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Yumi 03-07-2003 10:54 AM

gosh i forgot about this board!
LOL! i just remembered that i was supposed to post an update about my needling. was enjoying myself too much. not!! actually preparing for exams in May now and haven't much time to think of anything else. i'm really exhausted and spaced out from all the studying so i can't answer all the questions you guys may have asked. sorry.

ok, update, nothing much. improvements have stagnated. soo many of the scars (boxcars and rolling) have improved tremendously. some disappeared completely. but i don't see anymore progress at this stage. sadly i see zero improvements in ice picks.

i don't think i'll go for another one. i'm happy with the results from the two treatments. do i recommend it? yes, but only by professionals and not DIY. if you have superficial acne still, i don't think it's a problem to get needling done. it didn't hurt much and swelling should go down a week. but beware those prone to hyperpigmentation.

no scrubbing, AHA peels like i posted before for two months. doing nothing agressive to your skin during those months is thee best insurance against poor recovery. and absolutely no smoking.

for optimum healing, i do recommend multivitamins, EFa's and ESPECIALLY broad spectrum minerals. your body can actually synthesise some vitamins but can't produce a single mineral. i'm pretty sure acne sufferers and much of the developed nations are grossly defecient in minerals. i give them a much higher priority than vits. for minerals, i prefer to keep things simple so i supplement with a product that has practically all the minerals in the periodic table; unrefined, unprocessed grey celtic sea salt. if i were survivor contestant, that would be my one and only essential item.

for topical supplementation, i use copper peptides from skinbiology. as far as scarring goes, this is the best in technology. if they don't work for you, probably nothing else will. at least for now. you might wanna add some cold pressed oils like jojoba, emu, whatever on top of the peptides.

that's all i can squeeze out of my highly stressed out brains at the moment. fyi, i won't be checking in here often cos i just don't have time. but i'll try.

oh, almost forgot. some info about fats. you may believe otherwise, but i found out that our body can actually produce it's own omega fats (3,6,9 etc) if you supplement with saturated fats. eg butter and fatty meats. no, they do not cause obesity or clog arteries. those are trans fats' jobs. now i understand why countries whose population seem to eat mainly heavy fats have balanced EFA profiles. this info is important for healty acne free skin. :)

OursFan 03-08-2003 07:51 AM


mrstupor 03-10-2003 01:06 PM

what is your advice for treatment for the first week or so after the needling? i'm only going to do a few spots ..... thanks.

zealous1 08-21-2003 03:49 PM

thought you forgot about us! Just glad that you are happy with your new look...i am happy for you as well. I am still looking for someone in my area who performs this procedure if not am willing to travel out of state. Any help! I am in the SW United States and have heard about a wonderful person in the DC area. thanks.


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