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knockemdead 06-05-2003 03:26 PM

Minocycline???? Answers!
I've been given a 10 day dose of this drug and I was wondering how it worked for anyone else who's tried it. My dr. gave it to me for "cysts" on my face. I have two of them. How long before I should tell a difference?

Please tell me about your experiences if you have any. Thankyouuuuu. :)

<3 <3

scouselad1974 06-05-2003 03:42 PM

To be totally honest with you a ten day dose will not show much if any improvement.
Acne responds very slowly to antibiotics and in my case i waited around two months before i noticed any improvement.
Minocin was not a cure for me but it has helped alot.
I am coming up to six months on the stuff and i am expecting my doctor to gradually take me off it now.
I suspect that your doctor has given you a short supply so he or she can see how you react to the stuff.
Or maybe you have some infected spots and this will help with the infection?
Goodluck with the Mino and ask you doctor to put you on it for a few months so you can give it time to work.

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Aaron43 06-05-2003 07:10 PM

If you have only 2 cysts - then you should get it SHOT or INJECTED.

It will flatten it in 48 hours.


A 10 day supply for MINO is just a test supply. This is to make sure your body doesn't give any allergic reactions.


A successful MINO dosage will be running anywhere from 4 to 8 months.

During that period, the patient may switch to 1 pill or 2 pills per day - usually this change comes monthly.

But once the 8 months are up - you should gradually stop the useage. Sudden stopping can harn the acne.

You might wanna try 1 pill evey other day for 1 month, then make it 1 pill every 3 days for month 2.


I am on the verge of doing the 1 pill every other day. My supply should end soon.

Results were ok in the 6 months of use.

But, I have found new treatments: Glycolic, BP, and Salycilic Acid.

Tell you the truth, anti-biotics are a thing of the past. They don't work very well and certainly don't cure. They are limited in their powers to controll acne and more dermatologists are stopping the use of this old method.

Lately, the use of 3 medications have been proven to fight acne much better - topically - with no internal side effects with the pills:


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desperate for a remedy! 06-05-2003 11:56 PM

I was originally given a 10 day dose of mino by my GP and was also prescribed Vibra-Tab to take following completion of mino. Following a visit with a derm, i was told to continue taking mino for at least 3 months. I had absolutely no results with mino and my cystic acne became worse. I have since ditched mino and Retin-A and am trying a natural approach.

I hope your experience with mino is successful!!

Good Luck

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