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Rosie20 08-14-2003 02:36 PM

Is it coming back?
Hey, everyone...

I used to post on this board somewhat frequently, but for the past four months, I've been clear! Now, I'm sensing a resurgence of acne, and I need some advice FAST before it gets out of control again!

I am currently on doxycycline, ortho-cyclen (bc pill) differin, and benzacline. Do you think the sudden emergence of red bumps is a result of me becoming immuned to Doxycycline (I've been on it since January)? Does that mean that out of everything I've been doing, I was only seeing results from the antibiotics?

If you've been on antibiotics before and your acne came back, what did you do?


backtomyoldself 08-14-2003 09:06 PM

I would set up an appointment to see my dermatologist if I were you. Acne is such a stubborn skin disease, they come and go, unfortunately. It is not surprising that you are having a relapse. I was clear for about 2 years (with minor breakouts that usually go away the third year), the third year my face was a mess. I am back on Accutane again. I am on my 2nd month and still breaking out. If there's something I have learned, it is to take care of the problem before it gets worst. I have waited too long before I seek treatment and now my face is so scarred.

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