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TKK3 05-29-2005 11:14 PM

The Facts about Adult Acne (long post)
So here is what I have found over the years. Adult acne is caused by several factors. I think the most important factor is overactive sebaceous glands or a body's inability to distribute the oil from the glands out to the skin properly. The second factor that may be just as important is bacteria. I don't know why my body is not able to process the oil in my pores correctly, maybe it is genetics. To combat this, I use Retin-A, which works to shed the skin and open the pores. This doesn't always work. It has worked in the past, but not lately, at least not as much as I would want. The other problem is tricky. A person could go on antibiotics to destroy all the bacteria in a body, but not without serious side effects which includes becoming resistant to the antibiotic and having your acne come back worse or having yeast infections, etc. The other option is topicals which include BP, Clindamycin, salycitic acid (which actually helps to shed the skin, not kill bacteria), etc. For some, BP works but I find it works better with clindamycin topical gel and also in lower doses (2.5% or 5% rather than 10%). Sometimes your skin becomes resistant to BP after years of use. For a while, I used Hydrogen Peroxide alone and was clear for a whole year before I became resistant to it. ANYWAY....apparently, the way around all this confusion is to work from the inside out. You can use Spiro, which is a synthetic steroid that works by blocking the androgens that produce oil in your sebaceous glands,or something like that. It, of course, comes with side effects, that may include irregular periods, strange hair growth and a deepening of the voice. Or use Accutane that does the same thing or something like it and comes with it's own list of side effects including psychosis and hair loss However, if it works as it does for many, the side effects of having acne go away. Those might include embarrassment, not being able to wear short sleeved shirts or backless dresses or sexy outfits, depression, etc. Anyway, that's how I see it. I am personally thinking of trying Spiro. Any other thoughts about adult acne?

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