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babyG 01-24-2003 08:41 PM

Initial breakout on Spiro
I'm having an initial breakout on Spiro. Been on it for twelve days and have been breaking out for a week. I was on 200mg, but have decided to lower it to 150mg (starting today). From your experience, do you think I should continue on it? It hasn't given me much side effects other than the breakout and constant spotting (blood on underwear).

Thanks for reading! More thanks if you reply. =)

laur 01-25-2003 07:52 AM

Not really sure about the spotting, but I did take this with much success about 10 years ago and I did have some breakthrough bleeding in the beginning. It messed up my periods a little too, but my skin was Crystal clear!! To me that was worth it.
I went back on it this year and it didn't help as much, however, I have lupus and take other medicines that make me skin dry, so with this added diuretic, I was breaking out because of the awful dry skin. My oil glands started to over compensate I guess.
I did have an initial break out with the spiro about 10 days into starting it at 100 mg. I don't remember having that 10 years ago, but I guess I really don't remember that far back. I would say stay on the med unless the bleeding gets bad of course, but probably your breasts will get tender soon and you may break out more yet, but then when things in your body adjust, the breakouts should lessen. This was my miracle pill for along time.....I still take 50mg a day, concurrently with yasmin and a maintenance dose of accutane 3 times perweek.
I would say the higher the dose of spiro, the quicker the initial breakout would happen, as well as some of the other side effects.....but call your dr just to be sure. They never want to tell you that there may be an inital breakout.....but when you tell tham you're having one, they suddenly agree that its from the med, lol!!

Good Luck

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