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amr10023 06-04-2003 09:28 PM

Did anyone here have the smoothbeam treatment? I had my first one a few days ago and I noticed that certain areas are not breaking out at all and other areas are worse....
I'd like to hear about your experiences with this treatment. Please keep us updated through the process and beyond. I'd like to know from all of your experiences how long the clear skin lasts after the treatments are complete.

slick33 06-04-2003 09:38 PM

I've had 2 treatments and it's hard to say if it has helped. I'm a little disappointed in the results to tell you the truth. I thought it would help control oil, but it hasn't. I don't usually get deep cyst type spots anymore, but I noticed after each treatment I got 2 or 3 like that. I was planning on getting 4 treatments, but I don't think I will. They are too expensive to not see results.

iwannacookie 06-05-2003 12:17 PM

i think smoothbeam is suppose to give you subtle results and you should see continuing improvement over the coming months. this is what i've read from the sheet my derm gave me during a smoothbeam consultation. please keep us posted. though it must be disappointing when you are not seeing immediate results especially at the price you may be paying.

vik357 06-05-2003 01:34 PM

I know one of the members here mentioned her face getting very dry after 3 treatments of smoothbeam laser. So i guess you need to go the distance before seeing the full effect. Infact from what i've read it keeos improving even AFTER you finish the 4 or 5 treatments. Since it doesnt do anything to the top layer of the skin so you'll have to wait until the top skin regenerates.

Just one question though: you guys did the smoothbeam and not the clearlight right?

amr10023 06-06-2003 04:21 PM

I did the smoothbeam, not the clearlight. Thank you for your posts! I will continue to update you throughout my next few treatments.

Catherine21 06-09-2003 08:27 AM

Did you all have to buy the numbing cream and apply it before the appointment? I made an appointment, and the receptionist gave me detailed instructions that sort of scared me (everything scares me). What if I don't numb my face well enough? What if the stuff gets in my eyes? What did you do to prepare for the appointment?

GirlGirl 06-09-2003 09:34 AM

Hi Catherine-
I have had two Smoothbeam treatments now and am scheduled to do two more. They supplied the numbing cream and I come in a half hour before my appointment so someone can put this stuff on my face. I do not pay extra for it nor do I have to go out and buy it. Although Candela (the maker of Smoothbeam) claims that it is painless, I find it to be a bit stingy-like when the laser is zapping areas where the numbing stuff didn't get applied as well (like my hairline, or jawline, etc.) I WOULD NOT get the treatment without the numbing cream. Of course, that is just me and perhaps you have a different tolerance/sensitivity.

Catherine21 06-09-2003 11:16 AM

Thanks for the response, GirlGirl. I think that I will ask them to apply the numbing cream in the office at least for the first appointment. I haven't been able to find the stuff (Ela-Max) that they suggested at any of the local pharmacies, anyway. Believe me, I don't tolerate discomfort, much less pain, very well.

GirlGirl 06-09-2003 01:55 PM

You have to ask the pharmacist for the Ela-max, and if they don't have it in stock, they can order it and have it to you within a matter of a couple days. Also, the name of the maker of Ela-max is Ferndale Laboratories. They have a call center, and give them a call. This is a product that is OTC so, ask nicely and they might send you some free samples. They also can answer ANY question you may have about the product.

kris32 06-09-2003 05:25 PM

My daughter went for her consultation a couple of weeks ago, and she goes for her treatment on June 20. A plastic surgeon is doing hers, he told her she could not go in sun for 3 weeks. She has to apply numbing cream one half an hour before she goes and apply saran wrap over the numbing cream. He is very good plastic surgeon and has been working with this machine for some time. We have our fingers crossed.

Catherine21 06-10-2003 07:50 AM

I'm having the treatment immediately following the initial consultation (unless I back out). Did your doctors say anything about long-term results or side-effects? I'm paying $400/session plus $60.00 for the numbing cream. I guess I'll have to drive with saran wrap on my face since the office is about 45 minutes from my home. Are you supposed to cover the entire face with the cream, including the nose? Or just the major parts of the face, such as the cheek area and chin? My skin is extremely pale with lots of red marks and blemishes, and the reception told me I couldn't wear any make-up to the consultation. They're going to think of me as their ugliest patient ever. I don't think I've been anywhere in the past ten years without makeup, not even to answer the front door when the bell rings.

poreoilyme 06-10-2003 07:59 AM

Poor you, driving with saran wrap on your face. Good luck and I hope a few moments of embarassment pay off well for you in the long run! Don't feel bad about how your skin looks without makeup. It will only reinforce how serious you are about improving your skin and being courageous enough to do something about it.

I wish you well!

GirlGirl 06-10-2003 01:35 PM

You do not necessarily have to use the saran wrap (this process of covering the numbing cream is called "occlusion") Occlusion only speeds up the numbing, it does not increase the strength of the numbing. So, the elamax will work in 30-40 minutes without occlusion or 15-20 with occlusion. Make sense? So, after 30- 40 minutes, you are at maximium numbness, if you want more numbing, you need to apply more cream. As far as where to put it, are you getting a full facial smoothbeam treatment? If so, then yes, put the numbing cream all over (and be very generous with it-applying a thin layer will not work here) If they are only going to spot treat you, then, apply the numbing cream in those areas. And, use common sense, don't get it in your eyes! I am VERY disappointed that this laser place is charging you 400 bucks for a treatment and it doesn't include numbing. I paid 1,000 for four full face treatments which include numbing if I want it. There are no long term side effects-I experience a bit of redness for a few hours and then it is gone. Very manageable. Did you read my last post about contacting the company that makes Ela-max? I highly advise it. Ferndale Labs.

Catherine21 06-11-2003 07:36 PM

I arrived for my Smoothbeam procedure at 1:00 and didn't leave until almost 3:00. The doctor wouldn't start the procedure because I hadn't used the saran wrap, although my face felt completely numb. He reapplied the cream, then forgot about me for about an hour. At about 2:20 he tried to start the procedure, but found that the laser head needed cleaning. I really thought that I was going to go stir crazy sitting alone in that room for so long. Anyway, the zapping part of the procedure took about 5 min. I'm so used to every treatment failing that I figure this one will fail, too, but I just had to give it a try.

Aaron43 06-11-2003 07:57 PM

what the average cost in the US?

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