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larz9904 04-14-2006 05:21 AM

Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I used Carly's Clear and Smooth for three weeks, following the manufacturer's directions to the tee. For the first two weeks, I noticed marked improvement in my complexion. But then last week, I started breaking out again (for no apparently identifiable reason). I was thoroughly discouraged, as I had to add CS to my already lengthy list of acne medications that have done little to keep my acne at bay.

Out of desperation, I visited a derm for the first time yesterday. The doc prescribed me Differin and Duac. I applied Differin gel last night before bed, and the gel was surprising light; my face was neither tight nor dry---a big plus, as I abhor topicals for that reason.

Anyhow, has anyone else been on or is currently using Differing and/or Duac? Has your complexion improved? How long did it take to see noticeable results?

bordrgrl 04-14-2006 08:57 AM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I've been on Differin for... gosh at least 5 years? I love it. It took over 12 weeks to get results, I remember that. But once it kicked in I never get zits. Still have some blackheads and milia, but it is the best topical I have ever been on. I've used both the gel and cream and I prefer the cream (very sensitive skin). My skin actually feels moisturized in the morning.

xLonewolfxp 04-14-2006 11:15 AM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
Well, I also visited the dermatologist today. I forgot the schedule for this thing you guys are talking about. Can you guys post it for me?

Mr Frustration 04-15-2006 12:56 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I've been on Carley's C & S for about 10 days and my face looks worse

Sandra49 04-15-2006 02:33 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I am really sorry that some of you are not obtaining lasting clearing with Clear and Smooth. I had been reading this boards's long thread on the product and had been silently cheering you on. Believe me I know the agony that acne causes. The most valuable lesson that I have learned, is that there is not one product that can clear everyone, because our skin is all different. I strongly recommend that you honestly analyze your skin, and know what type it is (without products). And then your chances of achieving long term success will be more likely.

To answer your question, I did use Duac with Retin-A, and did have some success, although over time it started to dry my skin out, which inflamed my skin, and then I broke out again. But in my case I now know I have dry sensitive skin. I have recently learned that DUAC, RETIN-A and DIFFERIN (both RETNOIDS) should only be used on Oily skin. If you know for sure, you have oily skin, then you should have good results.

larz9904 04-15-2006 04:14 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
Thank you all for your replies.

Frustration, sorry to hear that CS didnt work out for you either. I can honestly say I know how you feel. Acne's a pain, and life just doesnt seem fair sometimes.

Sandra, you're absolutely right that everyone's skin is unique, and there's really no panacea for acne. (Kinda sucks tho, right?) I'm encouraged to hear that Duac and Differin should clear up people who have oily skin, because oil is definitely something I dont lack.

kumpulsivepicka 05-25-2006 09:01 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I recently went to the Derm and he prescribed Duac twice a day and Differin gel at night... today's my second day using Duac and... well I don't know if my skin is just sensitive but there is some burning and discomfort. I feel like my face is RED and like.. on fire or something. Does DUAC work????! And how long does it take??

Ramos 05-26-2006 05:20 AM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I used differin and the same happened to me. I couldn't handle the redness and burning so I stopped and I tried numerous products, even skin care from japan until I finally decided to try proactive. After the 3rd day my skin looked so great ( well you know what I mean, a whole lot better) everyone noticed. I learned after using it though you have to use it the whole system and the mask 2-3 x's a week to keep your skin looking great. Thanks to Proactive I rarely break out (when I eat lots of junk food) and it helped with some scarring but I wanted to totally heal my face so I am trying to take Clear Pores Herbal pills only with the Pro active. Did Clear and smooth have pills too? I am wondering if I should continue the pills if I start to break out, (like antibiotics) or just keep with the proactive and buy some lighting lotion to lighten the scars?
The doctors can't prescribe proactive to you. They are doctors they prescribe medicine. 3 years ago I went to 2 dermatologists. One said I had cystic acne and needed Accutane, the other said I didn't and gave me an antibotic. I broke out everywhere on my body with a rash and I was hot and feverish after 1 day on the antibiotic. I believe sometimes medicine isn't always the answer. I teach Yoga so I try to do most things natural and I save taking prescriptions only for emergency. So I am a little sceptic about these Clear Pores Herbal pills because it says 100% natural but then the other ingredients says " partially hydrogenated cotton seed oil" which has been known to cause skin problems. They claim to heal the skin, which most of us need after we control our acne there are spots and scars.

meruru 05-30-2006 02:46 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
Hi unc21885,

I also recently quit using Clear & Smooth after about 3 weeks b/c of the same reasons you had. Coincidentally I also started using Differin that my doctor prescribed 5 months ago, but I never touched b/c I was afraid (although I'm using the cream instead of the gel b/c my skin is super sensitive).

I'm about 4 days into it and my acne is getting a little worse, but I guess that is expected. I found this really helpful thread by Arny7 who wrote about the results he had for the first 3 weeks.


It is helpful to know that it has to get worse before it gets better. If I didn't know that I would probably panic and stop using it right now. Good luck with the differin!

meruru 05-30-2006 02:51 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
unc21885, I just realized you started this thread on 4-14-06, so it looks like you have been on Differin for a while. Have you noticed any improvement yet?

jack27514 05-30-2006 05:56 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
Hi Meruru,

I started using Differin and Duac over a month ago. Thinking that more is better,
I "dove" into the regimen, generously applying both Differin and Duac daily. That was
a big mistake. When the second week rolled around, my face EXPLODED with zits (the
worst it's ever been). I freaked out and vowed that I'd never touch Differin and Duac
ever again!

Five weeks later, I still have red marks from that horrendous breakout.

For the past two weeks, I've been back on the Clear and Smooth regimen, but again, C&S hasnt cleared my mild/moderate acne at all. So now, I'm looking to try something else.

It's interesting how you resurrected this thread of mine, because I was just over at another acne forum, and I read that, when using Differin, one should start slowly (e.g., apply it every other day instead of everyday), and expect an initial breakout.

So, here I am back to square one. I'm gonna risk it and get back on the Differin Duac
regimen again. This time around, however, I'll start slowly and be more patient.

Meruru, since both you and I've been on CS for the past few weeks (but havent had success with it) and now, that we're both on Differin and Duac, I was wondering if you like to keep a journal with me, to update our progress and provide moral support.

If you're interested, let me know how you'd like to set this up :)

meruru 05-30-2006 11:03 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
Oh no! I can see how that would make you quit. Its amazing how derms don't explain these things properly. I had to read the insert to find out it takes up to 12 weeks for results and that you are only supposed to apply a thin film.

Sure, I like the idea of posting our results and providing moral support :). That's just the thing I need b/c on that third week of using C&S I was sooo depressed! I'm not a teen anymore, and I'm kind of amazed at how frustrated I still get over this stuff. I think moral support is required for differin judging from what people are many people wanted to quit, but then the ones that stick to it all say how glad they are that they use Differin.

Maybe every week or so we can post results on this thread that sums up how the treatment is going? There is a post that says no journals on this forum, but if we post once a week i think it should be okay. And if the thread gets too long, we can start a new post.

Before I decided to fully try Differin cream, I gathered some info that you might find useful *if* your skin is getting too irritated from it:
- Wait 15 minutes after washing before applying differin
- Apply differin after moisturizer (i don't do this yet)
- Never scrub your skin when you wash
- After a week or two, the burning/irritation should go away as your skin adjusts to it.

FYI, this is my current regimen although its too early to tell if its working obviously ;):

In the morning I wash my face with Cetaphil since its supposed to be really gentle. Then I use oil of olay complete with spf 15 to moisturize and protect my skin from the sun b/c differin makes skin easy to burn. (I read in the insert that you should use a moisturizer *without* glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy b/c those ingredients cancel out the effects of differin).

In the evening I wash my face with Cetaphil again, and then apply a thin layer of Differin. Then I use oil of olay again to moisturize.

ltrain925 05-31-2006 01:40 AM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
its funny how we get a great review on CS and then everyone tries it and it makes them break out. i am using it right now and it is making me break out like no other product has ever done. but our faces are all different so thats why.

jack27514 05-31-2006 04:57 AM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.

Updating once a week sounds like a good plan.

Thanks for your advice on what to do if my skin gets irritated.

Here's my regimen from now on:

Morning: wash face with bar of soap from C&S

Night: 1---wash face with bar of soap from C&S
2---apply either thin layer of Duac or Differin
(I'll alternate each night.)

Right now, my acne's moderate. It's calmed down quite a bit since
that horrendous breakout from six weeks ago, but I still have numerous
whiteheads and red marks on my forehead and both sides of my face.

I applied Duac last night, and this morning, my face (esp. my T zone) is oilier
than it has been in the past few weeks, when I was using C&S scrub.

Meruru, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, by summer's end, we'll both
have clear complexion.

earthdayapril22 05-31-2006 07:56 PM

Re: Getting off Clear & Smooth. On Duac and Differin.
I was prescribed with Duac and Differin. Duac makes my face red so I stop using it. But I loveee Differin, it took like 2 months to work(at the beggining you may even get worse acne) but then it will all clear!! I even stopped using the medicine since my face was all clear, but now i'm starting again since I have some new pimples.

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