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buddyguy 06-02-2003 06:08 PM

Shallow scars
I have these real shallow pitts on my left cheek that are real tiny. They are smaller than a pinhead but still kinda red in the center. In the morning when my skin looks great(anyone else look almost clear in the morning and then 2 hours later look like crap?) you cant even notice them, my skin looks completely smooth. Are these pitted scars? Do they get bigger or smaller with time. Ive had them for maybe 4 months and they look the same size they always have.

SamitaChohan 06-03-2003 06:47 AM

Hi yeah i have these too, my cousin also use to have bad acne but now all thats left is those kinda small holes ur talking about and im sure they dont get bigger they remain the same size. I think its just the damage done from the acne. If you find out anymore info please let me no also

Thanks take care

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