acne and no scars. He is a nautropath. They are the real "skin doctors"

Chuck all those chemicals and pills away, they do more harm than good. And if they work at first...give it some time and they'll haunt you.

A healthy person has healthy skin.

Trust me...if it was as easy as just buying some magic pills and lotions..that'd be awesome. But, we cannot remain unrealistic.

Hooray! lol.

indy_gal 01-27-2006 08:01 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
I am one of those people that refused to believe it at first because of what all my doctors told me my entire life, then I was sceptical but curious, then I got so darn desperate that I actually tried it (eating right), and I ended up discovering that it really is true. Of course, that didn't happen until I was 27 and had already gone through many years of prescription meds and topical meds that only worked as long as I was on them.

The problem is, I cannot eat clean enough to keep my skin 100 % clear all the time. So I eat relatively healthy, which helps my skin, but at least I know that I could have clear skin if I really wanted to. Unfortunately, that chocolate bar is worth a few days of bad skin to me every now and then.

So, I know how the sceptics feel because I've been there. But, now I know that it is true (the diet/acne connection) because I tried it and proved to myself that diet really works.

Sadly, I have lost a lot of faith in doctors. I have problems now that I wonder if I would still have if I hadn't taken accutane 10 years ago. Of course, doctors can't make money telling you to eat healthy. They make money by prescribing accutane, which requieres you go back to get constant blood tests, which makes them money. And then when you stop taking accutane and your acne returns (which in many cases it does), you go back to them and they keep making money.

This is just my opinion. Granted, at 28 I have experienced things that have made me come to have these beliefs. At 15 or 16 years of age I probably wouldn't have believed any of this either.

OutToLunch 01-27-2006 08:55 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
It's funny how so many dermatologists just think of the skin as a container for your skeleton, muscles, organs, etc. But the skin isn't just a container. What happens to your skin is a reflection of what's going on inside of you. So it makes perfect sense that what you put in your body everyday is going to impact what happens to it. If food can make you fat or give you heart disease, why can't it give you acne? Part of the reason there's no conclusive proof that certain foods cause acne is because there haven't been any real controlled studies. And it's pretty clear why. If someone came along and proved that diet is the cause of acne, the field of dermatology would come crashing down. An established dermatologist makes up to $300,000 a year and drug companies make lots more off of acne drugs. Why would any of them support a study that threatens their livelihood.

openseason 01-28-2006 10:27 AM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
I would have to agree its diet. So if you have acne, you have to cut out the food additives first such as high fructose corn syrup.

OutToLunch 01-28-2006 03:44 PM

Re: Food & acne (why dermatologists don't tell the truth)
I would go farther. If you want healthy skin, eat healthy foods and eliminate anything processed.

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