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linux123 06-05-2003 11:44 AM

Why is my skin not tanning?
I am going to a tanning saloon for 3 days and have almost an hour on the bed. but i still dont see any difference. this is for my face which is uneven thx to acne, and i am trying to even it out! but the lighter areas surrounding the darker ones are still light! btw i have brown skin, and i know we dont tan that easily but i dont know how long will it take!

stasia12 06-05-2003 01:26 PM

well-make sure you are not using any facial products such as moisturizers that have sunscreens in them you may not have noticed. also-give your skin a chance if this is the first time you have been exposed after the long winter .........and try going for more than one hour and see what happens.

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