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DAFT 09-12-2005 01:13 PM

Acne Cure (not a theory)
Even if you already know about diet and acne read this as I bet your "good" diet is slightly wrong. If you donít know about diet and acne or simply donít believe it read this.

High insulin causes acne. Acne sufferers have high insulin because our body is glucose intolerant and therefore reacts to high-glycemic foods by producing masses of insulin for long periods, this isn't some ******** theory its a simple fact. There has got to be thousands of posts on this board saying x can cause it and x will improve it but the fact is these people wouldn't be here if they could cure it. I know diets such as avoiding pasta/bread/sugar etc and the link to insulin has been posted before but they did not state the link to the glycemic-load of foods, most diets typically focus on carb restriction (close but not exactly) or eat only this and that, these are too difficult to follow as many people especially active people need lots of carbís, also people tend not to believe as posters go on about eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and "organic foods" (aren't all foods organic by definition) and donít realise that while fruit and vegetables are good in general (NOT ALL!) its simply the glycemic-load of the food that matters.

Eat a sh1t load of pasta/bread/peanut buttter/choclate and wake up tomorrow with more spots than you can count.

That guy who went to Japan/China and his acne cleared up: low-glycemic diet BINGO.

That guy who has seboherric dermatitis and acne, high-glycemic diet BINGO, does keratinocytes mean anything to you:

That guy who posted a diet on here that people said worked for them I haven't seen it but its low-glycemic (or at least lower than what they were originally eating)

There was a 35 year old with severe acne who posted his diet and I thought **** me I would be severe if I ate like that, it was basically an a-z of high glycemic foods.

A women's insulin rockets during her period.

Kpp05 (or whatever) made a thread about a new theory, its mostly b0llocks but there was one interesting part he said ďI get massively hungry 2hrs after having big meals and I have a very fast metabolism.Ē Insulin is the messenger to the enzymes that break down food and high concentrations also make you very hungry.

Acne is not heard of in places of the world that donít have high-glycemic foods, or sedentary lifestyles.

99% of westerners (not cowboys) eat many foods everyday that are high-glycemic

Aspirin works not as an anti-inflamentry but because it lowers blood pressure which is a smallish part of the problem.

Now some people on here know what foods to avoid to control their acne reasonably well, however still get spots this is more than likely because they donít realise that certain foods that seem good actually aren't, you see its not just processed foods it can be others too such as potatoes (complex carbs, natural, organic, healthy, vegetable and yet one of the highest glycemic foods) and raisins.

[I]Using white bread as the standard, sucrose (table sugar) has a glycemic index of 92. So white bread, with a glycemic index of 100, raises blood glucose slightly faster than table sugar. Baked potatoes may be the biggest surprise, with a glycemic index of 121, which is 29 points higher than table sugar![/I]

Come on hands up who eats potatoes: mash/roast/boiled/baked/raw/chips/crisps

I was in this category I have had clear/clearish skin for years by cutting out foods I knew to be bad (via trial and error over many years) but unfortunately I thought it was just sugary foods/simple carbs and processed foods I never suspected potatoes or raisins or pasta. For the last few months I had been eating these a lot and getting spots. Now you know itís the glycemic-load you donít have to keep that mental list that is subject to flaws you can lookup any food's glycemic-load rating on the Internet.

So how do I get clear skin, simple:
-Eat a low-glycemic diet.
-Exercise least 1hr day
-Drink plenty of water 1-2litres/day

Be strict and your acne should switch off after a couple of days and you wonít get any new spots.

The glycemic-load (not index) can be found on google but be careful it varies and some are very misleading, inacurate or simply wrong it also depends on the individual a good one can be found here


[B]For the doubters[/B]

Pills/antibiotics/chemicals/creams/vitamins/detoxs will not cure you, ask yourself two simple questions how long have you been using the above "treatments" and do you have "acne". Fact is you are treating the symptoms not the cause.

The diet + exercise will cure you full stop. It starts to work after a couple of days there is no initial break it costs very little you can be clear in weeks if you get clear there is no chance of it coming back (as long as you stick to it) and do you really want acutance, B5, acid on you skin? Come on give this a try first acutance can taken 6 months!!! And still come back and these treatments are all based on fighting your body not working with it. Itís the same as eating poison everyday then taking an antidotes, just stop eating the poison.

Donít take my word for it have a test, go to the doctor and demand a glucose intolerance test it can be done via a blood sample or by analysing your breath, alternatively look at the food chart, do you eat any high-glycemic foods? I mean any, its not like oh I only eat a few so its probably not that significant, any at all will make your insulin rocket.

If insulin causes acne its not carbs per say its the glycemic-load.

[B]For the idiots:[/B]
"My friend eats chocolate and pop all day so it can't be diet itís just hormones" this is the same as saying to a diabetic "I don't take insulin injections and Iím just fine" these people are typically called stu and it aint short for stewart.

"I eat nothing but fruit and veg and healthy food for 35 years" either your
a) lying
b) eating what you presume to be healthy but actually isn't
c) a rare case of acne that unfortunately is un-manageable this way (V.Doubtful)

People may avoid this diet because it promoted by vegetarians and vegans and generally associated with low carbohydrate intake and skinny hippy weirdo types, but you can eat plenty of carbs 3000+ as long as they are the right ones, oats/brown rice/whole wheat pasta etc.

Finding a complete cure for acne were you can eat high-glycemic foods would be akin to finding a cure for diabetes and as such you can take all the vitamins, minerals, chinese herbs and immune system regulators you want your not smart enough to cure diabetes nor are you smart enough to cure acne.

I would love it if you just gave it a chance, fully not half-hearted, for two-weeks eat low-glycemic foods exercise and drink water. Be rid of your curse.

I canít be arsed explaining why this works itís all over the Internet, google for insulin and acne.

While I believe this will cure 99% of people I am also smart enough to know that I donít know everything and false hope is a ***** it would be arrogant of me to say this will work for everyone and those it doesnít are simply not doing it right if I have given you false hope I do apologise.

soupyhead 09-12-2005 01:31 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
i'm with you on this one.. it is the cause.

But i dont know crap about High GL food.. iv'e just been eating low carbs.. or is it the same thing?

ksaguy 09-12-2005 01:46 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
what soupy said.

you sure did give alot of information but i am still confused about what to eat and what not to?
i mean should i eat good carbs?

c0nfused 09-12-2005 01:49 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
thanks for the post, im definitely taking it into consideration. can you please clarify what are low-glycemic foods? can you suggest what to specifically eat? ive also been eating low-carb meals, is that the same?

senoflys 09-12-2005 01:49 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
not that i disagree with you on this but I dont' know if it is as black and white as that. Also you said that the guy who goes to japan and his acne clears up? don't they eat a lot of white rice in japan? and according to the glycemic load chart, white rice has a very high glycemic load. Just an observation.

DAFT 09-12-2005 02:10 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
soupyhead: No this is my point, its not carbs per say. Example you eat a low carb diet absolutely nothing but 5 potatos a day eating one at three hour intervals thats 25x5=125g of carbohybrate (nothing like what your body needs approx 600g) but your insulin will spike 5 times. so while limiting carbs will help its only becuase you are in essense limiting high-glycemic foods an alternative is to eat 5 bowls of porridge instead 70x5 = 350g of carbs much more than before and your insulin should behave

i dont recomend eating 5 bowls of poridge a day, but you get the jist.

The main problem with this diet is finding foods that are low-glycemic and have lots of carbs i know oats are great but in order to get enough you'd have to eat ten bowls of porridge a day!!! i'm looking into brownrice and wholewheat pasta.

If people adopt this diet and get good results i think someone should make a sticky with a list of good / bad foods for everyone to refrence.

Senoflys: i admit i noticed this too however the fact is he went there and cleared up, who am i to argue. possible reasons: many people dont have to be 100% strict if 90% of your food is good or you are 100% strict most of the time then one chocolate bar or bowl of rice shouldn't do too much damage the fact is most people eat high-glycemic foods for each and every meal, maybe his diet before he went consisted of conflakes for breakfast, chips for dinner, pasta for tea, and raisins for supper all washed down with a bottle of coke? who knows? If in total it went down then he would see improvement. Also when you go on holiday you rarely sit down and do nothing all day he was proably walikng around seeing the sights, more excercise the better.

smite 09-12-2005 04:22 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
I agree with a lot of what you have to say, but a lot of your post comes off as incredibly pompous. I'm sure you are not the first to come on this board and, for their first post, claim they have the acne cure. GL and acne have been discussed in many threads (including kkpb's post which you reference and easily dismiss as B0llucks) and for all I know it could very well be the answer. So please stick around and keep contributing with your personal knowledge and experience, but I'm sure people will be more receptive if you soften your delivery a bit.

That said, what is your history with acne? How old? How many years you've been dealing with it? What led you to GL diet as the answer? What other remedies have you tried? etc.

CherryroseQT 09-12-2005 04:34 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
LOL, this is SO FUNNY. Although I agree good diet, drinking water and exercise will assist in clearing up your skin. It will not [B]CURE 99%[/B] of peoples Acne.

I have Acne and I was raised by a "hippy" mom and have had a "low glycemic" diet as you mention. (I was raised eating lentil soup, whole grains, and bean burgers). In addition I recently had my blood glucose levels tested and was in the lowest healthiest range. (95) This test is done after you drink some seriously high glycemic orange soda, to judge how well your body metabolizes that juice. So to get a good number, your body needs to produce an adequate amount of insulin, but not "spike" in a diabetic way.

Acne is attributed to Bacteria and Hormone (Androgen) levels because hormone levels cause your skin to produce more Sebum. Sebum serves as food to bacteria. I'm not even going to go into this because I assume most people on this board have researched causes of Acne.

In addition, steroid medications cause Acne as well. (Asthma is very common and inhalers to treat Asthma have Acne causing steroids in them).

I totally agree that diet and water will assist in making your skin beautiful. But it's a serious claim to say that 99% of Acne can be cured by not eating high glycemic foods. Potato's are a steady food for Irish, Pasta (not whole grain pasta) is a staple in an Italian diet, white rice is a staple in an Asian diet, and I haven't noticed that Irish, Italian and Asain's have a ton of Acne. In fact I believe you mentioned Acne is most common in the U.S. Yet all of these foods have high GI level.

omega47 09-12-2005 06:52 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Can anybody here list all the High-glycemic foods. ty :bouncing:

smite 09-12-2005 07:07 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Omega, check out the links provided by DAFT in the first post.

DAFT 09-12-2005 07:19 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
smite please dont mistake my arrogance for pomposusity ;) (is that even a word)

As for kkpp he has roscea i think this is very different to say vulgaris, maybe what he says is good for roscea, i won't dispute this its foolish of me to dismiss his ideas about roscea when i have never had it. But its bollocks for bog standard acne. so is zinc and b5 and accutane and antibiotics and retin-a and benzol peroxide and oxy "oxygen" and every other product out there.

history, since 13 now 22 bad cysts, all over face, back, arms, even my arse so i get oxy, cleasil, and i wash and take advice of people then as i start agonising over acne i begin to notice patterns i used to love syrup on toast but i noticed i got lots of spots when i eat this and slowly i made the link to sugar and spots and as i started to cut it out my acne improved (slighty) but still not good so i go to doctor (read dealer) and get peroxide, retin-a, antibiotics, then of internet i get b5, zinc, magnesium, every vitamin and mineral under the sun. none of which work (antibiotics for a short period. Antibiotics have to be the most ridiculus solution to acne ever, you can stop body odur with antibiotics but its pretty ( [i]removed - do not use vulgar language on these message boards[/i] ) stupid.) as i get older i notice more and more patterns with food and cut them out until im eating a low-glycemic diet without knowing it, i have trained heavily on and off and i notice training helps acne and with this and my ad-hoc diet i was clearish for more than two years (clearish becuase i didn't realise potatoes and wasn't allways strict) then i start bulking via pasta and rice and potatoes and then it all comes back and and im on here and i see someone saying pasta is bad and then i think ohhhhh pasta and i make the link with glucose intolerance via google and then read a high-glycemic food list and it reads like all the foods i cant eat + potatoes. then look for insulin and acne and it explains the science behind it.

I wont be sticking around as i dont have acne anymore.


maybe you are one of the few that this doesn't apply to if so i am sorry if i have offended you. 99% is a big claim would you prefer it if i said 80%, 70% who cares for most people if you do it and do it right then it will work.

I'm not going to explain the science of how insulin raises DHT its all on google

//Potato's are a steady food for Irish, Pasta (not whole grain pasta) is a staple in an Italian diet, white rice is a staple in an Asian diet, and I haven't noticed that Irish, Italian and Asain's have a ton of Acne. In fact I believe you mentioned Acne is most common in the U.S. Yet all of these foods have high GI level//

that statement is irrelevant and stupid. to say the irish eat a lot of potatoes is as bad as saying chinkychonky china man eats lots of rice and uptight social repressed english man eats lots of roast beef and cowardly french surrender monkey's eat loads of onions.

Choclate bars, cocacola and crisps are a stapel in the diet of many people and
neither do they get acne. your genes will determine your tollerence to high-glycemic food, then high-glycemic food plus low tolerance = acne. except in your case apparently.

its very late here 3am so sorry i had to rush this and poor grammer and spelling.

( website removed )

DAFT 09-12-2005 07:30 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
This should help you get started remember its also unique to the individual you have to listen to what your body is telling you via acne and unfortuaely it doesn't speak english but if you listen very carefully you can hear what its saying...... "stop eating all this high-glycemic food you 2wat"

The ones with question marks i am unsure about.

Pork Chop





Yoghurt - without sugar
Brown Rice?
whole grain pasta?


whole grain bread?
white rice
fruit juice
rice pudding
Museli? if you take out raisins?

Remember this is nowhere like complete the more acurate and comprehensive your list is the better your results will be. and start strict until your clear then relax it until you find your tolerance level.

soupyhead 09-12-2005 09:34 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
but carbs raise the levels the same as the GL dont they? i'm still confused cause if you say i can eat cheerios i will!! lol..

ksaguy 09-13-2005 04:06 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
well carbs too way to long for me to understand and to avoid.

now i am really confused. HG food is bad too.

ErimusValidus 09-13-2005 05:05 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi [COLOR=Magenta]DAFT[/COLOR] :wave: Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Yourself and [COLOR=Magenta]Iwillhelpyou[/COLOR] have opened my eyes to the Gylcemic Load. I can already see how it could be far more useful than the Glycemic [I]Index[/I]. However, like [COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], I fail to believe that Cheerios won't raise your blood-sugar level through the roof! Can you explain their inclusion on the "safe" list please? Also, like several others, I have to say that it would aid your argument to adopt a less abrasive tone. Even if you aren't breaking forum guidelines, at least bare in mind that there are people here who aren't accustomed to stronger language. Thank you :)

Anyway, as I said, I am intrigued by the concept of the Glycemic Load. I've never really trusted Glycemic Indices as a truly fair guide of what is and what's not safe to eat with regards to acne. And now I have reason not to! Case in point: I see that Macaroni Cheese has a relatively low [COLOR=DarkOrange]GI[/COLOR] of [COLOR=DarkOrange]47[/COLOR] but a whopping great [COLOR=Blue]GL[/COLOR] of [COLOR=Blue]30[/COLOR]. So whereas I might have eaten my pasta safe in the knowledge that its [COLOR=DarkOrange]GI[/COLOR] was almost as low as that of brown rice, I would have been far better off choosing the latter with it's [COLOR=Blue]GL[/COLOR] of [COLOR=Blue]23[/COLOR].

[COLOR=Magenta]CherryroseQT [/COLOR] makes the point that acne is affected by hormone levels. Of course, you'll point out that hormone levels increase in response to a rise in insulin. And the bacteria she also cites as a factor has for too long been given far too much consideration in the treatment of acne. We all have bacteria on our bodies; to get rid of it all is clinically impossible! As you have pointed out, antibiotics are a highly effective but very short-term solution to acne. Clearly, targetting bacteria is not the angle to take if one seeks to achieve long-term clarity in their skin.

I remarked yesterday in [COLOR=Magenta]Iwillhelpyou[/COLOR]'s thread that diet, clean, efficient digestion, and exercise are [I]possibly[/I] (I don't know all the answers and [B]never[/B] claim to!) a three-pronged attack against acne. I believe that each individual can develop a tailor-made solution to their acne using these three weapons. The problem is that acne sufferers are desperate for a quick fix to their plight and, ironically, it's these quick fixes (like anti-biotics, Retin A, accutane, BP...) that cause the most long-term damage and embed acne further into one's life. So please stick around and help everyone educate themselves further!


Iwillhelpyou 09-13-2005 06:29 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
What daft has mentioned is straight on,everything he mentioned was exactly on target,

His cure is very similar to mine other then I like to eat high carb foods but exercise it off,

Low carb diet basically means eating only low glycemic load rated food.

So a Low glycemic list of foods are your (allowed to eat)

His insulin explanation was good too, food effects insulin.

One note: He mentioned about people eating "healthy fruits and vegetables" still having acne,
Well thats easy, fruits aren't low glycemic , they are very high carbs , they cause insulin spikes.

Eating fruits aren't healthy without extreme moderation.

omega47 09-13-2005 08:49 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
this makes sense but there are alot foods with high glycemic index if not all. So ur saying avoid foods like white bread and potatoes (chips, mashed,etc). I have a question. What if you still eat high glycemic food and exercise (sweat prefusely) few times a week. Some of us are skinny and have acne like myself. I do not want to loose weight.

DAFT 09-13-2005 09:28 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
First off I wont be sticking around the only reason I posted was because I felt a responsibility to help people, if you can help someone and choose not too then your a bit of a b0llocks really. I wont be preaching this or trying to cram it down you neck, either believe it or donít I couldn't give two toms t1ts.

Ill just answer a few questions then I would like to add something else.

[B]soupyhead[/B]: The categorising of foods in three groups (fat/carbs/protein) has lead a lot of people to believe fat is fat and carbs are carbs, this is not true. Is omega-3 the same as the fat on your bacon? nope. Ask a bodybuilder is whey protein the same as egg protein? nope, just in the same way, the carbohydrate in potatoes is different to the carbohydrate is oats. Many things affect the make-up of the carbs you eat such as the meals fat content, protein content, the amount of bran etc. processed flours have little to no bran/fat/other ingredients and are therefore turned into glucose very quickly.

As for cheerios (i'm assuming you mean normal not the honey ones) they are 75% whole grains which is good but they are also 25% sugars, syrups and some processed flour. bad - now as i said before the diet is individual so whether cheerios would be bad for you is for you to find out, eat low glycemic foods STRICTLY for two weeks (i apologise if some moderately-glycemic foods made it into the diet I posted I will scratch cheerios, museli and add peanuts) then slowly add in moderately glycemic foods to find out how much you can tolerate. see tollerance levels.

[B]ksaguy[/B] i have no idea what you just said


I apologise if my tone offends you, swearing is not considered offensive and just how people talk where I come from. I also apologise if some moderately-glycemic foods made it into the diet I posted I will scratch cheerios, museli and add peanuts.

[B]Iwillhelpyou[/B] - thanks for your positive response I too like to eat carbs but find it difficult to find the low glycemic ones. Did you know brown rice take approximately 37 weeks to cook. :)

I disagree with you on the fruit tho aside from bananas fruit generally have a low-glycemic load rating for two reasons one they are made from fructose not sucrose and the other they consist mainly of water, A watermelon is very high-glycemic but consists mainly of water and therefore will not affect glucose levels massively. In the same way having a tiny pinch of sugar wont. I concede if you wanted to be ultra strict then eating nothing but broccoli and carrots all day would be fantastic for your acne but it would be very unhealthy and absolutely not recommended.

[B]Omega47[/B] I too have been skinny in the past and on this diet its difficult to bulk, yes burning off carbs will help but then you wont put on any weight. one way is to brave it out eat plenty off carbs mainly pasta, meat whey protein and build yourself up then hit the low-glycemic diet, then you will be both big and spot free. I have done this recently i mangaged to put on two stone in four months (loads of spots) but now i maintain weight with lowglycemic foods and have no spots (isn't it great when you control acne and acne doesn't control you) Did you know to put on muscle you MUST eat loads of carbs and typically high-glycemic foods and to lose fat which you will also put on with the muscle you need to eat low-glycemic foods, you can easily maintain weight through oats, brown rice (posiblly whole wheat pasta-unsure) and maybe even put on some on a low-glycemic diet but ive yet to try this. Excercise is fantastic for acne if done right, do low level excercise for the maximum ammount of time, but unfortunately its bad for putting on weight.

[B]Tolerance Levels[/B]
Now this part I am assuming, I have NO scientific basis for the following claim its speculation and just how I see it.

Everyone's genes determines their tolerance to high-glycemic foods,

High Glycemic Food
__________________ = Acne

Tolerance level

So for example a person with large amount of tolerance 100% can eat 100% high-glycemic foods and never get acne but if you have zero tolerance and eat 100% high-glycemic foods then you will have very severe acne, also this explains why some people get benefit from giving up pop and choc and other donít. E.g.

Assuming 0 = no spots and 15+ cystic acne.

Diet before giving up choc and pop:

100% Glycemic food
__________________ = 10-20 Acne

5-10% tolerance

Diet after giving up choc and pop

80% Glycemic food
__________________ = 8-16 Acne

5-10% tolerance

You see people with lower tolerance need to be stricter. The more you reduce the bad
foods the better it will get until are below your own personal tolerance level and have no acne. This could be anywhere from 0% tolerance too 70% tolerance (if you had above 70%+ I assume you wouldn't be on here.)

82rubber 09-13-2005 10:08 AM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
On that first page you posted, it claims white bread has a GL of only 10. I thought White bread was supposed to be one of the worst, yet the GL is extremely low?

omega47 09-13-2005 12:42 PM

Re: Acne Cure (not a theory)
Thanx for the response daft. I have few more questions. I've noticed that i brake out really bad when i drink milk (any kind) or any dairy products. Do you know anything about dairy products and their GL indexes?

Also, Would working out (liftin weights) be a good exercise concerning sweating (cleaning out pores)?

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