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Iwillhelpyou 09-13-2005 06:29 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
What daft has mentioned is straight on,everything he mentioned was exactly on target,

His cure is very similar to mine other then I like to eat high carb foods but exercise it off,

Low carb diet basically means eating only low glycemic load rated food.

So a Low glycemic list of foods are your (allowed to eat)

His insulin explanation was good too, food effects insulin.

One note: He mentioned about people eating "healthy fruits and vegetables" still having acne,
Well thats easy, fruits aren't low glycemic , they are very high carbs , they cause insulin spikes.

Eating fruits aren't healthy without extreme moderation.

omega47 09-13-2005 08:49 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
this makes sense but there are alot foods with high glycemic index if not all. So ur saying avoid foods like white bread and potatoes (chips, mashed,etc). I have a question. What if you still eat high glycemic food and exercise (sweat prefusely) few times a week. Some of us are skinny and have acne like myself. I do not want to loose weight.

DAFT 09-13-2005 09:28 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
First off I wont be sticking around the only reason I posted was because I felt a responsibility to help people, if you can help someone and choose not too then your a bit of a b0llocks really. I wont be preaching this or trying to cram it down you neck, either believe it or donít I couldn't give two toms t1ts.

Ill just answer a few questions then I would like to add something else.

[B]soupyhead[/B]: The categorising of foods in three groups (fat/carbs/protein) has lead a lot of people to believe fat is fat and carbs are carbs, this is not true. Is omega-3 the same as the fat on your bacon? nope. Ask a bodybuilder is whey protein the same as egg protein? nope, just in the same way, the carbohydrate in potatoes is different to the carbohydrate is oats. Many things affect the make-up of the carbs you eat such as the meals fat content, protein content, the amount of bran etc. processed flours have little to no bran/fat/other ingredients and are therefore turned into glucose very quickly.

As for cheerios (i'm assuming you mean normal not the honey ones) they are 75% whole grains which is good but they are also 25% sugars, syrups and some processed flour. bad - now as i said before the diet is individual so whether cheerios would be bad for you is for you to find out, eat low glycemic foods STRICTLY for two weeks (i apologise if some moderately-glycemic foods made it into the diet I posted I will scratch cheerios, museli and add peanuts) then slowly add in moderately glycemic foods to find out how much you can tolerate. see tollerance levels.

[B]ksaguy[/B] i have no idea what you just said


I apologise if my tone offends you, swearing is not considered offensive and just how people talk where I come from. I also apologise if some moderately-glycemic foods made it into the diet I posted I will scratch cheerios, museli and add peanuts.

[B]Iwillhelpyou[/B] - thanks for your positive response I too like to eat carbs but find it difficult to find the low glycemic ones. Did you know brown rice take approximately 37 weeks to cook. :)

I disagree with you on the fruit tho aside from bananas fruit generally have a low-glycemic load rating for two reasons one they are made from fructose not sucrose and the other they consist mainly of water, A watermelon is very high-glycemic but consists mainly of water and therefore will not affect glucose levels massively. In the same way having a tiny pinch of sugar wont. I concede if you wanted to be ultra strict then eating nothing but broccoli and carrots all day would be fantastic for your acne but it would be very unhealthy and absolutely not recommended.

[B]Omega47[/B] I too have been skinny in the past and on this diet its difficult to bulk, yes burning off carbs will help but then you wont put on any weight. one way is to brave it out eat plenty off carbs mainly pasta, meat whey protein and build yourself up then hit the low-glycemic diet, then you will be both big and spot free. I have done this recently i mangaged to put on two stone in four months (loads of spots) but now i maintain weight with lowglycemic foods and have no spots (isn't it great when you control acne and acne doesn't control you) Did you know to put on muscle you MUST eat loads of carbs and typically high-glycemic foods and to lose fat which you will also put on with the muscle you need to eat low-glycemic foods, you can easily maintain weight through oats, brown rice (posiblly whole wheat pasta-unsure) and maybe even put on some on a low-glycemic diet but ive yet to try this. Excercise is fantastic for acne if done right, do low level excercise for the maximum ammount of time, but unfortunately its bad for putting on weight.

[B]Tolerance Levels[/B]
Now this part I am assuming, I have NO scientific basis for the following claim its speculation and just how I see it.

Everyone's genes determines their tolerance to high-glycemic foods,

High Glycemic Food
__________________ = Acne

Tolerance level

So for example a person with large amount of tolerance 100% can eat 100% high-glycemic foods and never get acne but if you have zero tolerance and eat 100% high-glycemic foods then you will have very severe acne, also this explains why some people get benefit from giving up pop and choc and other donít. E.g.

Assuming 0 = no spots and 15+ cystic acne.

Diet before giving up choc and pop:

100% Glycemic food
__________________ = 10-20 Acne

5-10% tolerance

Diet after giving up choc and pop

80% Glycemic food
__________________ = 8-16 Acne

5-10% tolerance

You see people with lower tolerance need to be stricter. The more you reduce the bad
foods the better it will get until are below your own personal tolerance level and have no acne. This could be anywhere from 0% tolerance too 70% tolerance (if you had above 70%+ I assume you wouldn't be on here.)

82rubber 09-13-2005 10:08 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
On that first page you posted, it claims white bread has a GL of only 10. I thought White bread was supposed to be one of the worst, yet the GL is extremely low?

omega47 09-13-2005 12:42 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Thanx for the response daft. I have few more questions. I've noticed that i brake out really bad when i drink milk (any kind) or any dairy products. Do you know anything about dairy products and their GL indexes?

Also, Would working out (liftin weights) be a good exercise concerning sweating (cleaning out pores)?

kittenkaboodle6 09-13-2005 01:25 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
So this is all interesting to me, but I have a question. It is stated that high insulin levels greatly contribute to acne. However, cortisol has anti-insulin effects. It is also produced during times of stress. This would make me think that acne would improve if stress were added due to the fact that more cortisol would result in less insulin effects. Most of us know that stress only exacerbates acne. How would this be explained?

kittenkaboodle6 09-13-2005 01:29 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Ok, one more question. If you have low tolerance for this like is suggested, then why does almost everyone "grow out" of acne by 40, and almost always by 50? I thought this would be a genetic intolerance which could never be resolved with getting older...

c0nfused 09-13-2005 01:58 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
thanks for all the info so far and please keep it coming. when exercising and sweating profusely, which is more important? should i workout and try to sweat profusely, or just go to the steam room and start sweating right away?

DAFT 09-13-2005 03:14 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)

skimmed milk has a low Glycemic load however GL is based upon testing humans if you have a dairy intolerance then your body is different to the humans tested (asuming the tested people also dont have milk intolerances) and the reported GL for milk will have no relevance to you. Personally i can drink all the milk i want. you need to test your self.

excercise will do you no harm and a lot of good. bodybuilding typically requires a high-glycemic diet and as such i wouldn't recomend it straight away. to increase mass on this diet you can either eat just above what you need it lowglycemic carbs and slowly grow and bodybuild (you may still get some acne) but i have found this hard on many levels, a better way for me at least is to cut and bulk. what you need to do first is get fit eat a low-glycemic diet thus giving your body a rest from insulin (not nessesarily a low carb diet a low-glycemic diet similar but not same) for say a week and test whether it works for you then if it does keep it going with excercie for a while (2 months+) as the insullin drops (if this is indeed your problem) you will notice all kinds of benefits then when when your diary is clear switch to high glycemic high fat high protein diet and work out like mad (makes sure you read all the guides on bodybuilding *** there its a hell of a lot more to it than lifting a few dumbells)for a couple of months then switch back. basically cut and bulk. also how old are you if you are young then forget all this sh1t as most people grow out of acne this is really for those who dont.

repeat this until your happy with your mass and maintain it on a low glycemic diet.


Your body responds to stress by releasing different hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and insulin. cortisol not only increases insulin but also increases insulin resistance and IGF-1. (all bad).

One reason (i'm sure there are many more) acne reduces or disapears when you get into your 30's is your body stops producing DHT, many bodybuilder's start to take this supplement when they reach there thirties.

[B]confused [/B]

whether sweating helps is not my claim it sounds very reaosnsable considering sweat and sebum are different you dont get acne through sweat (vaguely remember this it may not be true look it up!). however while sweating (may or may not) work on one level excercise works on many (hormonal). im too tired to go into it.

DAFT 09-13-2005 03:29 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
omega47 do you live in the US?
CherryRose do you live in the US?

omega47 09-13-2005 06:43 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
daft, i just turned 20...had acne since 14 mild, moderate, severe. i tried all kind of sh1t, antibiotics, gels, creams, cleansers,proactiv. These products REDUCED acne but NEVER cured it. Acne always came back. And yes, milk definitely makes my acne worse for some reason. And yes, i live in the USA.

omega47 09-13-2005 06:49 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
if i don't grow out of it within 2 years then ill either take accutane or cry my heart out. yup lol.

DAFT 09-13-2005 08:01 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
I think i know why (but this is based solely on one person - you - and therefore quite a flimsy theory)

a) this diet doesn't work for some people and
b) you get acne from dairy and i donít

US farmers increase milk production (25%) by injecting cows with hormones similar to steroids its called rBGH not only does this hormone make the cow produce more milk it makes it produce more IGF-1 (Insulin groth factor) this is transferred to the cows milk, pasteurisation of cows milk increases the already abnormally high (its in all milk in low quantities) IGF-1 even more.

This process is banned in the EU.

This diet will not work for you if you live in the US and eat any milk or milk derivatives.

It would be very interesting to hear people who claim dairy affects them and in which country they live but please only post if you are absolutely sure dairy affects you.

omega47 09-13-2005 08:25 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Yes Daft you are correct. i've heard about injection of hormones in cows milk. Of course, milk is not the cause of my acne because i stopped eating anything dairy about five months ago and still get acne time to time but not as bad as before, I also removed sweets from my diet. Now i have moderate acne but when i drink milk or eat cheese my acne becomes severe. i'm 100% sure dairy makes my acne worse. i wish i lived in a different country because here everything is full of hormones. I can't wait to outgrow my acne. hope it happens. :angel:

DAFT 09-14-2005 04:59 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
i will try my best to answer any questions you ask on this thread. You should absolutely note that i have no qualifications/training/experience in any of the academic fields concerning acne. I cant believe im saying this but you should consult your doctor before taking any of my advice.

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