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micheguns 06-26-2003 06:24 PM

well, it's official!
my derm. looked me right in the eye today and said that i will never look like i have normal skin again. i just burst out into tears. i have too much damage to correct and he can't control my acne with any medication. i am on dynacin, azelex right now along with spiro and that is not doing anything. i have been on tazorac, etc. and nothing is working after the accutane disaster and now tomorrow i have to get a facial and start microdermabrasion and he doesn't know if that is going to do jack crap (sorry for the language) and then if that doesn't do anything over the next 5 months (full treatment) then its on to a medical center where they have "experimental" procedures i guess (that is what he called them). and i will always know that i have had major problems with acne no matter what they do. my scarring is extensive and the hyperpigmentation hasn't faded in 6 months and i continue to get more along with new cysts and pimples, etc. i thought the spiro was going to help at 200mg a day, but my oil is worse than ever, it has been 3 weeks on it and no difference. i have been on the azelex for 3 as well and no difference there either, i just breakout and get inflamed friends everyday and cysts all over that hurt like you know what. my skin is so blotchy and that looks real cute on top of all the hyperpigmentation! sorry i am venting, but my stress level is so high i just want to scream and cry all the time. at least here i can voice it (sorry if i annoy any of you with this). thanks for listening!

SweetJade1 06-26-2003 06:36 PM

Aww, sweety, you know what. SOMETHING you are using may be aggravating you. I used to love azelex but I stopped using it and when I went back to it I started breaking out more. So of course I stopped it. Since you have oily skin, it does have pore cloggers, MOST if not ALL acne creams do (ha ha, interesting huh) and so that may be irrating you. Or maybe your skin doesn't like the azeliac acid

I've also mentioned my thoughts on your antibiotic so I won't go into that here. No, a DERM will NOT help you STOP the acne but he will be beneficial again once it's calmed down and stopped. Then you can work at having "perfect" or at least healthy "normal" skin. Until then, why can't you CONTINUE takign a BC pill??? I was on mine for 3 months before I got blood work again and I wasn't estrogen deficient (before or during treatment). I stayed on mine for 3 years until I found something better. Maybe it will take your system longer than 1 month, usually that is not long enough to tell anything when it comes to hormone balancng. Sigh...I don't see WHY you CAN'T and if that isn't enough than perhaps a lower dose of your estrogen shot will be enough.

Now when you go back, you want to ask for DIANE -35 this has an anti-androgen. OR since you are taking the spiro and have low progesterone levels, you might be better off with the Yasmin (w/progestin). Now if you are not comfortable taking a synthetic progesterone (progestin). I personally used Tri-Levlen BC and this kept my cycles normal even while on the Spiro. So it's up to you, but I really don't see why you can't just TRY taking a BC for LONGER than a month.

It will get better, take care

P.S. If your doc refuses see another. Or at least before you let yourself become an experiment why not try the diet approach. If your hormones are this "mad" right now, just eliminating your body's aggrevators will decrease if not completely stop the flare ups. I already know that the BEST one for you to go on is a Low Carb diet, A Gluten Free diet, or a NO grain diet (progressively stricter). I know this because you are far more a traditional PCOS/Insulin Resitance symptoms than I have, and women with your symptoms have improved from doing so. =)

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linnybee428 06-26-2003 06:57 PM


That's terrible news, I'm sorry. But also remember doctors don't always know what's going to happen. And they like to give you the worst possible prognosis because they don't want to get your hopes up and they don't want to promise anything. You aren't going to ever have perfect skin again. I think you probably knew that already. But you can get a lot better, and you will.

Plus, think about all the advancements they are making with laser surgery and light therapy these days. Your cure is out there somewhere and they just have to discover it! Think of it that way.

Try not to obsess over it, you have your whole life ahead of you and you will have amazing experiences no matter what your skin looks like.

micheguns 06-26-2003 07:04 PM

hi sweet,
thaks for the reply. i was on the birth control pill first, you know, then my endo. put me on the estrogen/prometium regime to give me a higher dose of the estrogen because my body wasn't getting enough from the pill, and the prometrium is supposed to help regulate my cycle when i take it (starting july 1) so i am just confused. i have been checked every which way for PCOS (i mean EACH and EVERY way) and i am fine they say, no cysts, no lumps, just peachy. i don't think the azelex is bothering me because i think my skin likes it, that is until i get super oily about 5 minutes after i wash (lol). and i asked my derm. today about my cleanser and lotion again and i even brought them in and made him go over the ingredients and he said the neostrata was good. i don't know about the antibiotic, that confuses me. i don't know if it helps or if it hurts. the funny thing is that last year, when i wasn't on any antibiotic, my face grew increasingly oily (when all this started), but my face cleared beautifully just on BP and tazorac for 1 minute a night. i had never seen such pretty skin on me, but soooo oily. i don't know if it helps or hurts. i would love to try diet (in fact, i read an article about diet and acne at my derm.'s office today in the waiting room). it was in cosmo or elle or some magazine like that. but it said western diet was bad for acne (i know you know). anyway, i would love to try diet, and it is funny because i have never associated food with my acne or oily skin, because when it was perfect i ate everything i do now. i drank coffee (i gave that up 1 month hard to do and the headaches, OW) i gave up my nightly 20oz of fozen yogurt (yes i eat too much everynight) about 2 months ago, i still eat my normal breakfast of a zen muffin (no sugar) or a bagel and light CC and jelly or a waffle with fruit or cereal and fruit, lunch is a turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard sandwich on sourdough or whole grain and snack is usually an apple and dinner is protein (chxn, fish, meat, pork, etc) a starch (potato, rice, noodle) and veggies (green usually) and then yogurt (which i no longer hard to give up my habit of 4 years). anyway, i used to be an athlete and carbs. were my best friend. now i guess they are my enemy. i have a hard time giving them up but i guess i should try. do you have any meal plan suggestions for me (ie. what is good for breakfast, lunch, etc). is fruit ok. i don't know about what is good and bad for diet. thanks so much. i hope my life gets better, because i haven't had a non crying day in 6 months going on 7. i just hate life!

micheguns 06-26-2003 07:18 PM

i forgot to mention that i try to stay away from all processed food, partionaly hydrogentated stuff, and eat kashi whole grain cereals or organic wheat cereals (the occasional rice crispies) but mostly whole grain, naturally sweetened stuff and my muffins are fruit sweetened, high fiber low fat, and i try to eat really healthy, but i guess its the carbs. sad i know.

laur 06-26-2003 07:30 PM

I wish there was something that I could do for you. I feel so bad that you had to go through that visit. Honestly, remember I kept saying that I was breaking out more and more on the azelex and that they were constantly inflamed feeling? Well, maybe the azelex isn't for us. I'm seriously considering tazorac again or maybe even differin except maybe to leave it on overnight every other night or something. The theory of what azeleic acid can do is something I wanted to believe would help me. I know you did too. But I am wondering if my acne or whatever this is has not as much to do with bacteria as it does ( for me ) with my immune system. I have researched and found someone else with lupus that uses Elidel cream and would like to at least try it. If it doesn't help, I'll hush up about it, but I feel like this is something I have to try. To go to bed with nothing at all in one entire area and wake up with 5 - 10 tiny oil filled inflamed pimples is crazy. They have to be coming from somewhere. I know he has told me over and over that this needs to be treated like acne, but after all this time, I realize that nothing has touched it. Its like my body is smarter than the meds even. And I know accutane is what brought you to this place, and yet its all that keeps me from developing painful fluid filled cysts and stuff. I want off of it so bad, M. But I just can't stand the lupus rashes. They hurt so much.
This all feels overwhelming and I'm sure you're ready to deck that dermatologist for saying he wants to turn you into an experiment. I already feel like one myself. I consider myself well educated and able to research things and think on my own so I am no longer going to give my derm the right to assume I'm a guinea pig like he's done for 5 years now. Sometimes I don't think this will ever go away. I know exactly how you feel and I know your pain. You can always come here to vent if you need to. If the azelex doesn't work for you along with adjusting some diet things maybe and checking into (on your own) a little more about the hormone therapy they have you on, then YOU just have to keep looking with OUR help. I've never seen your face, but just know you have to be a beautiful person. I know right now those are hard words to hear, but the sun will shine again for you and you'll get this straightened out and get on with your life. For now, don't worry about the scars and what to do about them. Focus on the hormone issues and getting the acne a bit under control.
By the way M, how long were you on accutane? Is is at all possible that they stopped you TOO soon before the accutane could do its job for You? I realize this is a very sensistive subject for you. I wish I could give you a hug and tell you everything will be ok. Are you still going to use the azelex for now? Maybe the spiro will still kick in for you, but maybe you should check into hormones and acne , and estrogen DOMINANCE and what it all means. Truthfully, it sounds more to me like your acne is continuing as a result of the hormone problems. I'm not sure about bacteria really. Of course, I also don't want to give out advice that I can't support.
And M, we all go into the NEXT cream, or gel or antibiotic with the same high hopes. We all hear how it's worked for so many and have high expectations as a result. I took minocycline for 3 months and just got worse....others have cleared. I took spiro for 5 years and stayed completely clear, and now it won't do anything for it. I've tried, differin, tazorac, avita, triaz, klaron (I think), erythromycin, akne-mycin, accutane, claritin, valtrex, and a host of other things.......none have cleared me. I'm still here fighting the same battle. I have scars and red marks. I get painful pimples and my skin appears pitted. I try moisturizers and they break me out, The creams that are SUPPOSED to be moisturizing only DRY me out.....I feel like a lost cause. My choice has been and will remain......fight or give up . As much as I say that I should just give up, I know I have to keep searching for the answers. I guess your answer and mine won't ever be the same maybe, but we can help each other through the trial and error until we find it. I know how hard it is . I woke up one morning with this problem too. I have been told at every single appointment that this is the one that will do it....this will control it once and for all. And I'm still here searching with everyone else.

When I was getting sick with lupus and before I was diagnosed , I had drs literally (honestly) tell me that there was nothing wrong and nothing they could do. I was told by one dr that I should just go back to church and pray because there was nothing wrong with me. I've left the dr office crying soooo many times, I can't even remember, BUT I was persistant and researched things ON MY OWN and eventually was diagnosed with Lupus. Not the best thing to hear, but at least I had a name and could further research and begin my fight against it. That was 5 years ago. It's changed my entire life and yet all I can think of now is my poor face. I know though, If I don't try to FIX it, no one else will.
You need to get your fighting gloves on and spend the time researching everything you can and then YOU tell them what you want to try (within reason of course and not to interact with something else). Anyway, this is your fight, not the drs. Do you think those drs that told me I was a lost cause and there was nothing wrong with me cared one bit if I was having chest pains and couldn't sleep?? It was my pain and my fight. I'm now trying hard to do the same with this. I have felt this year like I'm losing the battle, but will keep coming here and researching and asking questions and maybe someday I will get this under control and without the accutane.

I know this has been a long post......and they are probably right about us getting email!! LOL.....but I'm here for you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Do what you need to do for YOU.


Tiggermomma 06-26-2003 07:36 PM

I am so terribly sorry Micheguns. What exactly did the doctor mean as "normal" skin?? LIke others said, it sounds like something you are using is aggravating the problem.
Did you ever try B5? Cause I'm sure there has got to be something that will work for you--->>> IF you only knew the route of your problem, you know? Wish I knew mine.

I don't know what else to say but that I really hope things start to change for you and you feel happy again.

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bunny9987 06-26-2003 07:43 PM

your diet seems fine to me Miche

my impression of a western diet, fast food places, burgers cooked in lard. taco bell, KFC, mcdonalds. Nachos with meat/beans. turkey clubs, you get my point. Isn't that what they mean by western civ diet.

SweetJade1 06-26-2003 08:30 PM

I know you must be confused and tired among many other things. What I don't want you to be confused about is that PCOS doesn't mean that you MUST have cysts on your ovaries. It can simply mean that you have excess body hair, are overwieght, acne prone, or irregular periods. You can have only those symptoms and more or NONE of them. However, if it makes you more comfortable, we can use the term Insulin Resistance.

I'm thinking and I was thinking about CAH, but you would have high androgens, which you don't. What about an allergy of some sort? Have you been tested to see if you might be allergic to something? I know for a fact that azelax cream has pore cloggers, but is that what is causing the breakouts? I just had to give up on 2 skin lighteners that I was using (one was actually called an Acne Clarifier) because I was breaking out. With the exception of 2 ingredients on one of the formulas, I had used products that contained those ingredients rather sucessfully. So maybe it was those ingredients or maybe there is something about Azeliac acid. Maybe it purges our skin (made mine a bit worse) and I do follow a acne-clearing diet ;/ or maybe we can't tolerate it.

I checked out your cleanser and it looks fine to me. I would like to investigate your lotion, but I don't know what the EXACT name is. If you can give me that I'll see if that could be the problem. Also, are you using any foundation on your skin? If so, what are you using?

As for your hormones we definately know that you have an low ratio of estrogen-progesterone in comparison to your normal testosterone level. Theoretically we want to balance this out by increasing your Estrogen and Progesterone to "normal" levels while finding some way to prevent your follicles from reacting to the testosterone, hence the Spiro.

If they don't want to do the BC, then perhaps...darn, most of what I think of has to do with lowering androgens. Um, you said that you used to take Prometrium and estrogen before, right? What form of estrogen and for how long were you doing this? How was your skin during this time? Did you stop this prior to going on Accutane?

Bunny is right you diet sounds really good. If you want to alter it more the only thing I would suggest for now, is to see what Eliminating ALL wheat does for you. If that works some, then you might want to continue altering things. Or you can try taking Avandia, this sorta acts like a BC, it will regulate your cycles and prevent spotting from the Spiro. However this is an Insulin Controlling drug and I don't know if you doctor would give this to you. The alternative would be a low carb diet "stricter" than what you currently follow.

Take care =)

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micheguns 06-26-2003 08:56 PM

thanks all

what the derm. meant by normal, was what i looked like 6 months ago. i showed him a picture of me at halloween when i was fine and no acne, and i showed him a picture of me in december (1 month on accutane with no problem yet) and normal to me is nice skin, not perfect, but pretty even toned, and i had one pock mark which i liked, it gave me character, it is to the left of my left eye. it was my character flaw and i embraced that sucker. now i struggle to find a spot on my face that doesn't have a pock mark or keloid or huge pores, etc. i couldn't see my pores before this, well maybe the ones on my nose, but now my right cheek looks like an orange, it is so pitted with large pores. the accutane caused problems in january (the whole month) and it was so bizarre that it just happened over night. i had no acne, no cysts, no blackheads at this time, just oily skin, and my dose just messed my face up so bad. so normal is just my skin, the skin i see in all my pictures, all the photos in the house, my drivers license, my school id, etc. no it's not perfect but i didn't hesitate to smile at myself (especially with makeup on lol)

i know you have been struggling too, and i know i could be a lot worse off than i am. i feel your pain about your lupus and your rashes and wish there was something i could do or say to make it better. the elidale is a good product and i think you might like it. although it is a little tacky it did help my face when i used it (although for a short period of time). have you thought about psoriasis creams as well??? what about Lactonal-E. i love that cream. it is a perscription and i put it on my scaly fingers when my psoriasis flares and it is so moisturizing and fixes the problem. trust me, it is not a moisturizer that will dry you out. maybe ask the derm. about it??? my psoriasis sucks and i have had it since i was 12 and it started on 1 finger then spread to all of them, then my knees, my ears, chest, etc. and i tried every cream and steroid and it wasn't until i gave up and did nothing that it got better (go figure). i still have it all over but now only my fingers are chronically dry (you would never know by looking at them though). i just use the lactonel-e and sometimes the tazorac gel on them and it gets better. have you tried calamine for your rashes or a soothing oatmeal bath/milk bath?? i don't know if those would help because i really am unfamiliar with the rashes and lupus, but i thought i would give it a shot with some suggestions. as for me and my face, i know some of my acne is still hormonal and that is not taken care of yet. and i know some of it is bacterial because i have clogged pores and if i look at them one day they are white, the next day they are very much inflamed and ready to leave their mark. so, i have both and i am sure my stress doesn't help. i am so greatful that you are here and i can talk to you as well as all the others and get support. i have been doing so much research (why i posted in the lupus board when we first met) and a lot of my symptoms (hair, numb leg, etc) have to do with the thyroid too (and it is abnormally shaped) but everything just keeps checking out ok. my ovaries are ok, i just can't figure it out. i had more blood drawn on monday to check my lipids, ldl and hdl, and cholesterol and all that was ok too. so i am stumped. i don't know what i am using that is irritating my skin. the neostrata is very creamy and gentle (doesn't sting) the azelex kind of tigles for 5 minutes (only in certain areas) then i am fine and i use it twice a day and my scaly skin has decreased to almost null. The lotion i have used since day 1 of accutane and it hasn't caused me problems. so, i will keep searching and i hope this facial doesn't screw me up too much. i know what to expect because i have had many of them, but my skin is so different i am afraid that it will be harsh (because extractions always hurt before) and then there is the microderm. i don't know about that. everyone here seems to agree that it is a waste of money. i am supposed to get a series of treatments, so who knows???? my dad called and i told him what the derm. said and he is going to call and schedule an appointment with him so he and my mom can talk to the derm. and really see what's going on (because my words are just tears right now). also, my mom is going to see the endo. to help me out there too. i love my parents for caring, but i don't want them to be too pushy and my dad has already proven that he can be. but he said he is always here for me!! i wish i coul just sit down for a cup of tea or something with you and just have both of us spill our guts out and cry and hug and then feel a little better because we know we are not alone! but i know that isn't possible, and the computer is what we have. my derm. says he knows that my frustration and anger is valid, as my problem was so sudden, but he says that time is what i need. i am 20 years old and haven't been happy with my life since i was 16. anorexia, depression, now this. happy 21st to me huh? alright, well i need to stop venting now and go eat some ice cream (lol). i know i think i should work on the diet, especially since i don't exercise right now because i don't leave my house. i just feel like a fat pig, though my parents tell me i;m not. i am 5 pounds overweight probably, but better than 30lbs underweight!!! ok, i am here for you L. and anything you need. please just vent and i will give you all the attention i can because i know your pain as you know mine and don't ever forget that you are in my prayers :)

micheguns 06-26-2003 09:21 PM

sweet jade,
ok, here is all the information of what i am using, have used, etc.

right now i am on sprio 200mg, delestrogen shots (1cc every 1-2 weeks), prometrium 100mg days 1-10 of the calander month, dynacin 100mg 2x a day, azelex, neostrata oil free lotion spf15, neostrata facial cleanser.

i stopped my multivitamin (flinstones chewables with extra c) when i started the accutane because it had vitamin A in it and i didn't want to take too much. i haven't taken these vitamins since, and i used to chew 2 a day because i figured i am bigger than a kid and 2 would be ok. i never had a problem with them

i use no makeup right now at all and won't again until school starts in august. i go bare everywhere (even though it is very embarrasing and even makeup doesn't cover a thing up) i used to use almay skin stays clean and maybelline shine free loose powder, which neither gave me problems, i checked labels and ingredients for pore cloggers, etc. i also occasionally used clinique stay matte oil free powder, which was ok too, just not really my color. i have tried mac studio fix a long long time ago, but found it gave me acne so i stopped. i asked my derm. about it today and he said it was a fine product, you just need to thouroughly remove it??? i also blot right now with clinique blotting papers, and everyone has said that those aren't the problem.

as for what i have used topically in the past, oh gosh, you name it, tazorac, BP, triaz, klaron, cleocin t, clindagel, retina micro, differen... the best was tazorac gel for 1 minute at night then wash off, then apply triaz 3% and leave on all night, then wash in the morning and apply neostrata daytime protection cream. this regimine was the best and made me look perfect. i also used neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser at the time as it took my makeup off quite well and it didn't dry me out (the only problem was except oily skin which started when i started this...connection i don't know...but i wasn't on any pill at that time at all)

when my weight was low years ago, i was on HRT. estradiol and prometrium. days 1-25 i took estradiol 1mg tablet, and on days 13-25 i took 200mg of prometrium. i think i might have gotten a few pimples when i started, nothing major and it went away in a week or so. i never had oily skin on these, yet i never had oily skin then at all, just normal skin and i never moisturized. that is when i was using klaron and cleocin t. so i never had problems with acne here, just minor stuff.

i stopped this HRT about 2 years ago to see if my body would kick in by itself, it never did and i never broke out from stopping (or at least that i was aware of).

i started the hrt again to be regular and 1 month later i started accutane. the first month on hrt was no problem, the second month while on accutane too,40mg, was fine with no problem. then the second month of accutane she increased my dose to 80mg and that is when sh** hit the fan and all hell broke loose on my face. i took accutane from november to the beginning of february and right when i stopped i stopped the HRT again to give my body a break from everything. my face improved quite a bit when i stopped, my derm. was shocked how the inflamation went down. then a little later on my acne came back, not as severe, but in full force. it was time to do something so i started topicals again and they weren't helping and my oil increased beyoned belief. so in may i started the BCP again because i was getting hot flashes in my face too whenever i sat down. they are better now, but i occasionally get one (i think when the shot runs low). the bcp did nothing the first month but give me a period, yet my oil didn't slow and neither did the acne. so the endo. came in the picture. she ran all the tests and decided that i needed more estrogen and spiro to help instead of the bcp. i am regulating my hormones through the shot and prometrium and she said that would take the place of the pill because the estrogen shot would have an antiandrogen effect and the spiro would help too.

that is where i am today. not exciting, but a pain in the you know what. i haven't changed my diet throughout this, except for what i mentioned earlier about the coffee and the yogurt (i thought that would help, but i notice no difference) and suprisingly i have gained 20lbs. probably from the lack of excercise and stress, but who knows. i used to walk everywhere, now i just walk to the kitchen (lol).

thanks so much for your help, you are a genuine sweety just like your name implies and i am so glad you are here!!!! :) let me know if i skipped something

Killjoy 06-26-2003 09:43 PM

Your messages stirred up a lot of emotions in me as well. I have been fighting this battle with acne for as long as I can remember and it's really wearing me out (I'm now 25 and don't need this in my life at this point). I have persistant cystic acne and nothing I do seems to stop the breakouts. I've been on accutane, minocin, BP, differin, tazorac (currently)etc etc etc. I don't know what else to do. I went to another derm a couple of weeks ago and he was like "It looks like you've had some severe acne in the past" because of the bad scarring. That just made me feel even better about myself. I see all these people with clear skin and wonder why I had to be the one to suffer with this disease. This might sound really vain, but I actually am a decent looking guy but can't seem to get over the negative thoughts about my acne. I always consider myself an "outsider" but do my best to mask this at work, with friends etc etc. It's hard enough going out into the world, but to wake up every morning worrying about your acne makes it unbearable at times. Sorry for being so depressing, I should stop!! Just so you guys know, you're not alone in this struggle!

laur 06-26-2003 10:23 PM

Hi guys and gals

Late here for me. M, I hope that through all of this someone here can help to guide you in the right direction. Sweetjade is trying to help with all the knowledge she has and the rest of us are trying to support you. I wish I had a bit of wisdom to help, but through my own battles I'm not sure I have anything viable to give right now. But I am here for you to cry to, or scream to or whatever makes you feel better at that moment.
Swwetjade, can you please elaborate on the pore clogging ingredients in the azelex? I would be interested in this. It truely seemed as if I just kept breaking out more and more instead of just maybe an initial breakout. and the pimples were angry I and inflamed more than usual. Now as you may know, I stopped using this last friday. Temporarily I didn't breakout as much, but really I think its because the azelex literally burned and irritated the skin off of my face. I have used glycolic cleanser to wash with 1 time per day for 5 years and that has never reacted that badly. Also, can you tell me what your assumption would be about small oil filled pimples ( sometimes inflamed, but sometimes not)....that come around the chin area and scattered throughout the rest of the face.??? The derm says they are acne, but probably 80 to 90% of mine are these oil filled pimples. And there can be 5 or 10 in an immediate area of 1" or so on the chin. Usually to me it appears that the oil simply develops and can't get out. That's where the tazorac was supposed to come in. ...Well sometimes it appeared to help and sometimes not. I have had these for 5 years. I took spiro 125mg for the 5 years prior and one day it seemingly stopped working. Since then a hysterectomy (complete) and a lupus diagnosis. Have ALWAYS thought this to be because of the lupus. Tried the spiro again for the last 9 months.....first 100mg per day and then 150 mg per day....nothing. Then I simply took 50mg per day along with starting yasmin in January. The bc pill has not cleared nor made the acne worse though its helped the hot flashes etc. I currently take accutane 40 mg to control lupus plaques and acne. Even the 5 month course didn't seem to clear the fluid/oil filled ones and as I've cut down everything else has re appeared too. You seem to be so knowledgeable, I just thought you may be able to help me decifer whether this is acne, and if so, is it a bacterial problem, or hormonal or what. I too have used everything under the sun and nothing really clears me.. The spiro kept me completely clear on its own at one time and this time all it did was dry my skin out so much that it was tight and in my opinion it just buried the pimples deeper. I have some that haven't come up yet that have been there since probably December. The azelex seemed to be digging them up at one point, but because of the irritation, I couldn't decide if I was then breaking out from that or if I had a problem from the azelex or what. Any thoughts on this mess are appreciated.

And to everybody here, I know that my posts are generally long winded and ramble on. At 38 years old, everyone else I know has clear skin and I have no one else to help me with this. I feel like a 2 year old saying that, but it really is true. I had acne here and there in my life, and this "acne" seems different to me. I just wish I would wake up and not even care about this anymore. I have such a wonderful child and husband. I'm very lucky in so many ways. And I can deal with the lupus, but for some reason I feel the need to control this. Am I just crazy??


laur 06-26-2003 10:41 PM

Sweetjade, Just a question re: flutamide. I saw this in one of your posts. Is this another diuretic or causes dry skin as a side effect?? Would there be any benefit at all to me trying this if in fact I had no results from the recent spironolactone? I stopped taking it all together one month ago and broke out, but this was also at the exact time I started the azeleic acid stuff. My derm said the breakout was from that. Is this flutamide supposed to be different or better or more potent or something? And if so is it more toxic or something?? Thanks..I will also research this.


SweetJade1 07-05-2003 12:43 PM

Yes flutamide or finasteride, are actual anti-androgens. Whereas, Spiro inadvertantly suppressers the effects of androgens. So if Spiro didn't work for you than flutamide might since it's an actual anti-androgen. It does have a more serious side effect, but that's IF you get the side effects.

What did you come across in your research?

As for the Azelex Cream, I gave away mine so I don't have the ingredients. However I did a search, does your box list these ingredients?

AZELIAC ACID 20%, cetearyl octanoate, glycerin, glyceryl stearate and cetearyl alcohol-- 2 and cetyl palmitate and cocoglycerides, PEG-5 glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol and purified water. Benzoic acid is present as a preservative.

I don't know if this is the one you are using but this is one list that I found. According to this and Sage's List, there really isn't anything to worry about. I did place the level of comedegenicity next to the ingredient though.

Here's another form of Azelex in a gel base though:

FINACEA GEL = 15% Azeliac Acid, aqueous gel base containing benzoic acid (as a preservative), disodium-EDTA, lecithin, medium-chain triglycerides, polyacrylic acid, polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, purified water, and sodium hydroxide to adjust pH.

So if something is aggrevating you in the above formula and it's not the azeliac acid, maybe you can find this one. All I know is that the first time I used this I LOVED it and went back to it 2 years later and I started to breakout (chest too). So I stopped and the breakouts disappeared. Then I purchsed 2 skin lightening formulas, one that had the most simplest of ingredients and they both broke me out...which is a shame because they worked really good. So perhaps the azeliac is just "purging" I don't particularly like that side effect so I'm staying away from it in future lightening products.


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