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iamtrying 09-06-2003 03:16 PM

severe enough for accutane???
is my acne severe anough for accutane? my derm said no, but maybe you guys had different derms that saw it defferently. let me know what u think.
this is the worst my acne has ever been. I'm currently (5 weeks) on tazorac, minocycline(2 months) and klaron, and ortho tri cycline..maybe it's getting even worse cause it's the"initial breakout..not sure though
forehear: pretty clear..a few red marks and some bumps
sides of face/cheeks: 3-4 big pimples and a few red marks on EACH
chin and around mouth: 10-12 small pimples that come to a head quickly..maybe cause of tazorac..AND 10-15 red's sooo bad, looks like a big red blob
anyway should i beg my derm for the accutane. cause i think this is pretty darn severe..and nothing else seems to help. people say tazorac should work in 2 or 3 months..but it's already been like 5 weeks and it's getting worse and worse so i'm really losing hope. it sucks. would accutane help and is it prescribed for my type of acne?

Product_Queen 09-06-2003 03:39 PM


I was a candidate for Accutane recently but I refused it....Yours doesn't sound that bad...Accutane is normally prescribed for cystic acne, very lumpy and bumpy....My derm prescribed it because I had a lots of indents from past lesions....Oh, I have been on Accutane in the past and I know from experience I don't want to mess with it again....It's a serious serious drug...Most people don't know what they got themselves into till many months or years later....

summer33ny 09-06-2003 04:06 PM

I am a little biased because I am having a positive experienced with accutane.

I have mild acne (probably milder than you described) and am on a low dose of 20mg a day. My acne is persistent (began around age 8, I'm 23 now) and has not responded to any other treatment. This is why my derm thought I was a good candidate for a low dose.
I am having nothing but positive results. No side effects whatsoever. My skin is no longer oily, which is a total miracle, but I still have a little while to go until I am completely clear. I am very happy with the results so far.

Give your current meds a try, if there's no improvement ask you derm again about accutane. If he says no, get another opinion. I have know MANY people who have taken accutane, none on such a low dosage as mine, and have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about it.

I didn't rush into accutane, I considered it for about a year. And I am extremely happy with my decision. The people with problems and terrible side effects are usually the ones on much higher dosages I've noticed.

teresa26 09-07-2003 10:26 AM

i had mild acne that did not respond to oral antibiotics or topical drugs. i was given accutane and it worked wonders. good luck.

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