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rhyuths 06-28-2003 08:17 PM

paula choice
hi so far i have only heard good comments about her products. i am going to order 1% BHA..was just wondering what other products are good (in your opinions) and worth getting. I have a problem with uneven skin tone and my cheeks and chin are kinda pinkish sometimes...some red marks too...thanks

poreoilyme 06-28-2003 10:59 PM

Well, the l% BHA is a great place to start. Her toner is also excellent if you like toners. Hers is the only one I would use if you think you need one. If you get this, use it before you put the BHA on and the two work well together.

Do you have oily skin or breakouts? The acne treatment lotion with BP is excellent and non-irritating. The anti-oxidant concentrate is excellent for overall improvement in your skin's texture and tone as well as helping to fight environmental damage.

The only product in her entire line I wouldn't recommend is the cleanser. I don't think it's very effective for cleaning the skin and if your skin is oily it's not drying enough in my estimation.

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TimDream 06-29-2003 05:16 PM

I'd rec her 2% BHA liquid solution (for use only at night-time, for extra strenght power at preventing acne), and her 8% AHA to get rid of red marks. :) I've reordered the 2% liquid about 3 times already; it's a staple of my skincare routine!!!

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