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MYLO 06-01-2003 02:55 AM

Tonight was soooooooo embarrasing!!!!!!!
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I got sooooooooo embarrased!

Ok, I went to a club with a couple friends. Now, as we stepped in, everyone who walks in has to pass a metal detector. One of the doormen scans your entire body for an plastic or metal objects.

Ok so, I step up and the guy says take everything out of your pockets that is metal or plastic. So I do...I take out my cell phone, but I knew I had my foundation in my other pocket. By this time I was sayin **** to myself, knowing I should have left it in the car.

He scans me, and as he goes over that pocket, he says please remove whats in it. I then just hesitate, and then slowly pull out my foundation case (closed of course, so them not knowing what it is), and then put it back in my pocket. He says please open it, what's in it? Everyone was so curious, my friends were wondering and asking. And their was the cover charge girl, but she was behind me, so I made sure when I took out my foundation she couldnt see (thank god). By this time I knew I didnt want to open it, then everyone including my friends would find out I wear makeup. How embarrasing would that be!!!

So I said, sorry ok Im gonna drop this off to the car and come back. Right there, the doorman became so fishy about me, thinking I was gonna cause trouble. We ended up going to another bar. I dont know if I could ever go back to that bar again. He know probably has me on a "watch or beware list"

How embarrasing!!!

FEWFF!!! Thank god no one found out. I was so embarrased!!! They all thought it was a pull out knife or something. They could not tell it was makeup from the outside. I made sure of it, cause I covered most of it with my hand.

The reason why I always carried it with me when Im out, is so I can pad down my face when it gets oily and just in case a pimple or something comes up out of no where when Im out, I can have the tools to fix it. But now that I am using aloe vera gel, which has completely taken away my oilyness, i can leave the makeup at home when Im out.

My buddies kept askin me what was inside. So I just said it was a mirror. hmmm Im such an idiot, I just dont think about things like this, like leaving stuff in the car, knowing they have a metal detector there.

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ceven 06-01-2003 03:19 AM

LMAO.. that was a close call.. so relieved u got out of it!!!! :)

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MYLO 06-01-2003 03:24 AM

Yes I was so relived. Not quite funny if you're in my spot.

daylight568 06-01-2003 10:36 AM

Any bar that has to go those extremes must not be a very safe bar to be in anyway.I would have left too.That would make me feel like I was getting stripped searched for jail.

poreoilyme 06-01-2003 11:24 AM

Okay, so you don't feel so alone in's my story. I was very secretive about my skin care and hid my plastic folder of oil blotting tissues in my bra when I went out on a date many, many years ago. I got in a bad car accident, and they had to strip my clothes off in front of everyone, while that case just fell out. That was the only good thing about being unconscious at the time--I didn't have to face the embarrassment!

sourpunch 06-01-2003 11:56 AM

i bring my powder everywhere! i dont think its embarrassing. every girl wears makeup, so everyone a tampon, thats a different story!

Mandilyn 06-01-2003 01:44 PM

I dont think it is embarrassing either cause all my friends wear it and they dont even have acne. I wear it cause I breakout alot but I hate wearing it if my skin was crystal clear I wouldnt wear it and I dont get why they do.

Im guessing your a guy thats why you were embarrassed.

Well I do get embarrassed sometimes when guys ask me whats in pocket over and over again. I just say its a pack of cigarettes.

wjp 06-01-2003 02:12 PM

I don't understand why makeup would embarrass you?

TiredOfThisAll 06-01-2003 06:45 PM

I didn't get it either.. but I believe mylo is a guy.. just my take on it

Me24 06-01-2003 09:35 PM

double post.

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MYLO 06-01-2003 09:37 PM

Funny huh? lol

Dramaqueen 06-01-2003 10:25 PM

If your a girl-it wouldn't really bother me, but if your a guy-man was that a close one! Glad you didn't get caught.

MYLO 06-01-2003 11:02 PM

You tellin me.

But I think my buddy knows what it is. I mean cmon, why would someone carry a mirror with them? lol.

I hope he doesnt think less of me now

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