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beepbeep 08-28-2003 02:19 AM

At-home cyst treatment/Cost of cortisone shots??
Hi- I came to this sight looking for other options to relieve the pain of cystic acne. I went to the derm for a few years in my late-teens, and was even on Accutane for a few months. My doctor was actually one of the team of doctors who developed the drug- and I think she may have put far more patients on it than needed to be on it so she could have more patients to observe in the name of research. I do have cystic acne, but it is not very severe. I get an occasional cyst every few months, but they take sooo long to heal. I'm in my early twenties now, and I got a cyst for the first time in many months. I used to get cort. injections during my Accutane regime, and they only cost 5 bucks, as I recall. I never had any problems with them. The cyst was gone in hours and I don't remember it leaving a scar. Since I am only my hometown visting for a few days from NYC, where I am sure the injections would be a fortune, I was thinking about getting an injection at my old derm. How much are the injections going for these days? And, for people who have had them recently, do I need to pay for an office visit as well? I never did before, and I had insurance back then, which I do not have now( I just got removed from my parents insurance because I turned 23). I just hope the derm doesn't convince me to go back on Accutane!! This cyst is a killer. Its weaked my resolve to never to near the stuff again!! Responses will be much appreciated- thanks- And please include any at home treatmets for cyst that have worked for you!!

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