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Sugar will destroy your skin. Please read if you are serious...

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Old 09-01-2003, 04:19 PM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2003
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Lone HB User
Post Sugar will destroy your skin. Please read if you are serious...

To all of those who have tried every product out there, including visits to the dermatologist and still havent found success, I have--- for years I suffered from monthly breakouts around my cycle when my hormones went crazy...cysts and oily skin.
Well, for my health after 2 years of battling cancer, 4 months ago I decided to stop eating sugar(sugar feed cancer), white flour, coffee, and even fruits that are high in sugar... this was a bonus for me...clear skin! My main intention was to nourish my body and keep it cancer free... and indirectly, I was amazed that my skin cleared up... and people even told me how great my skin looked!
After about the first month or so...No breakouts, no monthly cyst that used to be inevitable. I was so releived, because any of you suffering from this often disfiguring ailment knows how psychologically damaging it can be and how it can affect your self-esteem. This method takes much discipline... but it is your only long-term solution. It helps your skin repair itself ...and the rest of your body as well or vice versa. When one's body is overtaxed by toxins consumed(food, etc) the liver and kidney get overworked and cannot function to purge all the excess dross, so what organ is the back-up eliminatory one? The skin--which is the largest organ in the human body.
Stress is also a huge factor. If you're overwhelmed... talk to someone, a therapist, etc. Your healer isn't in some bottle of quick drying lotion... it's within one package, and that's YOU. Vist a naturopath or do your own research on the net--under naturopathic diet for acne..or those keywords.
I wish I would have done this years ago.. I would have save myself from needless suffering...
DIET is the are what you eat.
Be sure to drink plenty of water...
Blessings to all.

Try the diet for a few months and see what happens. Why keep wasting money on products that dont work?
There is no quick and easy fix to anything in life... everything we receive is worked for. You have to work for this to... that's been my experience and wanted to share with all those who I can empathize with.

Beware of people who say, BUY this or BUY that...

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Old 09-01-2003, 06:16 PM   #2
Join Date: Jul 2003
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kth911 HB User

Amen....that's the same things I've been trying to get across to these people.

Old 09-01-2003, 06:20 PM   #3
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anth0r HB User

I'm going to attempt to limit my sugar intake to none or little. I'll post the results after a week. haha

Old 09-01-2003, 07:03 PM   #4
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Join Date: Aug 2003
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Lone HB User

Hi guys,

KT... I was clueless--I tried EVERYTHING including Retina, Accutane, and birth control--nothing worked.
My body was crying --"you're poisoning me!"
I can't believe the difference. Every month I dreaded my menstruation because I knew I'd breakout. I never had a face of pimples..I'd just have these hormonal cyst, appear like clockwork--skin was oily and just in really poor nothing...clear skin!

ANTH--you have to do it longer than a week to see results..keep it up! Glad to see you have an open mind! If you like chocolate..get Atkins(sugar-free bars--I like peanut butter wafers and chocolate creme..but remember anything in excess is not good for ya! Good Luck..PS Too much sucralose(in atkins candy) will make you have the need to run to the bathroom and upset your digestive system..but if you carve a sweet initially, this is a good replacement! Also if you like tea.. GOOD EARTH original blend is sweet and spicy--natural and no sugar! After you stop eating sugar for awhile...everything starts tasting naturally sweet! Carrots, onions.... all those things are sooooooo sweet! Be good to yourself

Old 09-01-2003, 07:21 PM   #5
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jota HB User

I too am going to have to completely agree with this sugar theory. I was a sugar-freak my entire life. Chocalates, candy, soda. It was horrible. I gave up soda and just that made a noticeable difference but I still had breakouts. That was about 1 year ago. I then started looking at all the sugar is in the things I eat ever day. It was amazing! So for the past week I have been checking absolutely everything I eat and I dont eat anything with more the 1g of sugar in it. I also eat whole wheat breads instead of white breads. Im going to give it at least 3 weeks to see if it makes a difference but so far so good and no new breakouts.

Old 09-01-2003, 07:44 PM   #6
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Lone HB User

Good for you Jota..
Yes, sadly sugar is in almost every product at the supermarket, often cleverly disguised as sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup, etc!
Sugar is a drug as you may already know... I used to get a rush from sugar..then a little while later, a crash..then reach for more sugar and caffeine to get my energy back up, crash..and repeat the cycle again and again. People need to inform themselves... I was doing this for years and never realized it. Wondering why I had sugar cravings all the time... it's a drug and I was a junkie! Corporations put it in foods because it's a sure fire way to get people addicted to their product-- mix sugar AND caffiene(soda pop) and you got adouble whammy!
When I went to conventional doctors..guess what they told me? Diet has nothing to do with it! Totally bogus! They are either ignorant or deceptive--knowing that if we keep eating foods that are bad for us, we'll become ill.. and guess who that benefits? There are some doctors who dont know better because they are stuck in the confines of what they learned...
We must become our own physicians, we have the power to heal ourselves! Always question authority and experiment for yourself!
All one can do, is try this method themselves .... they won't be able to tell the difference by hearing about it...we must "experience" to earn wisdom--that applies to everything!

Old 09-01-2003, 07:50 PM   #7
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Lone HB User

Hella, great to hear!

You know, I also had my gynecologist mention that the only way to stop my acne was to take out my ovaries---and he would control it with hormones! For the rest of my life... Can you believe that??? I left and said, NO THANKS.

Old 09-01-2003, 10:44 PM   #8
Join Date: Aug 2003
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strand3d HB User

Altjhough this is an intersting theory, I can tell you any educated Dermatologist would disagree with you. Acne isn't caused by anything you eat. Unfortunatly it's a side effect from clogged pores, genetics, hormones, etc. But nothing you eat. Do you have any studies to show any success with your sugars theroy? otherwise, i wouldn't push it as a miracle to curing acne. Maybe you just stopped eating sugars at the right time.

Old 09-02-2003, 12:08 AM   #9
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Join Date: Aug 2003
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Lone HB User

Altjhough this is an intersting theory, I can tell you any educated Dermatologist would disagree with you.

*I believe that one cannot heal or empathize with a patient unless they have been in the shoes of
the patient himself. Having a doctorate in a particular discipline isn't indicative of having wisdom-- it only suggests that one has knowledge--and that knowledge is only as extensive as one's studies, yes? I have learned through my own personal experience, and after visiting many conventional "educated dermatologists" as you say, that their prescriptions didn't work. And through this discovery, I came to the conclusion, like any intelligent person would, that I needed to find something that was effective. Was I to sit hopeless and say to myself, well since a conventional doctor said there's no hope, then I guess I'm SOL? I had heard in the past that sugar and refined foods do have an adverse effect on people's health(including skin--acne).
When I stopped eating sugar to prevent a cancer relapse and improve genral skin started clearing up... I fell off the wagon for about a 10 days, indulging in junk food..and again my skin had eruptions and I felt terrible with the same lethargy. So, I again I avoided refined foods and now the complexion is clear again. Coincidence, you say?
One should not, and cannot denounce the adverse affects of sugar upon the human body UNLESS one has studied it for himself/herself. In general, the most brilliant of scientists/minds are the ones who research for themselves, those who do not blindly follow the path of rigid doctrines, but rather seek alternatives and APPLY the knowledge they have gathered to come to a conclusion.
SO, of course, many conventional dermatoligists may disagree with the "theory"...however, if they haven't applied the knowledge and disregarded it because that's what some textbook said, then they are not worthy of the title, "healer". Healers help to empower the patient to heal themselves, they do not give them pills to mask their problem-- they do not make them dependent.

Acne isn't caused by anything you eat. Unfortunatly it's a side effect from clogged pores, genetics, hormones, etc. But nothing you eat.

And where do you get *your* information from?
If one wants good health, the first thing they need to realize is that they are not fated by what statistics tell them. They can empower themselves...
remember, skin is an ELIMANATORY organ(every educated dermatologist will agree to that)... all the toxins that are not disposed of by the liver, comes out through the skin--the waste is irritating and that what cause eruptions. Sugar as well as unhealthy eating AND negative emotions can alter the hormonal balance. You should read up on it...and then APPLY the knowledge you gather. Don't believe what someone tells you...take the reins and take charge!

Do you have any studies to show any success with your sugars theroy?

*My study is my own... and that's what I am sharing with others. To empower themselves by suggesting that there are options, that they can think "out of the box", literally and figuratively. I am not selling a product to anyone--I have nothing to gain, unlike pharmeceutical companies and certain medical *professionals.

otherwise, i wouldn't push it as a miracle to curing acne. Maybe you just stopped eating sugars at the right time.

All I can say to this is what I have already said--before denying the benefits of healthy eating, one should try it. Before denying anything alternative, wone should do his own studies--this applies to EVERYTHING in life! Seeing is believing. That's all I have to offer-- and I promise I won't bill you or your insurance company. People, think for yourselves!

Old 09-02-2003, 08:17 AM   #10
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~Cansu~ HB User

I've been on a sugar free diet for a week. It is not for acne but my blood sugar levels are a little high according to the blood test I took a few weeks before. I haven't had a bad breakout except the tiny ones here and there so it is going well. However, my acne is only mild and I don't get cysts so often. (My thanks to spiro) I don't know if this is due to the diet.

Old 09-02-2003, 10:20 AM   #11
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SweetJade1 HB User

You've been around long enough to have possibly read a thread or two of mine. They all support Lone's and MANY other acne sufferers' testiomonies, only I do have the STUDIES that PROVE what we have been trying to tell everyone. I break it down, with as much knowledge as I can to help you understand the mechanism of the human body and how something like Sugar or Fat can cause, contribute, or aggrevate our skin problems.

I tell you, I have been experimenting with Herbs, Vitamins, and avoiding foods since I was 12. If I knew then what I know now (11 years later), I would have stopped certain things from happening and I would have been a much happier, had a higher levels of self esteem, etc. My HEART goes out to EVERYONE on this board, whether you find me annoying or not, because I know!

I KNOW how bad it feels and how you have to lie or pretend around others. How can't always be who you really are because acne has a way spoiling it for you. How it's affected your academics, your family, your friends, and other relationships. I Know and to continue hearing people LIE to you and try and tell you that an antibiotic, of all "cures," is the answer, is your "quick fix" it makes me very sad and kinda outraged.

You think that with age comes wisdom, but there are people on here that are 30 years old, maybe older and they still believe that diet doesn't play a role or that an antibiotic is going to take care of their problems. Then there's others that are in their 30s and even 50s and they do realize that the only solutions are those that are Internal, usually involving dietary changes or supplements. Of course there are other reasons and treatments, but it's always internal, it's always hormonal and as such....there aren't any "easy" quick fixes.

Please, read the truth for yourselves: [url=""][/url]

Wish you all the best

Old 09-02-2003, 11:04 AM   #12
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sweetpoison68 HB User

I have to lean on the side of believing the sugar theory myself!!!My name is what i refer to chocolate as,LOLSweet poison!!!!I have had blackheads since as far back as i can remember...The last 7 or 8 years i have been battling with cysts sometimes very large ones...where the sun dont shine is a very painful place,LOL..I have tried antibiotics creams ..Blah blah blah...I went on a diet and since i am such a suger addict ...i eliminated food and had only sweets for my food meal of the day...I once {could only do it so long}stopped eating sugarsAnother diet,LOLfor 2 weeks..i saw major improvement in my new break outs...but i blew it off as my imagination and continued to indulge in my sugar addiction...regretting it now...but its never too late this post makes me really want to put my all into trying it will be one of the cheaper things i have done,LOL...good luck to all whatever you may try..

Old 09-02-2003, 11:32 AM   #13
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uniquejustlikeeveryoneels HB User

sugar is definately the cause of acne.I went to a naturopathic doctor and he told me that.Its sooo hard to cut out all refined sugars and carbs...oh god do I ever want a piece of pizza but if i do eat one then my face will look like one.Ive been eating such crap lately and myface looks horrible.I have like 20 little bumps and pimples on my forehead and a cluster of them above my lip,one by my ear and various other ones.No more sugar for me
Peace,Im out

Old 09-02-2003, 11:50 AM   #14
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Lone HB User


I understand where you're coming from... in the past, I had experimented with diets that eliminated sugar and refined foods... and my complexion cleared, though like you, I thought perhaps it was my imagination--I never stayed on the diet long enough to realize that the effects are enduring--one CAN maintain a great complexion through healthy eating and finding ways to de-stress. Sad thing is, that how can one not feel anxious with a face full of pimples and perhaps deeper issues that have been repressed or supressed?

I was never one to have the whole face full of pimples, mine cropped up with my menstraul cycle..the big painful ones,cysts--which can leave scars--the body can't repair itself and scars cannot heal without proper nutrients-sugar robs the body of that..suppresses the immune system-it's all relative.
The liver can only do so much-- the poisons are rerouted through the skin as the body desperately attempts to rid itself of the waste material that the body sees as poison. Our bodies are our lifetime friends--they try to protect us and send us signals when things need attention. Whether we indulge our bodies with excesses or deprive them through starvation, we pay the consequences. One cannot learn moderation unless he has travelled the polarities of the two extremes--this again applies to everything in life.

In the past, I reverted to eating sugar off and on--mainly through habit and comfort. I had a psychological as well as physiological addiction to sugar--it lifted my moods. Sugar, in my family, was used as a reward... and sadly, the only sweetness I had in childhood(a very long story). Addictions are simply distractions and cover-ups to what's really going on-- a pain that many of us don't want to suffer so we avoid and repress. To heal the mind, body, and soul, one must look into his core of being.
The body will heal, when the mind begins to-- there IS a mind-body connection--that is the prerequisite for HEALTHY BODY 101.
Just remember one thing in life--EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE.

Old 09-02-2003, 12:05 PM   #15
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Lone HB User

Unique(like your name by the way)

Follow your intuition. It's hard to stop eating the foods we have eaten all our lives-- and not be entranced by the pleasant connotations of "Mother's Cookies", etc... so cleverly created by advertising companies and distributed shamelessly via commercials, etc.
There comes a time in our lives when we know what we must do to CREATE our own realities.
Like an alcoholic, I'm a sugarholic--and I need to avoid it because it has such detrimental effects and leaves it leaves me wanting more.
Long ago I read a book called SUGAR BLUES--excellent.
You can find it at your library if you dont want to buy it! Or you can research sugar and health(or lack thereof) on the internet..

Good luck to all

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