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Healthy.J 02-10-2005 12:07 PM

Panoxyl 5%+Jojoba Oil+Olive leaf+Green tea!
What up, everybody? I've been gone for a while, because sometimes being on this board to much can waste time. I just wanted to say that for a few weeks I have been consistently using Panoxyl 5% with Jojoba oil as a moisturizer and it is working well. Jojoba oil is the only moisturizer I have ever used that does not seem to break me out or make acne worse. It even has started evening out my complexion. I got sick this week and started using Olive leaf extract supplements and Green tea supplements and even drinking decaffeinated green tea. I don't know if the olive leaf and green tea has something to do with it, but my skin is starting to really improve! Even if the olive leaf and green tea has nothing to do with it (which I doubt) I will keep using it because I am using it first and foremost for overall health (anti-oxidants aid your health like you wont believe). Olive leaf is good for digestion, the heart, cancer prevention, etc, and so is green tea. I only have one pimple which occured a day that I ate some salt filled soup, so I'm going to really watch my salt intake. If you want to try it and see if you get good results, I say why not, because it just may work. It can't hurt I guess. I also think/hope my androgen increase is slowing down now that I am about to turn 20, in a few months, and my acne is hormone related. Even if my hormone problem is ending, I am still going to use the Panoxyl for a long time, and I am using the Jojoba oil, green tea, & olive leaf, for the rest of my life!

sienna77 08-20-2005 02:32 AM

Re: Panoxyl 5%+Jojoba Oil+Olive leaf+Green tea!
what olive leaf do you use? i mean what brand and where do you get it? i think the olive leaf extract help you with acne, im also using jojoba oil and drinking green tea too and Now im thinking using olive leaf also...

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