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Zitful Delight 03-11-2007 06:39 PM

What is the best natural treatment/cure?
what is the best natural cure/treatment? i read about egg-yolk and honey , and honey and cinnamon. does anyone know of a natural acne cure that actually works, or helps? im really fed up because my face was really showing improvements, and pow, just like that the acne is slowly coming back :mad: :mad: my problem area is my chin and lips mainly, my temples are healing but the acne on my chin/lip area comes and goes! you cant even see my chin because its a warzone of acne scars, red marks, and current acne! and there is a little bump on my chin that i dont think is a zit because its been there for a couple months and its inside my skin (oil buildup possibly?). back to the point, if anyone can tell me a natural cure that has worked temporarily, helped a bit or has even cured them, i'd be very grateful.

thank you

try-ink 03-11-2007 07:53 PM

Re: What is the best natural treatment/cure?
That is a tough one.

I had them all through-out my teens and late 20's.

They are so darn stubborn. The darn thing clears up then pop back up the next week. What the Heck was that all about?

anyway......I figured...I was wasting so much money buying products that claims to do this and that. I bought... One for oily, one for dry, one for moisture, and etc.....

Well......I found one that works for me. Finally!--what a relieve.

Sorry this is not a natural treament or cure. It's more like 50$ worth for a 2 month bottle. But it PREVENTS them from forming.(Proactive) YEP!--it's only 3 bottles. The Combination of these 3-step cleanse...does wonders for my skin.

Did you try it already? What happen?

saphire82 03-12-2007 07:23 AM

Re: What is the best natural treatment/cure?
Ive never heard of cinnamon helping so thats a new one, and Ive heard of the egg-yolk one but dont remember how it was directed to be used, but the honey one Im currently trying, but havent been consistent enough with it and messed up and didnt wash my face for too long now I have to start all over again. Its supposed to work because it is antibacterial. Ive heard it mentioned for acne in a book called 911 beauty secrets and an email circulating at work. Im like you and prefer a more gentile natural approach because I dont want to use anything thats going to be too harsh for my skin because Im also trying to prevent premature aging. I used to use just water to wash my face but it didnt get my skin that soft or didnt exfoliate enough. I started to have bumpy skin, so Im giving Aveeno products a change. I bought both the Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser and the moisturizing bar. Im trying to decide wich one appears to get my pores cleaner, Im hoping the moisturizing bar turns out better because its cheaper (hehehe) but it has oatmeal in it which is REALLY good for your skin and I think it feels so nice as your washing your face with it.

Anyways, what you do with the honey is put it on like a mask for 10-30 minutes before bed. When you wake up in the morning you may see that some appear to have healed or are getting better. Another thing that a LOT of people love is the aspirin mask. Ive just tried this as it makes my skin really smooth. Dont do it every day though, it can be drying. Some people even do both at the same time, meaning dissolving the aspirin and applying it along with the honey. I havent tried this but probably will. Use a moisturizer like cetaphil or complex 15. You can try using the jojoba oil as a pre-cleanser or moisturizer. I dont think my skin likes it as a moisturizer but Im thinking of giving it another try as a precleanser, but Im also looking into trying hazelnut oil. I got a facial one time and she massaged my face and upper body area with it and it didnt break me out. also my back and the pores clogged around my necked seemed more clean. I did some research on it and found out it has astringent properties and is good for people with oily/acne prone skin.

Well I hope all this was helpful, I could go on and on about it but dont want this to be lengthy. Good luck..

saphire82 03-12-2007 01:33 PM

Re: What is the best natural treatment/cure?
So Ive done some research and found why cinnamon is used for acne by some people. I didnt research cinnamon powder, but I researched cinnamon essential oil and found out that its antibacterial. So Im assuming thats why it would be used. I also know that cinnamon oil is used as a lip plumper (which is another reason I researched it), so if thats true I dont think Id want to put it on my face, so maybe thats why the powder is used. Ive just read that people mix it with the honey when applying it to their breakouts. Tea tree oil is also supposed to be highly antibacterial, I dont know which would be better though.

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