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tkrsniper 10-28-2005 04:03 PM

Is the Aspirin mask safe or not?
I've heard a few reports that it can get into your bloodstream and mess up your kidneys or something, or maybe cause cancer.

Any reactions to this?

Abby214 10-28-2005 07:53 PM

Re: Is the Aspirin mask safe or not?
Where did you hear this from?
I have never heard anything like that, I wouldn't think there would be a problem unless you are allergic to aspirin, then I wouldn't use it.

Could you elaborate more on the reports you read?


Timothy86 10-28-2005 08:00 PM

Re: Is the Aspirin mask safe or not?
That is not true at all. It will not cause cancer. SUV's cause cancer, aspirin doesn't.

Asprin is just a concentrated form of salycilic acid. If you are afraid to mash up the aspirin pills you can do a search and find many skin care products that contain aspirin as there main ingredient.

You do not have to grind up the pills if you don't want to. One of them is called Paula's choice and it is a mask that is primarily made from aspirin. There are so many others, read labels!

caliente 10-28-2005 09:18 PM

Re: Is the Aspirin mask safe or not?
[QUOTE=Timothy86]SUV's cause cancer, aspirin doesn't.[/QUOTE]

LOL! how random! :)

but seriously, the aspirin mask is perfectly safe. IF any of the aspirin is absorbed into your bloodstream (which i feel is very unlikely since you are not ingesting it) it would be just MINISCULE amounts. not nearly enough to cause any health problems at all.

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