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boozle 07-18-2007 03:15 PM

Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
Hello all,

Obviously the majority of people on this board are Yanks, and it can be quite confusing with different drug names and medical systems so here's a question for the Brits...

Firstly, yey for the NHS, I never take free medical care for granted. I notice in America people are sent to dermatologists pretty quick, where-as here in the UK we are normally treated by our General Practitioners (GPs) who rarely forward us on to specialists.
For this reason it can be frustrating when explaining acne problems to Docs, as they all take the same route (reluctant to try anything new until you've tried every step along the way). And rarely have a huge insight into treating the conidition with a large variety of patients on a daily basis.

Has anyone in the UK been reffered to a derm? Is it worth going with Bupa or another private med. scheme to do so?

I commited the sin of buying Spironolactone on the internet a few months ago (yes, I read up on it, no I have no pre-exisiting medical conditions). My GP would kill me, but I KNOW he would never let me have it otherwise.
Has anyone in the UK been prescribed it? I gave blood the other month and when I mentioned I was taking Spiro to the nurse she was like "they let you have that!?!?" ... I lied and said yes. Though her reaction left me a little worried!
Topicals, BP, Diannette, etc.. have all worked for around a year and then stopped so I was getting really desperate! I've been suffering with moderate hormonal acne for about 7 years now!

I'm in my 4th month and have just broken out with a horrible cyst (my period is due).. when will it kick in?!

Also, how bad do you have to be in the UK before they let you have Accutane? I think that will be my next step if Spiro fails!

Thanks for listening! :)

SarahK1982 07-18-2007 03:51 PM

Re: Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
I am going to see a BUPA dermatologist on Monday! I'll let you know what she says/whether it was worth going. It's costing me 130! By the way, I know everyone has probably told you this, but its a really bad idea to get things over the internet, there's a good chance it might not even be what it's supposed to be!

SarahK1982 07-24-2007 03:36 PM

Re: Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
Well I went to the dermatologist, and I was quite impressed I now have a definite plan for my skin. I'm going to try an oral antibiotic, if that doesn't work try 2 more, and if none of those work, then it's roaccutane.

I think in the UK roaccutane is definitely a last resort, I don't think your acne has to be especially bad (mine is moderate), but they will try everything else first.

To be honest, if my GP was more helpful I wouldn't have had to go to the derm at this point - she was amazed that I'd never been prescribed oral antibiotics before, as that is usually the first thing they try. So I'd recommend going, if you can afford the 130, if you don't feel like you're getting the help you need from your GP.

I just rang BUPA to arrange it, and the prescription has gone through my GP, so I only pay the 6.50 rather than the full cost of the medication. Hope this is useful!

tiggerbuddy 07-25-2007 11:49 AM

Re: Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
How many mg of Spiro have you been taking?

boozle 07-25-2007 02:08 PM

Re: Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
SarahK, thanks for sharing your experience. Glad the Bupa derm visit went well, to be honest I could easily blow 130 on clothes, and my health is far more important, so I wouldn't mind spending that. Were you actually signed up to Bupa via monthly payments to begin with, or did you have to pay this as a one-off fee?

Good luck with the Oral anti-biotics... it's a shame so much patience is required!

peachy, I have been taking 100mg for about 4 months now.. just going through a really bad two weeks.. 2 cysts and a lot of under-the-skin junk... grrr! Any reccommendations?

SarahK1982 07-25-2007 05:09 PM

Re: Anyone in the UK seeing a derm? ..Or on Spiro?
It was a one-off fee, I'm not signed up with Bupa. Good luck with everything, be very careful with the internet Spiro! x

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