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sweetfairy 04-05-2006 04:52 PM

I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
:o I'm so freakin TIRED of this crap already I hate PIMPLES I HATE IT and hate that after they go away my face is left with all these red purple looking blemishes and pited scars. I hate that when I put on my makeup my face looks so unnatural and uneven I'm so tired of this crap already. I wish there was cure for acne and cancer and aids and every freakin disease thats out. I've been trying so hard for so long to try and stay postive and hope that these medications will work for me but today I'm just so tired. I look at all those people(boyfriend, sister, friends,etc.) and wish that my skin was as beautiful as theres I feel like I'm curst sometimes why do we have to go thru this WHY?!!!! :o I don't know what else to do I've been waiting patiently for my face to clear up and I'm already on my 6th week on benzaclin and retin A micro and my face still looks crappy. I guess I just needy to vent a little because I don't want to get angry at the people I love because my face looks like its been attacked. i feel like I look like a freakin pizza face (red dots and all oily and greasy) why couldn't I be one of the blessed ones. Sorry guys I just needed to vent I can't scream in here cuz I'll wake up my little princess and my boyfriend just got back from fishing so I can't go scream outside he'll lokk at me like I'm crazy.LOL

sweetfairy 04-05-2006 06:06 PM

Re: I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks redlygirl for the feed back i guess after six weeks of using these medications I was hoping by now that my face will look a little better but I feel just the same ...actually a little worse because I'm left with all these red spots. I've notice though that my face has become so much more oily since using these medications. I did use cetaphill soap but stopped because I thought this was causing my face to become more oily and switched to neutrogena and my face still looks the same. I also cut my beautiful long hair to keep it away from my face and to have a different look and I love it shorter eazier to manage when you have an eight month old baby. But I really don't want to try any facial peels or chemical peels the sound of that already freaks me out. And well accutane I'll hold off on that for now. What is this micro something your talking about I never heard of that.Could this be that my horomones are so off balance since I had my daughter? I never had acne this bad before until I had her. Actually when I was pregnant i was ance free the whole time. Proactiv worked for me till after 2yrs it suddenly stopped. What can I do to manage to oil and what is good makeup to use I'm thinking of using mineral. I will not dare go out in public without makeup and I know that this is probably making it worse. sorry this is so long. any feedback will really help.

redlygirl 04-06-2006 01:21 PM

Re: I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhhh. You had a baby! no wonder your skin is so whacked out. She is sooo worth it though, isn't she? Pregnancy can clear up your skin or make it go haywire.
The retin A micro that I talked about is what you said you were using. That is to creamy for you and will make you oily. You need a Retin A gel or Differin Gel. These are for oily skin.
Micordermabrasion is fantastic. It is a type of skin treatment that exfoliates your skin. Chemical peels are very gentle too. Yes some are hard core but Glycolic peels are done with fruit acid. Little stinging is all you feel.
Any of these procedures hould be done through your dermatologist office. Day spas & salons that advertise these are not allowed to use "medical grade" so they are not strong enough.
Of course if you are nursing, you can't use any topicals for your face.
enjoy the baby & communicate to your Dr. your concerns. They are valid and they can't help you if you don't tell them how you feel.
Good luck:)

sweetfairy 04-06-2006 08:42 PM

Re: I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks redlygirl for writing back again...ya she is worth it she's my little angel and man when i have a really bad bad day and I just see her ah sweet and innocent she takes my heart away and lights my day with joy like last night after i finished posting. Anyways i was reading the label on the retin a micro and it is a gel... its reads Retin A Micro gel 0.04% whatever it is i really don't like my face feeling soooooooo oily its gross and then i have two dry patchy spots on the sides of my chin and thats where i use the cetaphil moisturizer but after 8hrs. my skin starts to peel really bad in those two areas and then the rest of my face is all greasy... its weird. today wasn't so bad though for some strange reason my face today looked soooo much better than yesturday. I just have to be patient and keep my faith in God. Hopefully when i get on birth control and continue with these medications my face will clear up. Oh and my derm he really freaks me out when I first some him i had a really huge cyst on my chin that caused the left bottom side of my face to swell and he kept trying to put his dirty fingers on it after he would scratch his dry flaky forehead. I guess he finally saw how ****** off i was getting so he backed off and just kept going on and on about all the medications he can try on me...and well he's the only derm who takes my type of insurance here in corpus christi tx. so I don't have a choice but to stick with him. sorry again this turned out to be so long.

redlygirl 04-07-2006 02:22 PM

Re: I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
Next time you get a cyst, tell him to wash his hands, put gloves on & inject it with kenalog (cortisone) it will be gone within 24 hours and wont scar.
Too bad you have to see a loser for your skin.

sweetfairy 04-07-2006 04:40 PM

Re: I Hate Pimples!!!!!!!!!!!
i know that is too bad that I have to see this crazy derm he did want me to go back in a week though to inject the shot but its eneded up popping on its own and to be honest with you it didn't even look ready to pop. It hadn't even formed a head i just keep praying and praying and right after I finished praying it just started to leak and everyday since it leaked more and more it took about a week and a half before it went away though. i just hope to god that this will never come back again. you know redlygirl my face is started to look a bit better today was also a good day for me. take care.

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